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At my age, I don't want to please anyone anymore.

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Infinite horror

At my age, I don't want to please anyone.

In the past, I always thought about everything and everyone liked me. Seeing now, I'm not Renminbi, and I can't satisfy everyone. You are good to me, and I will be twice as good to you; if you are false to me, I don't need to worry about you anymore. Live a little bit freely, don't be tied up by outsiders' eyes.

At my age, I understand that there are not many friends but more refined.

In the past, I always put a lot of energy into making friends, and always wanted to get acquainted with everyone. Now I understand. It ’s better to pull a potato than a night pearl. There are so many friends of wine and meat, but also nothing. Normally, the booming looks are kind, and some people are exposed in the storm. When you need to hold hands, you can understand people's hearts.

At my age, I no longer pursue emptiness.

When I was young, I always liked to be lively and like flashy things. Now I understand that ordinary companionship is the most valuable, and life is light and enjoyable. With peace of mind and unhindered heart, this life is the most rare and rare.

By my age, I knew that the most important thing for a healthy body.

In the past, I always liked to make fun of wine and try my best. Always stay up all night, always eager to talk fast, eat too much food that hurts the body. Now I understand that a good body is the foundation of your enjoyment. Eat more healthy whole grains, the most natural things are the most supportive. It's time to start to nourish the stomach.

The Original Sin of the Sun Empire

At my age, talking about love is old, and talking about death is still early.

People who have loved in the past have slowly forgotten, and the entanglements in the past have gradually blurred. Those unclear love and hatred, slowly go with the wind. Sometimes letting go of others is also letting go. People, come and go; love, deepened. These are just part of life, letting go is kind.

At my age, my heart is tired and affectionate.

Because I walked through a muddy road, it is valuable to understand the truth. Because I have seen the bitterness of life, I understand that plainness is true. Life was fancy again, but I couldn't get tired. Learn to be nice to yourself and learn to live lightly. Well, only myself knows best.

There is only one heart, don't be too tired; people only live once, they must learn to live for themselves. At my age, I don't want to please anyone.

At this age, no one wants to please anymore, and whoever is comfortable with is with whom, including friends, and if you are tired, hide away. It is far better to please others than to please yourself.

Su Shi said that it would be better to be lonely than to be unwilling. It's better to regret than to do it. Those who can enter my heart, I will be king. Those who do not mind me are disdainful. The past is light and dark, and the color is as clear as light. After years of sadness and joy, she is as quiet as a mirror.

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