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Brother A's Masterpiece-Anji Tour

Public number: Mother World Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:08:14

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Rong Weichi


As an eight-year-old baby in an international school, I was able to write such an article, and I was so shocked that my chin was about to fall off. It is said that he was trained by his tiger mother in MBA style. There are pictures and the truth!

What excites me the most is that the tiger mother said in the impression that Brother A can't speak Chinese. This, this, this, is naked! I was a very stable and calm mother who was not easily affected by the children next door. Now it seems that the plan to play golf tomorrow morning must be canceled. I will stay at home and write with Brother D!



During Qingming Festival this holiday, our whole family went to Anji with the Xuanfeng team, riding a bike, lighting a campfire, running a relay, taking a bridge, playing badminton.


Two of my favorite activities on Anji's trip are cycling and taking a bridge. We rode up to white tea. We had to ride very carefully. A kid fell down on a large downhill. We ran up to see if his fall was serious. He fell because the brakes on his bike were broken. On the way we rode, there was a beautiful view from the observation deck. We were there to take a picture of the green tea leaves. The wind blew like waves, and the white tea was planted in rows on the mountain for the convenience of tea pickers. Take the zigzag up the mountain. There was a creak when my bike went downhill, I told Mark. He put oil on the chain of my bicycle, and it turned out that there was no sound. I learned a little trick for a bicycle.

There is a clear stream behind our hotel. It is 2 meters wide and the water is about my calf height. We wanted to go to the other side, but didn't want to wet the shoes, so we took a small bridge across the stream. The first step is to find the right stones, such as flat and long stones for the bridge deck and bricks for the bridge pier. We moved the stones by the creek. The second step is to place four bricks flat in the water, and then put a flat plate on the bricks. In the third step, Dylan set up the bridge and tried it. It was unsafe, and it turned out to be safe. We successfully passed this stream. The bridge was set up and I found that we have a team spirit. Many of us can overcome many difficulties by working together.

Four days passed in the blink of an eye, and we have to say goodbye to the Hyunfeng team again. During this trip, I saw the beautiful scenery and played happily with the children. I like this trip very much. I learned a wealth of knowledge. We are all very happy to meet the children again. I am looking forward to the next trip to Hyunfeng.

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