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Real estate speculators read: How did I drive home prices two or three times higher in 9 months?

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Thirteenth pair of eyes

If it weren't for the interviews and hearing these days, I would not believe that there is such a simple and profitable business model in this world.

Next month, my interviewee, Wei Guanghua, will leave Zhangzhou to find the next prey. In the nine months that his "team" has been stationed in Zhangzhou, Fujian, the house prices here have skyrocketed, and he only spent more than 10 million for the 20 million cash he brought. Now, Cary has lay nearly 50 million in cash. "The real estate speculation is fast enough and fierce enough. It is tantamount to licking blood at the edge of the knife. If you earn a lot, you will leave the market and look for the next city." It is hard to imagine that as a recruit in the real estate speculation market, Wei Guanghua's money hunt It's so fast. Below is a story of real estate speculation in three cities reproduced by a reporter from China Securities Journal. In the round of rising house prices, some people have become rich, and more people are wrapped in houses in the future, struggling to move forward. 1. Zhangzhou "Zhuangzhuang" Fengyun Zhangzhou is located in the southern Fujian Golden Triangle, facing Taiwan in the east and Chaoshan in the south, only 40 minutes away from Xiamen Island. Here is the city of Yueyue, where the four seasons and the wind are blowing, it is a place to rest and rest. Fragrant narcissus flowers have spread the fame of Zhangzhou all over the country, and in the past six months, its "ruiguaner" method has risen among the highest in the country. "In nine months, the average price has doubled, and individual real estate has more than tripled." In this Qingming Festival, which the southern Fujian people attach great importance to, Quan Guangwei Wei Guanghua lacks but "will not" go home to worship his ancestors. He "steals" himself "Made an inescapable contribution" to the huge spike in housing prices in Zhangzhou.

Before coming to Zhangzhou, Wei Guanghua was the owner of a shoe factory. In recent years, due to the "physical difficulty" and the rising housing prices in Xiamen in early 2016, his brothers in the real estate speculation industry have gained a lot. Wei Guanghua after careful inspection , Decided to join this team. So, each person took out 20 million funds and collected nearly 200 million yuan, killing the back garden of Xiamen Island, the hometown of overseas Chinese, Zhangzhou.

"Joining hands together" is a way of manipulating the market in the stock market, and they have been skillfully "grafted" into the real estate field. Although Wei Guanghua is only a recruit, this does not prevent him from making money from the real estate market in Zhangzhou. "I used to work in the real economy, and I worked hard all day long, but I couldn't work well, but real estate is different. As long as you understand some things thoroughly and do n’t have any problems with the flow of funds, you will lie at home and make money. In the fourth- and fifth-tier cities, not only did the previous government not intervene, but they welcomed the rise in house prices. "Wei Guanghua, who has just opened up a new field less than a year ago, talks about" cheats ".

In June 2016, when Wei Guanghua and his friends set foot on the land in Zhangzhou to prepare for a "big job," the average price of urban house prices was about 6000-8000 yuan per square meter. In just 9 months, the opening price of new real estate Rarely below 15,000 yuan per square meter, individual lake view, river view, school district housing, even between 25,000 to 28,000 yuan.

Recalling these nine months, Wei Guanghua professed to be "as if in no one's realm." "In mid-2016, the average price in Xiamen Island exceeded 40,000 yuan, and Zhangzhou, which was close to it, was only over 6,000 yuan. At that time, I heard that there were two old cities in Zhangzhou, and six natural villages were requisitioned. These demolished households are about 15,000 households. On average, each household holds at least one million demolished compensation funds. At this moment, housing prices are rising, and there is no worry that there is no panxia. The land is just needed. Just needed, with the concept of urbanization of the school district and Xiamen-Zhangzhou, it is a good place for storytelling. "

After they settled in Zhangzhou, Wei Guanghua had already stepped on it in advance. First, they looked at Guancheng International, the school district house of Zhangzhou Experimental Primary School, a local famous school. At that time, the average price of the district was about 10,000 yuan. This is a typical "school district house" second-hand disk. There are less than 50 "circulation disks" in the community, ranging between 60-80 square meters. With less than 10 million funds, you can eat a "circulation disk". This is equivalent to controlling almost the entire circulation market of the disk.

This "routine" has been tried and tested many times. Wei Guanghua's other nine brothers have done the same in other real estates, and have successively wiped out nearly 500 sets of two small houses in the urban area, spending less than 100 million yuan in total. At that time, almost one-third of the stock in the second-hand housing market in Zhangzhou was wiped out. At this moment, just three months after they entered in June, the house prices in Zhangzhou have been stimulated by them, and they have increased by nearly 2,000 yuan per square meter.

"It is not easy for ten people to buy these houses in one go. It is inevitable that they will attract a lot of money. For investment of the order of magnitude, they must borrow ID cards from their relatives and friends in their hometown. However, after all, relatives and friends are limited. ID card, and then find the company of the seven aunts and eight aunts to cooperate with each ID card to issue a proof of income. The bank will not seriously check the proof of income in order to grab customers. This is not only silent, but also get Loan concessions. "Wei Guanghua said of such a" simple and profitable way to make money, I feel a bit addicted. "

Eating one-third of the circulation plates in the urban area is just Wei Guanghua's first step. Next, they found a real estate agency with a certain scale and monopoly in the local area and started to refresh the listing prices of the real estate in their hands day by day. "As long as the prices of the listings on our hands are increased, and then the news that the house prices are about to rise will be spread, the landlords on sale will follow the trend and even withdraw orders and wait and see, so the circulation market on the market will not expand. We can pass Inverted transactions can increase housing prices, which can also directly refresh the listing price. "Wei Guanghua said that after joining the intermediary agency, it began to use the media, forums, public accounts and other channels to" Xia Zhang Zhangcheng ", school district housing, river view housing, etc. Concept builds momentum. From the end of 2016 to the beginning of 2017, the news of "Xiamen Metro will be repaired to Zhangzhou City" has spread throughout the streets and streets of Zhangzhou, and the concept of "same city" has become popular, which has become a bargaining point for the citizens after a meal and a skyrocketing housing price. Catalyst.

Coupled with the needs of the old city reconstruction and natural village demolition, as well as local tyrants in Quanzhou, Xiamen and other provinces rushed to Zhangzhou to sweep the building. This fourth-tier agricultural city, which is located in the southeast of Fujian, has a per capita income of about 3,000 yuan in the urban area. However, the housing prices in urban areas started at about RMB 7,000, RMB 7,000, RMB 20,000, RMB 25,000, and RMB 28,000.

In early April 2017, when Wei Guanghua met a reporter from the China Securities News at the Zhangzhou Hotel, he was full of joy. In the cigar smoke rising up, he said that he had never thought of such an easy way to make money in his life. Almost 500 of them had changed hands. At that time, 120 million yuan was invested, and net profit was about 200 million yuan. , Has begun looking for the next city.

"In the house price rise of less than a year, I saw in my eyes that I felt sad and angry. Under the influence of this atmosphere, no one would be willing to do business in the future. The overdraft is the financial expenses of a young family's life. A real estate speculation group can easily take away 200 million yuan, and five groups are 1 billion yuan. These are all handed down by ordinary people after hard work. " A local Zhangzhou official told the China Securities Journal. 2. The fund manager "partnered" to Guiyang

When Hu Yingjie's phone was connected, his tone was light and bright, and he seemed full of vitality. Every sip was the taste and hope of spring. Because, after three months of investigation, the dust finally settled, and the next goal was Guiyang. Hu Yingjie, a speculator, was a fund manager with ten years of experience before the "stock disaster" in 2015. Since the stock market crash "slumped," his main business changed from stock speculation to property speculation. After the first bucket of gold was dug for "reconstruction after the disaster" in Shenzhen, he began to hunt for the next prey.

"Compared to the opaque stock market, the real estate market has less risk, higher profits, and is easier to grasp." Hu Yingjie seems to have opened the stock market and the real estate market. "The core is to use the principle of leverage to Use bank loans to magnify investment. The leverage of the stock market is too low. You will have to invest as much stock as you want. As Guiyang looks like, I can invest 300,000 yuan to buy a 1 million property. Buy It may not be long before it doubles, and the yield at this time will be 4 times larger. "

Hu Yingjie is not alone in fighting. There are still five other friends who "do no good business" with him, and each person has 30 to 50 million cash. However, they have always been fond of bank loans. Even if you have enough money on hand, you will not pay it all at once. The lower the down payment ratio, the greater the leverage effect and the higher the return on own funds.

Song of Wisdom

"The real estate speculation is almost the same as the stock speculation. Find the real estate with themes and concepts, and jointly distribute the market to circulate the market, and to eat small units, so the cost is low and the yield is high." Hu Yingjie was officially in October 2015. "Going to the sea", he was glad that he had entered a "new world".

Wind statistics show that starting from June 15, 2015, the following 181 trading days, the A-share market suffered a total of 17 thousand shares limit, accounting for nearly 10%. In other words, almost every 10 trading days, shareholders will experience a "stock disaster".

Just as investors sighed and sighed at the trend of the A-shares, lamenting their misfortunes and anger, the property market has reached a new high. "I make a simple assumption here. If someone buys a house worth 3 million yuan in Shenzhen in January 2015, the market value is now about 9 million yuan, and the income is as high as 6.9 million yuan. On the 4th, the down payment of 900,000 yuan for the purchase of the house was invested in the stock market, and now it is fortunate to be able to keep the capital. "Hu Yingjie said.

So why did Hu Yingjie focus on Guiyang this time? "I have been paying attention to the Guiyang Huaguoyuan Community in recent years. This community is hailed as China ’s No. 1 God and is the largest real estate in Asia. It covers an area of 18.3 million square meters and has a planned resident population of 500,000. Starting in early January this year, Hu Yingjie He rented a house in Huaguoyuan. During the day, he sometimes went to various intermediaries in the city to do some homework, and sometimes did his homework. He compared the price gap between Guiyang and other provincial capitals across the country and tried to find out why. However, after 9pm, Hu Yingjie and His partners are going to do one thing immovably: check the occupancy rate from building to building. The way they take is also simple, count the lights from door to door under the building, and take notes carefully.

After three months of investigation, Hu Yingjie basically figured it out, the occupancy rate of the flower orchard has reached 80%. The occupancy rate of this "Shenpan" is the main indicator for speculators to judge whether Guiyang is worthy of speculation. "You know, Guiyang doesn't even have a concept of a subway house." Hu Yingjie said that according to his accumulated experience in Shenzhen in the past two years, the house prices at the intersection of two subway lines have risen fastest and fiercest. From the vertical time point of view, in recent years, Guiyang's house prices have basically been around 6,000 yuan. From the comparison of horizontal and other provincial capitals, Guiyang is far behind them.

"The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People's Republic of China will announce the trend of house prices in the first quarter of 70 major cities in the country in mid-April. Guiyang will certainly be at the bottom. The concept of the house is definitely going to be popular. Next, our plan is to choose a small community with a small circulation plate and eat all the small units at the subway interchange. This way, the cost is low, it is easy to change hands, and it is easy to raise the price. "Hu Yingjie said. 3. Land Sales “Business” in G County

County G is located in the eastern part of Jiangxi, which is called "the three rivers and five lakes, and it controls the Jingjing and leads the Yueyue". The county area is only 10 square kilometers, and the per capita monthly income is 2,000 yuan. Most of the local young people work in Fujian and Guangdong. Only in the Spring Festival, the license plates of various places will "gather" in the county seat, and then deserted. In 2011, Jiangsu's "local tyrant" Xu Bo came here to set up a factory. A street in the county town can be viewed from the beginning to the end, and it will be dark after 9pm. This year, the county's fiscal revenue was 500 million yuan. Xu Bo belonged to a large sum of money from the local investment promotion "circle". Soon after this, the leaders of G County gradually became acquainted with him. One day in the second half of 2011, the county leader approached Xu Bo and discussed with him "to do something."

"The county leader told me that our residential land here is about 700,000 yuan per acre. You go back to Jiangsu to find some developers. When the next plot of land is auctioned, you must help me raise a card to more than 2.5 million yuan. For the part that exceeds 1.5 million yuan, the county finance will return it to you. After the development of the real estate, the county will cooperate with you to speculate on the house price. "Xu Bo, who did business in the first instance, took the initiative and decided. This is a" win-win "project, and he soon He brought in 5 iron buddies from his hometown in Jiangsu.

Xu Bo recalled, "On the day of the auction, the starting price was 700,000 yuan. Starting at 8 am, six of us were sitting in the last row. Local developers in Jiangxi increased their prices by 2,000 and 3,000 land each time, and they took pictures all the way. At 10 o'clock, we were almost asleep, and just reported 950,000 yuan. Seeing that it was still far from the target price, we raised the card for the first time and quoted a price of 1.5 million. At that time, everyone's eyes were on us. Side. After another half an hour of shooting, the price was still around 1.6 million yuan. Seeing that it was almost 11 o'clock, we speeded up the process, and the second time we raised the price of 2.3 million yuan, so we successfully photographed the land. 2.5 million yuan per acre. "

This land was later planned as the first high-end residential project in G County with a separate car. The opening price in 2014 was 5,500 yuan, which is the highest price in the local area. Xu Bo explained the mystery: Before the opening of the market, a Zhejiang hot money team came to the door and promised to buy one-third of the property at one time, provided that it was given an internal discount to 4200 yuan per square meter, but it must be declared externally. The price is 6,000 yuan per square meter.

"This is a win-win transaction. The funds required to develop a project are extremely huge. In recent years, the regulation of the property market has become more and more difficult. The financing of real estate projects has become increasingly difficult. When strict, it is not even possible to take land to bank mortgage financing. The problem is that the financial cost is quite heavy. After the project development is completed, if the sales are too slow and the funds cannot be withdrawn, and the capital chain is broken, a financial crisis will occur, and even more serious will be bankruptcy. The real estate speculation group came to the door and regarded it as a small profit but a long-term sale. To solve the urgent need, repay all kinds of loans first, and the rest can cooperate with the local intermediary and hot money, cover the sale, unified price increase, and raise the house price by singing. If you can do the work of a well-known local primary school and set up a branch school, it will be a profitable "school district house" project.

After the prehistoric high price of 2.5 million yuan per acre was auctioned on the above plot, G County produced two "land kings" in the same way. After these three plots were shot out, the house price in G county increased from 3,000 yuan to more than 5,000 yuan. Fiscal revenue also rose from 500 million yuan in 2011 to 800 million yuan in 2012, of which land transfer fees accounted for about 400 million yuan. "In 2016, our fiscal revenue was 1.3 billion yuan, of which the budgeted revenue was about 600 million yuan, and most of the rest was land transfer fees." The person in charge of G County Finance Bureau told the China Securities Journal reporter on April 1 that due to the real economy In the recession, the local industrial parks are basically closed, few enterprises start production, financial revenue and expenditure are under great pressure, and land transfer is also a last resort.

The land finance not only relieved the financial pressure of G County, but also enriched the residents around the county seat, relying on land requisition compensation funds, they became rich overnight. The original quiet county town is now full of light after nightfall. KTV and bars are almost full at night. Many local business owners told China Securities Journal reporters that "the newly opened hotels now have a Mahjong table in their rooms. these drugs Chihepiaodu years an increasing number of young people, looked really sad "author: bull riding Heaven source: snowball

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