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Follow-up works on Taiping Road will begin soon

Public number : Weixuecheng Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:08:26

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5 个月后,太平路下穿后续工程即将正式启动。 A few days ago, the reporter learned from the Municipal Construction Bureau that 5 months after the Taiping Road Tunnel was completed and put into use , the follow-up project of the Taiping Road will be officially launched. 4 12 日起封闭施工,封闭施工期间严禁车辆进入施工现场。 To ensure the smooth implementation of this project, the Taiping Road Tunnel will be closed for construction from April 12. During the closed construction period, vehicles are strictly prohibited from entering the construction site. The Municipal Construction Bureau reminds the general public that it is necessary to design a travel route between the urban areas in advance. Due to the inconvenience caused by the detour to the public and the shops along the street, please forgive me.

4 12 日正式开工。 According to reports, the follow-up projects of Taiping Road underpass include facilities construction projects such as railings, decorations, escape passages in the tunnel, and this project will officially start on April 12 . 4 12 6 时前完成封闭,封闭路段为北起圣林街沿太平路下穿隧道至景福街。 In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the project, the Taiping Road Tunnel will be closed before 6:00 on April 12 , and the closed section will be from the north of Shenglin Street through Taiping Road to the tunnel to Jingfu Street. At that time, citizens will need to bypass Dongguang Overpass, Hongyun Bridge and other places when traveling between urban areas. The implementation of the follow-up project on the Taiping Road will further improve the use function of the Taiping Road Tunnel and provide more convenient conditions for citizens to travel.

2016 3 31 日正式开工建设。 It is understood that with the full start of the construction of the Harbin Passenger Dedicated Project, the Taiping Road Crossing Project and the new construction of Mudanjiang Station were jointly promoted, and construction was officially started on March 31 , 2016 . The construction unit overcomes the difficulties of tight time and heavy tasks, and recreates the “Mudanjiang Speed” for rapid delivery. 1.28 千米,下穿段为城市主干路,双向四车道,设计速度每小时 40 千米,这一城市中轴线的打通进一步畅通了城市南北交通,对于完善城市路网,拉开城市框架,促进区域协调发展,助力牡丹江进入“高铁时代”都具有重要的现实意义。 The Taiping Road underpass project has a total length of 1.28 kilometers, and the lower section is an urban trunk road. The two-way four-lane road has a design speed of 40 kilometers per hour . It is of great practical significance to open the city framework, promote coordinated regional development, and help Mudanjiang enter the "high-speed rail era."

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