88hg1.com [April 12/14] Russia ’s romantic dual capitals fly around on the 8th for 5999 yuan

[April 12/14] Russia ’s romantic dual capitals fly around on the 8th for 5999 yuan

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

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D1Hong KongHK✈Moscow SVO  

Flight duration about 10 hours 15 minutes Aeroflot-SU213

VIPs are required to gather in Shenzhen Bay in the morning and go to Hong Kong (remember to bring the original passport + ID card that is the same as the scanned passport provided at the time of registration) before flying to the Russian capital Moscow. After arriving at the Moscow International Airport, go through the check-in formalities and pick up at the hotel to check in and rest.

Remarks: Arrival time is Russian time. Because there is no time for dinner at night, it is recommended to bring your own food.

Breakfast: take care of yourself

Lunch: Plane meal

Dinner: Plane meal

Accommodation: Boutique four-star hotel

D2 Downtown Moscow

After breakfast go to tour:

◆ Red Square and surrounding attractions (about 90 minutes in total)-a famous square in the center of Moscow

◆ Appearance St. Basil's Ascension Cathedral (approximately 15 minutes)-9 onion heads with various shapes make up one of Russia's most famous landmarks

◆ Alexandra Garden-This is one of the favorite places for Moscow people to rest and play

◆ National Museum of History-It is a vermilion building with a very beautiful architectural shape and a very new Russian style.

◆ Tomb of the Unknown Soldier--a holy place that Russians will always be proud of

◆ Gum Shopping Center-one of the ten well-known department stores in the world

◆ Lenin's Tomb (Lenin's Tomb is closed from time to time)-the former Soviet Union's tomb

◆ Kremlin (can be paid at your own expense)-enjoy the reputation of "the eighth wonder of the world", a must-visit for tourists

◆ Moscow Metro (about 30 minutes)-The Moscow Metro is widely regarded as the most beautiful metro in the world.

Red Square: It is a famous square in the center of Moscow with a flat rectangular shape and an area of about 4 hectares. It was originally a place for mass gatherings and military parades on important festivals in the former Soviet Union. To the west is the Kremlin, to the north is the National History Museum, to the east is a department store, and to the south is St. Basil's Cathedral. Lenin's tomb is located in the middle of the side facing the palace wall. On the tomb is a review platform and on both sides is a viewing platform.

[Moscow subway] One of the most beautiful subways known as underground palaces.

* Introduction of free activities

1. Kremlin (about 90 minutes, price 350 yuan / person)

2. Tretyakov Gallery (about 60 minutes, price 400 yuan / person)

俄罗斯大马戏(约90 分钟,价格500 元/人) * Introduction of evening special items: Russian Circus (about 90 minutes, price 500 yuan / person)

* Recommended projects can choose whether to participate according to their own circumstances, and there is no compulsion.

Tips: Please pay attention to your personal and property safety during free activities, do not cross the road, follow traffic rules and local etiquette and culture!

Breakfast: Hotel breakfast

Lunch: Chinese

Dinner: Please take care of yourself

Accommodation: Boutique four-star hotel

D3 Moscow-Sergeyev, Moscow-Sergeyev

After breakfast at the hotel:

◆ Golden Ring Town-Sergeyev Town (about 2 hours by car)-one of the satellite cities of Moscow, located 71 kilometers northeast of the city. It is a picturesque city with unique architecture and one of the Golden Ring cities in Russia

◆ [Sergievsky Trinity Church] (approximately 90 minutes)-is one of the oldest churches in Orthodox Church. Composition of Morinsk, Tsar Palace and Bell Tower

◆ Lavra Church-is the main church of the Holy Trinity of Sergey, the main place for the Assumption of the Virgin, and the same name as the Kremlin Cathedral

◆ Bell Tower--88 meters high

◆ Church of the Assumption of the Virgin-Built by Ivan IV in 1585, there are four golden onions in the shape of four onions, with a large golden circle

◆ Lenin Hill Observation Deck (approximately 15 minutes)-located in the southwest of Moscow, Russia, on the southern bank of the Moscow River, it is also the highest point of Moscow, with an altitude of 220 meters

◆ Moscow University (approximately 15 minutes)-Russia's oldest university

Introduction of main attractions:

Golden ring town-Sergeyev town: You can enjoy the idyllic scenery and local customs in the suburbs of Moscow. You can feel the interaction with the pigeons here, but pay attention to safety and do not catch the pigeons to prevent pecking!

[Sergievsky Trinity Church]: One of the oldest churches in Orthodox Church, it has been Russia's most important pilgrimage site for more than 500 years. There is also a very beautiful monastery here, the golden and blue onion-shaped roof of the Assumption Cathedral is quite dazzling.

Lenin Hill Observation Deck: Lenin Hill is a hill in the southwest of Moscow. The viewing platform is located opposite Moda. This is already the highest place in Moscow. From this, you can see half of Moscow.

Moscow University: Built on January 12, 1755, Russia's oldest university. This main building is one of seven Stalin-style buildings (known as the Seven Sisters) in Moscow.

Remarks: There is no Chinese restaurant in Golden Ring Town. At noon, we will specially taste the simple Russian dishes of Russian restaurants.

Breakfast: Hotel breakfast

Lunch: light Russian meal

Dinner: Chinese

Accommodation: Boutique four-star hotel

D4 Moscow ✈ St. Petersburg

Reference flight: SU24 SVOLED 1715 1835

After breakfast at the hotel, visit the south of Moscow:

◆ Charizinno Royal Manor (meaning "Queen's Village") (about 60 minutes)-Empress Catherine II was ordered to commemorate Russia's victory in the first Russian-Turkish war. These buildings are all made of red brick and decorated with white stone carvings, which are typical Gothic buildings. They were later demolished several times and now they have been renovated and have a new look.

Introduction of main attractions:

Tsaritsynno Manor: Tsaritsynno Manor is located in the southern part of Moscow, a 20-minute drive from the city center. It includes many halls and palaces. This large complex was built for Queen Catherine II at the time. It was built according to a romantic Gothic style, based on a design plan made with the participation of the outstanding Russian architect Bazhenov. In the 19th century, the manor was built into a beautiful park, connected to the nearby clear water pool. Today, Tarizeno has been renovated as a museum of cultural nature reserves, and it is also a beautiful and beautiful scenery. The picturesque Russian historical and cultural monument, the manor covers an area of more than 700 hectares, and due to the expansion of the urban area, the entire manor is now located in Moscow. If you are traveling to Moscow, this place It is worth seeing. You can see many beautiful buildings and facilities. They are connected with the rustic life of the village and the ancient hills, and have a long history. The period 3,000 years before the beginning of the century is already famous.

Then go to the airport and take a flight to the tourist city of St. Petersburg.

Breakfast: Hotel breakfast

Lunch: Chinese

Dinner: Chinese

Accommodation: Boutique four-star hotel

D5 Saint Petersburg

After breakfast in the hotel, visit one of the four major museums in the world:

◆ [National Hermitage Museum] (approximately 120 minutes, closed on Mondays, if the museum is closed, the tour order will be adjusted)-the Winter Palace tour takes pictures at the Hermitage Square (about 20 minutes)

◆ Art Square (approximately 10 minutes)-The square is backed by Neva Street with a statue of Pushkin in the middle

◆ Appearance of the Cathedral of the Spilled Blood (approximately 20 minutes)-also known as the Church of the Resurrection, it is one of the few traditional Orthodox churches in St. Petersburg. After 24 years of construction, it was officially completed on August 19, 1907, and was completed by the Gula II held a grand opening ceremony, and national dignitaries and royal relatives were invited to watch the ceremony

◆ Appearance of the Kazan Cathedral (about 15 minutes)-The plan of this building is a cross-shaped center above the cylindrical top floor, and on the top floor is a straight dome. The semicircular colonnade consists of 94 columns, facing the street and embracing the square. However, because the main entrance of the church faces north, facing Nevsky Street from the side is very unsightly. Therefore, the erection of 94 Konis semicircular column promenades on the east side of the church turned the Kazan church into a typical Russian church.

Introduction of main attractions:

[Hermitage Museum]: Together with the British Museum in London, the Louvre Museum in Paris, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, it is called the Four World Museums.

The museum's exhibits are very rich, with a total of 2.5 million pieces, famous paintings, statues, valuable antiquities, and expensive carriages used by the Tsar.

Cathedral of the Spilled Blood: The top of the onion- shaped church symbolizes a candle that is lifted from the earth to God. The brightly colored onion heads should be assembled with mosaics, so the colors are bright and do not fade. In the Hermitage, I also saw a picture decorated with more fine mosaics. It is extremely beautiful. This is the most beautiful in St. Petersburg The church at the foot of the church, you will be shocked by its beauty, approach every detail to see the church, is extremely delicate.

(叶卡捷琳娜花园+琥珀宫)(约90 分钟,600 元/人) * Introduction to free activities: (Yekaterina Garden + Amber Palace) (about 90 minutes, 600 yuan / person)

欣赏世界顶尖艺术-俄罗斯芭蕾表演(约120 分钟,1200 元/人) * Introduction of evening special items: enjoy the world's top art-Russian ballet performance (about 120 minutes, 1200 yuan / person)

* Recommended projects can choose whether to participate according to their own circumstances, and there is no compulsion.

Breakfast: Hotel breakfast

Lunch: Chinese

Dinner: Please take care of yourself

Accommodation: Boutique four-star hotel

D6 Saint Petersburg

After breakfast at the hotel, drive to the Gulf of Finland estuary, 30 kilometers away from the city:

◆ [Summer Palace Garden] (Do not enter the palace, visit the upper and lower gardens for about 90 minutes)-"Russian Versailles", it is located in the forest on the southern shore of the Gulf of Finland. It is about 30 kilometers from St. Petersburg and covers an area of nearly 1,000 hectares , Designed by the Swiss Domenico Treggini, is a detached palace on the outskirts of the Russian tsars and an early building in Saint Petersburg (the garden fountain is temporarily closed)

◆ Appearance "Avrore" cruiser (about 20 minutes)-a well-known and revolutionary cruiser in Russia. This warship is also a symbol and symbol of the Russian Communist Revolution.

◆ Kronshtadt (around 60 minutes in total)-an important military port in Russia, meaning "Royal City"


◆ Exterior Nicholas Naval Church (approximately 15 minutes)-locally called the Voyager's Church

◆ Appearance Makarov Statue (about 10 minutes)-Eternal Fire and Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Scientist, Chief Commander of the Port of Kronshtad

◆ Exterior Makarov Bridge (about 10 minutes)-Admire the beautiful and spectacular Makarov Bridge in St. Petersburg

◆ Exterior Church of Our Lady of Vladimir (about 15 minutes)-is an Orthodox church in St. Petersburg, located on Vladimir Square

Introduction of main attractions:

[Summer Palace Garden]: It is known as "Russian Versailles" because of its magnificent architecture, and it is a summer resort for the outskirts of Russian tsars. The entire Peterhof Royal Garden building complex is high in the south and low in the north, and stands on the hill. The 300-meter-long, horizontally-oriented east-west palace serves as an architectural center. The cool summer of the garden, I have never been here, don't say you know the beauty of Russia!

"Averor" cruiser: This is a well-known and revolutionary cruiser in Russia. It can also be seen in the Soviet film "Lenin in October". Today, the cruiser Avril has been used as a warship museum in St. Petersburg, and it is also a symbol and symbol of the Russian Communist Revolution.

Kronshtadt: Known as "Kronshlot" before 1723, an important military port in Russia. Visit Anchor Square and stroll along the sea to see various Russian warships: Kronshtadt, Alexander I, Peter I, Constantine, etc.

夏宫宫殿(约60 分钟,价格400 元/人) * Featured project introduction: Summer Palace (about 60 minutes, price 400 yuan / person)

* Recommended projects can choose whether to participate according to their own circumstances, and there is no compulsion.

Kind reminder: The fountain in the Summer Palace garden will be closed from late October to mid-April each year due to weather. Please forgive me.

Breakfast: Hotel breakfast

Lunch: Chinese

Dinner: Chinese

Accommodation: Boutique four-star hotel

D7 St. Petersburg- Moscow

Moscow-Hong Kong HK Reference Flight: SU19 LEDSVO1515 1635

SU212 SVOHKG 1930 0945  

After breakfast at the hotel:

◆ [Peter and Paul Fortress] (no church or prison, about 40 minutes)-same age as Petersburg

◆ December Party Square and Bronze Knight Statue (approximately 15 minutes)-named after the December Party members sacrificed in the December Revolution, the bronze knight sculpture is one of the landmark buildings in St. Petersburg

◆ St. Isaac's Cathedral (about 10 minutes)-together with the St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican, St. Paul's Cathedral in London, and the Basilica of Our Lady of Flowers in Florence and known as the four largest domed churches in the world.

◆ Appearance of the Naval Headquarters Building (about 15 minutes)-The naval headquarters building attracts tourists from all over the world with its unique charm .

[Peter and Paul Fortress]: Located on the right bank of the Neva River in the center of St. Petersburg, it is a famous ancient building in St. Petersburg. The fortress was founded on Peter Rabbit Island in 1703 by Peter the Great, and is the same age as St. Petersburg. It was originally used for defense and to launch war, but it did not send troops several times until it was later converted to a prison for political prisoners.

Bronze Knight Statue: One of the iconic buildings of St. Petersburg, the bronze statue is placed on a natural boulder weighing 1600 tons. Get the name.

Naval headquarters building: Naval headquarters was built in 1704. The width of the facade of the tower is more than 400 meters. The base of the tower is an arched six-door designed like a triumphal arch. On both sides of the main door are two large statue groups named Poseidon. The entire naval headquarters symbolizes the heroic spirit of the Russian sailors with its rigorous and concise design style and a grand theme group. The building's most striking feature is a long, glittering gold-plated needle that reaches 72 meters high.

Then head to Petersburg Airport for a flight back to Moscow and transfer back to Hong Kong.

Breakfast: Hotel breakfast

Lunch: Chinese

Dinner: take care of yourself

Accommodation: on the plane

D8 Hong Kong HK

Arrive in Hong Kong at 10:10 in the morning and end a pleasant trip to Russia!

Note: On the premise of not reducing the attractions, our agency reserves the right to change the order of the itinerary according to the specific circumstances of the flight, train number, weather, and holidays.

This itinerary is for reference only. The final itinerary is subject to the departure notice.

Included items      

Accommodation: 6 nights accommodation in a double standard room in a boutique four-star hotel; (the same group arranges guests of the same sex to stay in the same room, we cannot guarantee that a couple lives in the same room);

Air tickets: air tickets and taxes listed in the itinerary (team tickets are non-refundable, changeable, and signed);

Visas: Visa-free list for group tours in Russia;

Bus: 40-49 seat tourist bus (it will be adjusted according to the final team size, and the car will not be used for more than 10 hours per day);

Meal: Breakfast: Breakfast buffet at Moscow hotel or Chinese style breakfast buffet at St. Petersburg hotel; Dinner: 8 Chinese dishes, 8 dishes and 1 soup (8-10 persons per table)

+1 simple Russian meal; (Chinese meal 8 USD / person / meal, simple Russian meal 8 USD / person / meal);

Tickets: Moscow Metro, Winter Palace, Peter and Paul Fortress, Summer Palace Garden, Holy Trinity Church (marked in [] in the itinerary);

Guide: Chinese tour guide accompanied by local Chinese tour guide;

Cost does not include items

Single room difference: RMB: 2400 yuan / person / 6 nights, please make up the room difference if you want to live in a single room;

Private expenses such as laundry, haircuts, phone calls, drinks, tobacco and alcohol, pay TV, customs duties, luggage handling, storage fees and overweight luggage check-in. One person is allowed to check in one piece of luggage, free of charge under 20 kg;

Travel expenses do not include personal and property losses caused by tourists due to breach of contract, their own faults, acts during free activities or their own illness;

The fuel price of airlines rises, and if the price rises, the difference will be made up. Take care of your meals during the waiting and connecting flights in accordance with international practice;

It does not include overseas accident insurance, it is recommended to purchase, and elderly people over 70 years old (including 70 years old need to sign a health commitment letter);

And other paid attractions tickets not marked in the itinerary;

Overseas service fee: 640 yuan / person;

Registration and withdrawal

1. Registration is subject to the deposit. The Russian deposit is 3,000 yuan per person. The latest payment date of the group balance is 10 working days before the departure of the team (that is, before the invoice is issued).

2. Departure instructions: Passengers cannot participate in this tour for some reason after registration. If you leave or replace the group 30 days before departure, there will be no loss (such as the ticket and visa, you must bear the cost of change); 10 days before the tour is confirmed, the tourist must bear the loss of 3,000 yuan for transportation, reservation, etc., and the tour must be cancelled within 8 days before departure. All losses will be incurred, and all tour fees will not be refunded.

3. Visitors must bring along their original valid passports with a validity period of more than six months (defective, cancelled or lost passports are invalid) for entry and exit. The original passport is the only entry-exit document. If you forget or issue an invalid passport that is not approved by the border inspection and you cannot travel, all losses will be borne by the licensee.

4. The tourist group visa exemption list is only applicable to tourists holding Mainland China passports. Guests must travel with the group, enter and leave the group, and cannot leave the group.

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