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Yixiang Light Food | Good food is excellent, the annual light food census is healthy

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Refined into a fairy burning text

卷尾参加大普查 - -End of the census to participate in the general census-

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There are such a group of people.

They are cheerful and pure,

Love to laugh and share

They enjoy life, pursue health,

For them, light food

It's daily, it's habit, it's the attitude to life.

We are one of these people.  

eShine eats壹向轻食 Hello, here is eShine eats

并非一种特定的食物, 而是 任意食物 一种形态。 Light food is not a specific food, but a form of any food . 的食物来源 友好 的烹饪方式, 营养 的膳食搭配 合理 的热量摄入。 Fresh food sources , friendly cooking methods, nutritious diets , and reasonable calorie intake. One way to eat light, so that you are full of energy.

懂得三餐对于忙碌的一天意味着什么。 Yixiang Light Food knows what three meals mean for a busy day. We insist on using the highest quality, seasonal, and traceable ingredients, mainly cold and warm salads / super cereal bowls, to make light meals with soaring adrenaline. In-depth cooperation with nutritionists to balance nutrition, health is always our unremitting pursuit.

选择最简洁的制作手法,处理新鲜、低脂的食材,最大限度的保持食材的新鲜与原味,坚持制作让身体不会产生负担的轻食,我们甚至精准计算出每一道餐品的卡路里数值。 Yixiang Light Food chooses the simplest preparation method, processing fresh and low-fat ingredients, maximizing the freshness and original taste of the ingredients, and insisting on making light foods that will not burden the body. We even accurately calculate each meal Calorie value. All this is to make life "lighter".

使用透明的食品加工流程, 追求开朗、明快的就餐氛围, 更采用可复用材料的堂食餐具和可降解材料的外卖包装, 不仅100%保证食品安全, 更传达出eShine提倡环保可持续发展的理念。 Yixiang Light Food uses a transparent food processing process, pursuing a cheerful and cheerful dining atmosphere, and uses reusable materials for tableware and degradable food take-out packaging, which not only guarantees 100% food safety, but also conveys that eShine advocates environmental protection Sustainable development concept. With one heart and one mind, make life a bit lighter.

对于食物的选择、食材的来源以及食物处理方法的坚持,会对每一个人、每一个社区,甚至对这个地球产生意义非凡的影响。 Yixiang Light Food 's insistence on the choice of food, the source of ingredients, and the method of food processing will have a significant impact on everyone, every community, and even this planet. Therefore, we hope to provide more people with healthy food and regain confidence in our food system and living environment.

轻食餐厅带着对于食材的尊重和味道的赏识, 结合了全球各种料理的精髓,始终如一地坚持着轻食主义, 壹向轻食 正努力赋予全天每一个时段最新鲜的感受。 eShine eats light food restaurant with respect for ingredients and taste appreciation, combined with the essence of a variety of cuisines around the world, consistently adhere to light foodism, Yixiang light food is working hard to give the freshest feeling at every time of the day .

Because of you

We have

SUPERBOWL Super Bowl Series

Staple Salad

It ’s meaty and it ’s hot

But strictly control calorie and fat intake

Reasonable meal pairing

Change the eating habits of everyone little by little

Because of you

We have

Outstanding value of super high taste

Smoothie Bowl Series

Change the bland taste of meal replacement

Bold use of seasonal fruits

With super foods like chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, black cocoa

Let the energy no longer be a slogan for light meals

Because of you

These staple food leafy salads

Continuously improve the taste

Official Download of Lu'an City Game Hall

Continuous search for better raw materials

Hope they are in the menu for the next season

Can make your eyes shine again

Of course

Oneway's signature juice

Seasonal 〃 Fresh 〃 No Additions 〃

By the way, it's summer

Remember what you loved last summer

Are they?

Tell me Mr.eShine which one you miss the most

Our classics with the highest voices reappear!

April 8 to April 21

Yixiang Light Food will carry out the annual

Light Food Census

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We get better!

One Direction Light Food

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