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Microchip Releases Complete Advanced Gigabit Ethernet Product Portfolio to Make Design Easier

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      ——Microchip Technology Inc. (美国微芯科技公司)今日宣布推出拥有高级功能、合规认证、全面的软件支持和产品化评估工具的全新 48 千兆以太网芯片组合。 Microchip Technology Inc. , the world's leading supplier of integrated microcontroller, mixed-signal, analog and flash patented solutions, today announced the availability of advanced features, compliance certification, comprehensive software support and productization New 48 Gigabit Ethernet chipset for evaluation tools . GigEpack 产品组合应运而生。 In order to reduce the complexity of high-speed network deployment and eliminate obstacles in the deployment process, while opening up new uses and applications, a new GigEpack product portfolio came into being. 包含业界首批集成 HSR/DLR 冗余功能以实现关键制造应用的超高可靠性的单芯片千兆以太网交换机。 GigEpack includes the industry's first integrated single-chip Gigabit Ethernet switch with HSR / DLR redundancy to achieve critical manufacturing applications. GigEpack 还包含业界第一款汽车级 USB 3.1 Gen 1 千兆 - 以太网桥接器,可支持各种物理网络层上的高级驾驶辅助系统( ADAS )和信息娱乐系统。 In addition, GigEpack includes the industry's first automotive-grade USB 3.1 Gen 1 Gigabit - Ethernet bridge, which supports advanced driver assistance systems ( ADAS ) and infotainment systems on a variety of physical network layers .

     This comprehensive product portfolio is designed for industrial, automotive, and consumer applications. It uses three key elements to ensure product ease of use and speed time to market. UNH-IOL (新罕布什尔大学 互操作性实验室)认证。 First, all products are UNH-IOL (University of New Hampshire - Interoperability Lab) certification. Second, all products come with certified or third-party free software drivers that can be used on all major operating systems running on smartly designed, productized evaluation boards. GigEpack 组合还由 Microchip 免费的 LANCheck® 在线设计服务提供支持,该服务致力于通过检验客户设计来确保最佳设计实践得到应用。 Finally, the GigEpack portfolio is also supported by Microchip's free LANCheck® online design service, which is dedicated to ensuring that best design practices are applied by verifying customer designs.

      Mitch Obolsky 表示: 随着 GigEpack 问世, Microchip 现可为客户提供一个完善的高可靠性千兆以太网产品平台。我们的目标是使这些产品易于获得和易于设计。每位客户都可以直接通过 Microchip 的产品网页随意获取我们的产品、驱动程序、各种开发板和文档等资源。 " With the advent of GigEpack , Microchip can now provide customers with a comprehensive platform of high-reliability Gigabit Ethernet products. Our goal is to make these products easy to obtain and easy to design , " said Mitch Obolsky , vice president of Microchip's USB and Networking Division . Customers can access our products, drivers, various development boards, and documentation directly from Microchip 's product web pages. "

        组合共包含三个产品系列。 The GigEpack portfolio includes three product families. KSZ9477/9567/9897 交换机系列可允许用户创建有 HSR/DLR 冗余的高可靠网络,并通过 AVB (音频 / 视频桥接)传输音频和视频。 The new KSZ9477 / 9567/9897 switch series allows users to create highly reliable networks with HSR / DLR redundancy and transmit audio and video via AVB (Audio / Video Bridge). KSZ9567 交换机有 7 个端口和一个 SGMII 接口,同时还集成了 EtherSynch® 技术,可支持实时以太网、 IEEE 1588 v2 精确时间协议( PTP )、 AVB 以及时间敏感型网络( TSN )。 For example, the KSZ9567 switch has 7 ports and an SGMII interface, and also integrates EtherSynch® technology, which supports real-time Ethernet, IEEE 1588 v2 precision time protocol ( PTP ), AVB, and time-sensitive network ( TSN ). LAN 7800/LAN7850/LAN7801 桥接器系列可帮助客户通过 USB 3.1 Gen 1 USB 2.0 接口为嵌入式处理器添加千兆以太网,或通过 RGMII 接口为包括 1000Base-T 100Base-T1 HDBaseT 在内的各种物理层添加高速片间( HSIC )桥接。 The new LAN 7800 / LAN7850 / LAN7801 bridge series helps customers add Gigabit Ethernet to embedded processors through USB 3.1 Gen 1 and USB 2.0 interfaces, or through RGMII interface to include 1000Base-T or 100Base-T1 and HDBaseT in Various physical layers within it add high-speed chip-to-chip ( HSIC ) bridging. Microchip 现有的 KSZ9031 系列千兆 PHY 产品线,并且都具备汽车级的耐用性和低功耗等特点。 These products strengthen Microchip's existing KSZ9031 family of Gigabit PHY product lines, and they all feature automotive-grade durability and low power consumption.

         Microchip GigEpack 千兆以太网产品的更多信息,请访问 www.microchip.com/GigEpack For more information on Microchip GigEpack Gigabit Ethernet products, visit www.microchip.com/GigEpack .

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    All products in this group have begun to provide samples or accept volume orders. KSZ9477/9567/9897 交换机产品采用 TQFP 封装, LAN7800/7850/7801 产品采用 QFN 封装, KSZ9031 PHY 产品采用 QFN 封装。 Among them, KSZ9477 / 9567/9897 switch products use TQFP package, LAN7800 / 7850/7801 products use QFN package, KSZ9031 PHY products use QFN package.

         Microchip 的名称和徽标组合、 Microchip 徽标及 EtherSynch 均为 Microchip Technology Inc. 在美国及其他国家或地区的注册商标。 Note: The Microchip name and logo combination, the Microchip logo, and EtherSynch are registered trademarks of Microchip Technology Inc. in the United States and other countries. All other trademarks mentioned herein are the property of their respective companies.


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