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What are the obvious signs of good work?

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I saw this one in my circle of friends yesterday:

First, if all jobs have the same income, would you still choose your current job?

Second, do you want your child to do what you do now?

Third, if there are only ten years left, what will you do without leaving regrets?

Do you have the answer to these three questions? I really stayed for ten minutes and thought about my answer.

We are awake for only 16 hours a day. Excluding the necessary food, clothing and accommodation, work can account for 60%-80% of it. Being equal to your career and marriage are two factors that will have the most profound changes in your life. Unsatisfactory work will have a major impact on the quality of life, emotional health and the realization of self-worth.

Looking back at a question that I knew and answered last year, I hurriedly wrote a few paragraphs of thoughts and received nearly 12,000 likes. It can be seen how many people are confused about finding a job.

Even if I have left the company to work for myself today, I have a different perspective from the standpoint, and I still find it worth sharing. There are also many inquiries about job selection in the background, and I would like to express some of my opinions in this article.

Q: Due to professional reasons, fresh graduates are less likely to engage in areas of interest, but they don't like this major very much. In fact, hesitant to stick to his own interests or his profession. If you persist in interest, there is really no advantage. If you insist on professionalism, you don't like it very much.

No matter whether you follow the path of professionalism or do what you are interested in in accordance with your inner calling, you may go to Kangzhuang Avenue or be covered with thorns.

The core lies in what kind of industry you choose to join, what kind of company you work for, and what kind of leadership you follow.

Times, industries, companies, departments, and supervisors. The big environment, small ecology, and small changes at each level will have a huge impact on whether work can be carried out smoothly.

The influence of a small tendency in an individual's heart is often insignificant in the influence exerted by these external environments.

So choosing a job is a purely rational act. Industry, company, and supervisor, these three key points are reliable, and combined with personal efforts, they are generally not too bad.

I've made the wrong choices on all three points, and I won't get any results from this job. The first is to make the right choice, and the second is to have the opportunity to work harder and luckier.

Are there any obvious signs of good work?

Industries, companies, and executives all sound difficult to choose. The heart is separated from the belly, and the small fresh meat in the workplace is always confused about the true appearance of the old fritters. Is there any simple and executable identification method to make those good work worthy of dedication stand out?

Let's save ten dollars.

The essence of work is to maximize the commercialization of our unit time. Only by constantly improving your ability and creating more value in the unit of work time can you enjoy the rising prices / wages, so that in the future, when your physical strength is far less than that of young people, you can still maintain the same quality of life, or Live a more free life.

The ideal state of life should be suppression first and then improvement.

When he was young, he was energetic and had little concern, and was suitable for struggling to learn skills. When a person reaches middle age, various physiological functions are declining and vulgar. Only when the previous accumulation is sufficient can he calmly and cope with ease.

If the other way around, when you are young, you will be free and free, and people will be cramped by middle age.

Therefore, it is important to spend the same amount of time and energy on engaging in work that can appreciate. Under this standard, think about what factors are not those that can increase your value-

Like a beautiful working environment?

Convenient company location?

A lot of beauties?

One thousand more?

Don't check in at work?

Three days more annual leave ...

These factors do not ensure "increasing your value", so when you consider whether to accept the job, the weight of these factors should be low.

And other factors become important:

For example, is the company an industry leader with leading technical internship, management level, and product quality?

Bring your boss Niu Niu?

Is it possible to learn the most professional working methods in the industry?

Do you have access to the best technology?

Can I participate in innovative core projects?

Are there any great partners?

Is it the highest operating standard in the industry?


Seeing the wisdom and thinking, choosing neighbors and living, don't underestimate the power of the environment. This environment is not an office environment, but an interpersonal environment.

Joining a leading company and studying in the industry is the biggest blessing for beginning a career.

How can young, inexperienced people quickly determine whether a company is reliable? In fact, I can basically judge about one month after joining the job:

Are those hard-working and responsible colleagues in core positions?

Are outstanding colleagues recognized publicly?

Do people with outstanding abilities get unconventional returns as they age?

Are those who are willing to gossip, do nothing and are full of negative energy marginalized?

Is it difficult for the departments to cooperate to advance one thing?

Process approval work has taken up nearly half of the daily work content?

Kings Glory Pro League

Can you get feedback from users' reasonable suggestions on the company's products?


A company that rewards and punishes chaos, loses morale, and has an overall atmosphere that is not as good as it is. This kind of work is very dangerous, and it will unwittingly dismantle all the fighting spirit of a person.

Young people entering such companies are easily assimilated. After all, people are inert.

What kind of person you want to be, with what kind of person.

The significance of a company organization is to solve a certain problem for human society. A few companies are great because they not only solve a specific problem, but also promote social efficiency and structural upgrades.

But there are still a lot of jobs in the society, which have no positive social significance. This is most directly apparent from the product.

For example, those public relations companies that provide vulgar hype services (cooperate with some short-sighted companies to increase their visibility), send leaflets on the streets to pull heads, buy phone numbers to harass customers (many college students are doing it, and they can earn one or two hundred a day Block), some businesses that rely on the hidden social rules to maintain the gray chain, projects that exploit policy space for short-term gains, and low-quality counterfeit products ...

A simple criterion is, are you willing to recommend your company's products to your family and friends? If you are not only at ease, but also very proud, this company is basically reliable. (Excluding the work of the direct sales model)

It sounds so reasonable. In addition, how to make wise choices on the three key points of industry, company and supervisor?

1. From the first job, learn to judge the industry trend.

About five years ago, I was faced with an opportunity to change jobs. The offer that gave me the highest salary at that time was a TV shopping company, and I was very interested in talking with that supervisor. But I didn't go because I thought TV shopping is a sunset industry.

The TV shopping will probably watch the old man and the old lady. China does enter an aging society, but it should be noted that the next wave of aging is people like us.

Do people like us still believe in TV shopping? Not really. Therefore, the industry will eventually face transformation or upgrading, or be directly eliminated. This is very, very likely. I searched just now, this company has no news now, the last news stays in 2012.

Maybe this company has closed. Then I chose to enter the Internet industry at the time, and from the present point of view it was a right choice.

So you can't just look at the eyelashes. Men are afraid of getting into the wrong line. If the judgment is not good, they should seek help from senior people in the industry.

2. Pay special attention to whether the company's performance is steadily improving.

For a listed company, the financial reports in recent quarters can be seen. If it is a non-listed company, it mainly depends on its product sales. Many students will think that whether they are promoted or raised depends on their relationship with the supervisor, so thinking about the problem will easily lead to unexpected endings.

The most fundamental reason is whether this company has this space for everyone to be promoted and raised.

I used to spend a year and a half in a company, and I was the best performing employee in that department. In this one and a half year, I got three company-level praises, but the total increase in my salary is 500 yuan ...

The company, the department, and the supervisor all agree with me, but in fact he has no ability to repay you, because the performance of the entire company is constantly declining. When the company's performance fell, many benefits just implemented for one year, such as afternoon tea, annual leave, non-check-in, recuperation, all cancelled. This is a personal experience.

3. It's easy to overlook: Supervisors still want to fight.

Everyone thinks that a good supervisor means good relations. For example, the temperament is mild, and criticisms are private and praises are made in person.

In fact, in real life, you will find a good supervisor. In a vernacular, if you do a good job, then this supervisor can think of not only processing funds for himself, but also processing funds for you. Good supervisor. The others are small details.

A good-tempered leader will make you comfortable for a while, but a leader with high spirits is the treasure.

To tell the truth, there are supervisors in this society who do not hesitate to offend you, and who are willing to point out your shortcomings, and even lead you in a way that leads you to death. He didn't have to do this, as long as you give a D to your performance, there will be more professional HR students to deal with it. Why bother with personal grievances.

I have a very good and highly qualified executive. He is so good that he can present his year-end award and invite everyone to travel. The supervisor who can do this is really great! But what did we end up with? Birds and beasts scattered.

Because the performance of the entire department was stagnant at that time, the cakes became smaller and smaller, and everyone found their own way in a brotherly and sisterly relationship. Two years later, what brothers and sisters are still, but it is a period of work experience that is not worth writing into the resume.

Employees from the company are not very competitive in the market. Those who are competing for a premium in the industry are those who have advanced experience in leading companies.

1. Those parents who have retired for many years and do n’t even use WeChat, will not help you make good choices. The filial piety of many classmates is reflected in the need to consult their parents even in the matter of finding a job. If they are parents who have been out of society for a long time and their careers have not been solved, how can they give the right direction?

Society is developing at a high speed. If you have the same choices as your mother, you should consider whether you are about to go out. Except for the bully parents who have always stood in the tide of the times and never withdrew from the career stage.

2. Always ask the person around you who is the best cow to consult instead of the one you trust the most. The people you trust most, such as girlfriends and classmates, are because they are your closest people, but the closest people are often because you are on the same level. It ’s hard to make friends with a big gap, so they can only give you a visionary choice.

Remember to go to the person who is most admired and best around you to give you advice.

3. When the judgment is not good, look at the company's partner Niu Niu. Even if you haven't heard of the name of this company, if he is working with a very good company, you can choose him, because those very good partners are not fools and have already helped you investigate.

4. A person who is self-disciplined and has a strong sense of responsibility is not bad anywhere. Many students said that they encountered adversity and did not know what to do. Tell everyone a true story. Many people know that Zhang Quanling, the well-known host of CCTV, later switched to be the founder of the Zi Niu Fund, right? Fortunately, I have had a lot of work contacts with Sister Quan Ling for two months, which touched me a lot.

In addition to her expected broad knowledge and active thinking, more importantly, her rigorous self-discipline and hard work. Responsible for everything, amazing efficiency, and terrible IQ and work more than 8 hours a day (it is an 18-hour rhythm), we once joked that she is using her life to change careers.

On the contrary, I will also see some work procrastination and cope with things. For half an hour of overtime, I will throw my face and pick students who are unskilled. This kind of professional habit is ashamed to encounter the best work.

The conclusion is that you have never seen an early, hard-working, cheerful person complaining about unfair destiny, and I have never seen a serious, responsible, hard-working, open-minded young man who will never have a chance.

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