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"Sakura is Beautiful" Cherry Blossom Festival Launches First Immersive Fashion Show

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On March 27th and 28th, during the Gucun Cherry Blossom Festival, in order to display the intangible cultural heritage and the modern Shanghai fashion culture, the cherry blossom garden brought a rosy Chen Chuancheng fashion to the public called "Sakura You Are Beautiful" Situational show. This is also the first immersive fashion show at the Baoshan Cherry Blossom Festival.

In this "Sakura you are beautiful" fashion situation show, the modern cheongsam that blends eastern aesthetics with western three-dimensional tailoring and the sakura cherry blossoms, the organizer will be one of Baoshan's non-heritage cultural features, "Luo Ying Cross" "Embroidery" introduces a scene show, combining the traditional cross picking process usually used on pillowcases, bellybands, embroidered shoes with high-end custom hand-made flowers, or processed into body flowers or

Modern patterns, or the embellishment of Shanghai style cheongsam, combine Chinese and Western styles to show the fusion of Shanghai style fashion.

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In addition to visual enjoyment, the event also invited three artists to expand the extension of the scene show in the form of piano performances and poetry recitations, combining "East and West", "Ancient and Modern", and "Fashion and Popular" culture to lead The audience revisited the history of Shanghai style fashion.

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