hg8100.com [Recommended to read] Sing the most beautiful song, you will be drunk in the spring

[Recommended to read] Sing the most beautiful song, you will be drunk in the spring

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Take charge

This is the pinnacle of Song Ci, and also the 10 most beautiful Song Ci.

Sing and sing these 10 classic Songs and you will be drunk in spring.

Water Tune Song

Su Shi


Bingchen Mid-Autumn Festival, enjoy drinking Dandan, drunk, for this article, and conceive the child.

When will the moon be? Ask the wine about the sky. I don't know what year it is tonight. I want to go home by wind, and I am afraid that Qiu Lou Yuyu will be extremely cold. Dancing clear shadow, like in the world?

Zhu Zhuge, low Qi households, according to sleepless. There should be no hate, what's the matter? There is sadness, joy and separation, and the moon is cloudy and sunny. This is an ancient problem. Nung, moon and new moon.

After a while, write a strong word for Chen Tongfu

Xin Qiji

Drunken to pick the lamp to watch the sword, dream back blowing horns to camp. Eight hundred miles divided and scorched, fifty strings chopped out. Falling soldiers on the battlefield.

The horse made Lu Fei fast, bowed like a thunderbolt. But the king did the world, and won the name of his predecessor. Poor white happened!

Slow voice

Li Qingzhao

Xun Xun Xun Mi, indifferently deserted, miserable. When it's warm and cold, it's the hardest thing to do. Three glasses and two light wines. Yan Ye is also sad, but it is old acquaintance.

Yellow ground flowers pile up. Insult, who is worthy today? Watching the window, how could you be born alone? Indus is also drizzle, and at dusk, every bit. This time, what a sad word!

Huanxi Sand

Yan Shu

A new word of wine, a glass of old weather last year. When does the setting sun return?

Helplessly the flowers fell, and it seemed that the acquaintances had returned. Small garden fragrant path wandering alone.

Yu Linling

Liu Yong

Han Chan cut off, was late to Changting, and the showers stopped early. Dumen's account has nothing to drink, nostalgia, Lanzhou urged. Doubted see tears in their eyes, even Yuning choke. Thoughts go, thousands of miles of smoke and waves, twilight deep and thick.

Passionately parting since ancient times, even more embarrassing, neglected Qing Qing Festival! Where do you wake up tonight? Willow shore, Xiaofeng waning moon. It is supposed to be a good year for the good times. Even though there are thousands of styles, who do you talk to?

Four Warcraft Comics

Su Muzhe Nostalgia

Fan Zhongyan

Blue sky and yellow leaves. Autumn is in waves, and the waves are cold and cold. The mountain reflects the setting sun and receives water. Fangcao is ruthless, even outside the setting sun.

The dark soul, chasing thoughts. Every night except, good dreams leave people to sleep. Mingyue Lou Gao Xiu alone. The wine became melancholy, turning into acacia tears.

Mantou Feng

Lu You

Red crisp hand, yellow lotus wine, spring willow wall of the city. Dongfeng is evil and happy. Many years separated, my mind full of sorrow. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Spring is the same, thin and empty, with tears red. Peach blossoms, leisure pool. Although the Shanmeng League is here, the Jinshu is difficult to find. Mo, mo, mo!

Mantou Feng

Tang Wan

The world is weak, and the human sentiments are evil. Xiao is dry and has tear marks. Want to worry about, monologue oblique. Hard, hard, hard!

Each person is different, this is not yesterday, the sick soul often resembles a swing. The horn sounds cold, and the night lingers. Afraid of asking people, tears pretending to be happy. Conceal, conceal, conceal!

Butterfly Love Flower

Ouyang Xiu

The courtyard was deep, the willows piled smoke, and the curtain was countless. The Yule carving saddle travels to the metallurgical office, but Zhangtai Road is not visible.

The rain and wind were mad in the dusk of March, and the door covered the dusk, leaving no room for spring. Tears asked Huahua not to speak, and fluttered across the swing.

Corn poppies, listening to the rain

Jiang Jie

The teenager listened to Yuge upstairs. The red candle fainted. The middle age listens to the rain in the boat. Jiang Kuoyun is low, and the broken wild goose is called the westerly wind.

Now listen to the monk. I have stars too. Sad and happy separation is always ruthless. Before any order, bit by bit to Tianming.

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