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Good Night Story | Shi Ming Qingming, Flowers Carry But Xingtan Road

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Good Night Story | Shi Ming Qingming, Flowers Carry But Xingtan Road

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Today is the first day of the Qingming holiday. Have you had a pleasant day listening to the story? Mr. Yang Yan once said, "I feel old; there are certain things, no one except us, who knows. I want to take our couple alive and write down one by one. If there is an error, he can point out that I can correct it. Let me share with you a memoir of Mr. Yang Yan today.

"After liberation, we raised a very smart cat in Tsinghua for one month. The kitten first got on the tree and did not dare to come down. Zhong Shu managed to rescue it. After the kitten came down, he used his paw to softly rest on Zhong Shu's wrist. Thank you for the last ride. We often quote Western sayings: 'Hell is full of people who do n’t know how to be grateful.' Kitty knows, Zhong Shu said it is spiritual, special baby. The cat has grown up, in the middle of the night and others The cats fight. Zhong Shu specially prepares a long bamboo pole and leans against the door. No matter how cold the day is, when the cat hears the noise of the cat, he hurries out of the hot blanket, takes the bamboo pole, and rushes out to fight for his own cat. And One of the enemies of our cat's fight against the wind is the baby cat next to Ms. Lin Huiyin, who she called her family's 'focus of love'. I often fear that Zhong Shu will hurt two cats for the cat.

He was kind, quoting his own words, saying: 'It takes the owner to hit the dog, so it takes the housewife to hit the cat! "(The first sentence of" Cat "), he laughed and said," The theory is always made by people who don't practice. "" While the sun is just right, and the breeze is not noisy, let's create good memories together and wish you good night.

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Yang Yan






I quietly asked a nearby person in a gray uniform: "Where are we?" He laughed and said, "The old lady has turned a big heel and hasn't awoken yet! This is the Western road." He pointed back and said, " There is a world of red dust, and we are heading west. "He also shouted," Look forward! Look forward! "Because many passengers frequently turned back and wiped tears frequently. I asked again, "Where are we going?" He ignored and just broadcasted to the passengers with a loudspeaker: "The passengers are ready, the previous stop is the Mengpo store; the Mengpo store is coming soon. Please do it Ready! " "Oh, go to the Mengpo shop for tea!" "Mengpo tea is not drinkable! Drink a cup and forget everything." "Well! Drink a cup of Mengpo tea, it's a hundred!" "I won't drink it! How big!" A waste of tea! A cup of tea washed away the experience of a lifetime, isn't all life in vain? "" Do you still want to hold your precious experience and live a lifetime? "" I won't drink anyway! "" Anyway You can't help it! "The steward probably listened to such arguments. One patiently introduced the Mengpo store with a loudspeaker. "'Meng Podian' is the name of the old habit, now called 'Sister Meng Tea House'. Sister Meng is the most democratic, and tea is never reluctant. Sister Meng Tea House is a modern building. The tea house downstairs only serves tea; tea may It ’s bitter. You can go upstairs if you do n’t like tea. Upstairs there are all kinds of tea: milk black tea, lemon black tea, mint herbal tea, roselle herbal tea, there are all kinds of tea, there are also various types of tea, you can use it at will. If you have any opinions, questions, requirements, or suggestions, you can go upstairs and submit them to the departments in charge, and register them one by one. There is also a TV room where you can press your finger to see your past life. Concerns, the TV room is isolated, not a performance. "This resounded with laughter. "I don't do bad things in my life, I might as well perform in my life." This is a grand saying. "It must be appreciated by the audience! In addition to yourself, there must be someone who loves to watch!" This was a cold voice. The loudspeaker continued to explain: "The tea house is not a casino. Watching TV means drinking tea. Because you ca n’t wait until after watching it, you are anxious to drink tea." I quietly asked the person in uniform nearby. "Why?" He smiled and said, "Look and see for yourself." I said, I drink tea and don't go upstairs. He said strangely, "Everyone goes upstairs, and it's okay to see the excitement." "Can I go downstairs to drink tea after watching it?" "No, there is ready-made tea upstairs, and there is also tea, so I won't go downstairs anymore." — Only up, not down. ”I was busy asking,“ Where are you going upstairs? Where are you not going upstairs? ”He snorted and said,“ I just follow this tape, I do n’t know where to go. If you don't go upstairs, you need to prepare early. Just downstairs, you just missed and went upstairs. "" What to prepare? "" You must be light and not allowed to carry private goods. "I glanced back and forth and said," Who still With luggage? "He said," Of course you can't bring luggage, but you are not allowed to carry private goods on your body, head, heart, or belly. What about going upstairs, giving advice, asking questions, asking for requirements, After mentioning it, all those who ca n’t open it are also down. You do n’t want to go upstairs. ”I laughed and said,“ Do n’t you drink a cup of tea? ”He said,“ Forget the tea here, It does n’t matter. Upstairs do n’t need to check. Downstairs, after leaving the tea, you leave the station. . "His words still unknown, the conveyor belt has entered Meng shop. The downstairs was gloomy and deserted; the upstairs were brightly lit and very lively. That conveyor belt seems to be going up. I hurried out of the railing and jumped down. I felt heavy and light, and jumped with my head on the pillow. I opened my eyes and saw that Enron was lying on the bed, and I could hear "I can't get through the private goods" in my ears. Well, I am carrying a lot of private goods, so I need to clear them up as soon as possible.

End of october 1983

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good night

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