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Live to make yourself happy

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The well-known director Feng Xiaogang frankly said: After half a century, I finally understand that it is true to make myself happy, all others are blind. What about making more money? Can you take it away? I went to Xishan to collect scenery and looked at a dozen century-old mansions. The owners were nowhere to be found. All the people who took the keys were irrelevant people.

This is true. No matter how much money you earn, you ca n’t really take away a single ingot. The key is to make yourself happy and live out the true nature, realm, and meaning of life.

Not moved by selfish desires, not burdened by worries, not disturbed by the outside world, and not hurt by myself. This is a gesture, and it is even a sense of selflessness. No matter when and where, you can be led by goodness and upward force. In the free space set by yourself, you pay with your heart, interpret it perfectly, and talk about it as much as you like.

As long as you live in the moment, live comfortably, and leave no regrets for yourself. Throughout the year, the sunrise and the sunset, the rest and the rest of the cycle time freely, always filled with golden sunlight. Even if you have a smile on your face and a cry on your face, you will meet someone who will be revenge; or a gentleman on a wicked person who will not be afraid of death. Do you want to ask them for an explanation or find happiness?

One step back, the sea and the sky are the best policy. On weekdays, like studying with Comrade Lei Feng, he often does good deeds and comforts the soul. This is also helpful to others. At the same time, it is also a beauty to reach out and show kindness in the fields of righteousness, honesty, dedication, devotion to the elderly, and love.

In short, as long as it is something that is beneficial to you and makes you happy, you can let go of it, as long as it does not harm, harm, or spoil, vilify, slander, or slander people.

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(庄子)既然慨叹人生短暂,又何必成天为那些俗世纷争、人间龃龉,蝇头小利、蜗角虚名劳神费事,不得安宁,让人一点也不快乐。 "If there is a gap in the world between life and earth, it would be suddenly absent ." (Zhuangzi) Since he sighed that his life was short, why should he spend all his time working for those worldly disputes, wandering worlds, small heads, and snail horns in vain, not to be peaceful, to make people not at all? happy. Those who have figured out everything, give up bribery, hate luxury, and be quiet and relaxed.

In one's life, it is better to do something meaningful, so as not to regret a lifetime. However, if you want, chase, compare, do not compare with the elders, do not compare with the lay people, people will become more awake, smarter, more generous, humble, do not put yoke on yourself, happy Will dimly reveal itself, as the shadow follows.

真正的释放及和解,都要回归身体层面做工作。 [Head Sacrum Resonance-Awakening Body Wisdom] Real release and reconciliation must return to the physical level to do work. The body gives us all strength and mystery as human beings, and this mystery needs to be loved and lovingly explored. Cranial sacral resonance is a work that is completely with the body. In deep meditation and relaxation, the body's original health consciousness is awakened, and internal healing will naturally occur.

The positive effects of sacral resonance are physiological:

Pain from a variety of causes: back and neck pain, headaches, migraines, muscle aches ... muscle tightness, hyperactivity, agitation, lack of energy, fatigue, burning sensations, autonomic nervous system disorders: hypertension, Insomnia, depression, digestive problems

Hormonal disorders: dysmenorrhea, menopause ... immune system disorders

: Fever, inflammation, reinfection, mental aspects: pain or discomfort for unknown reasons, physical and emotional scare surgery, accidents, any situation that makes people feel life threatened, easy to anxiety, fright, difficulty in linking or calming others Over-sensitivity, etc.

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