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Even if you smash the pot and sell iron to Xiong'an to grab a house, I drive at home

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I thought of the moon

Recently, Xiong'an's articles and paragraphs have swiped the screen. However, for the people who eat melon, the main contradiction is still ... the issue of house prices ... This is indeed a topic that the Chinese people cannot avoid! Cheating, this is it!

It is said that the house price of Xiong'an has risen to more than 20,000 per square meter, just like sitting on a rocket, Xiaobian silently glanced at the balance of his bank card, finally relieved. Sure enough, five thousand and twenty thousand are no different to me because I can't afford them.

As a poor woman, I have been doing good things lately. Recently, the goddess often goes to work with me. This can't help but reflect on me. Am I handsome again? Xiong'an drove my rise? A good day is finally coming? Think about it a little bit excited.

Later, when I felt that the time was right, I confessed to the goddess. I didn't expect the goddess to say, "What do you want? I just want to take your ride, but you are still the number one spare tire. Rest assured, your status cannot be shaken. "

I:? ? ?

You may think that I'm installing X. I can't afford the house. How can I buy a car? Obviously you are still too young, there is only one truth! That is……

BAIC Shenbao has launched a campaign with "zero interest in heart, half of gentleness"! This event is a big plus for consumers!

Massacre 2 stopped working

After all, the slogan "Shenbao X35 starts at 0 yuan" still impressed me.

Now to buy Shenbao X35 with a loan, you can use the rent to purchase, not only interest-free for three years, the purchase tax is halved, and if the car is returned for one year, the first payment can be fully refunded, and the daily rent is only 23 yuan.

This is equivalent to one year of free car use! !! !! One year, everybody, 365 days, 52 weeks, 12 months, halving the purchase tax is equivalent to giving 400L of gasoline. If you really want to drive, just drive!

Not only the X35, but all the Shenbao cars have benefits! !!

Really save money and worry, benefits can't be blocked!

No more, the goddess asked me to pick her up again ...

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