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Wang Yangming's 20 Great Wisdoms of Life

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Wang Yangming said that in order to survive, people will inevitably pursue things that can make them feel safe, such as money, fame and status. However, some people are pursuing these under the guidance of "conscience", while others are only pursuing foreign objects with one heart. If we keep staring at those foreign objects in our hearts forever, we will inevitably get tired and die.

The greatest beauty of mind learning is that we can chase foreign objects while being physically and mentally happy. As long as we can use our conscience as a guide, everything can be pursued. Therefore, Wang Yangming's psychology is the real wisdom directly related to real life.

1. Doing things is the most reliable practice

People have to grind in matters so that they can stand still before they can be "quiet and fixed".

人应该通过经历各种事情磨练自己,才能立足沉稳,才能达到“无论动还是静,都能保持心中沉定”的境界。 Summary: People should hone themselves by going through various things in order to gain a foothold in calmness and achieve the state of "maintaining calmness in their hearts regardless of movement or silence."

2. It's important to get along with friends

When you are friends, you will benefit when you are relative, but you will lose when you are relative.

与朋友相处,彼此谦让,就会受益;彼此攀比,只能受损。 The main idea: to get along with friends and be humble to each other, you will benefit; to compare each other, you can only be damaged.

3. The more you don't want to read, the harder you look at it

During the day, I felt turbulent, but meditated. Feel lazy and read. Is also medicine due to illness.

如果白天做功夫觉得烦躁不安,那么就静坐。 General idea: If you feel irritable when doing kung fu during the day, sit still. Even if you don't want to read, you have to read it. This is the right remedy, and it's a method.

4, can not stay at all selfish

Self-denial needs to be cleaned up, and nothing is left. There is a slight presence, and all evil comes.

克制自己务必要将私心彻底扫除干净,一点私欲没有才算可以。 The main idea : to restrain yourself, you must clean up your selfishness completely, only a little selfishness can be considered. With a little lust, many evil thoughts will follow.

5. Repentance is the best medicine in life

Repentance is the cure for illness, but it is expensive to change. If it stays in the middle, it will be caused by medicine again.

悔悟是去病的良药,贵在改正。 General idea: Repentance is a good medicine to get rid of illness, and it's expensive to correct. If you keep your remorse in your heart, you are sick again with medicine.

6, work and life are busy, because of the heart of gain and loss

Patients who have been treated badly or badly, and who have suffered from insufficiency, are all involved in destroying reputation and failing to realize their conscience.

处理事情出现有时好有时不好的情况,并伴有困顿失序的弊端,这都是由于被毁誉得失的心所连累,不能实际地获得他的良知。 Attention: Dealing with things that are sometimes good and sometimes bad, and accompanied by the disadvantages of distress and disorder, are all linked to the heart that is ruined by gains and losses, and it is impossible to actually obtain his conscience.

7. I only know that escape is never good

It is good for men to exercise their skills in matters. If you have to be quiet, things will be chaotic and you will not grow. At that time, kung fu seemed to converge, and real indulgence too.

人必须在事上磨练,在事上用功才会有帮助。 Idea: People must hone in matters, and hard work will help. If you only love calmness, you will be in a panic when things happen, and you will never make progress. On the surface, the kung fu of the static time was convergence, but in fact it was indulgence and sinking.

8.Less blame and encouragement to friends

Everyone needs to refer to less rules, more incentives and more persuasion.

与朋友相处,彼此间应当少一点规劝指责,多一点开导鼓励,如此才是正确的。 General idea : Get along with your friends, you should be less persuasive and accused, more enlightened and encouraged, this is correct.

9. The person who blinds the mind is always materialistic

If there are no material desires, but the use of conscience will prevail, that is to say. But ordinary people are mostly involved in material desires and cannot follow conscience.

如果没有物欲牵累蒙蔽,只靠良知去发挥作用,那么就无时无处不是道。 The main idea: If there is no blindness of material desires, and only rely on conscience to play its role, then there is no Tao everywhere. However, most people are blinded by material desires and cannot obey conscience.

10. Be clear about good and evil, and more clearly love and hate

A man must be good, as good and lascivious, and evil as a stench, he is a saint.

人只要喜好善行如同喜爱美色,憎恶恶行如同讨厌恶臭,他就是圣人了。 Idea: As long as one likes good deeds, likes beauty, and hates bad deeds, he is a saint.

11. Don't spend too much time dressing yourself

People have only a lot of spirits. If they work hard on their looks, they will be too careless in the center.

人的精力毕竟有限,如果在容貌上下太多的功夫,往往就不能照管到内心了。 Attention: After all, human energy is limited. If you put too much effort into your appearance, you often can't take care of your heart.

12, easy to learn + persist = conservation

Man must be knowledgeable. The emphasis is only on conservation;

人应当知学。 Idea: People should learn. Learning to talk is nothing more than fostering virtue. I don't want to talk about learning, just because the ambition of cultivation is not real enough.

13, the heart is just less angry

The mortal was embarrassed and angered, and he was too angry. Therefore, if there is something wrong, it must not be right.

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一个人在忿怒时,较容易感情用事,有时会怒得过分,就失去廓然大公的本体了。 Idea: When a person is angry, he is more likely to be emotional, and sometimes he is too angry, and he loses his grandma's identity. Therefore, with some anger, the heart cannot be righteous.

14. To be happy, you must cry

Fang Le had to cry a lot, and he wouldn't be happy if he didn't cry. Although crying, this peace of mind is happy.

唯有痛哭之后才能乐,不哭就不会乐了。 Idea: Only after crying can you be happy. If you don't cry, you won't be happy. Although crying, this heart was comforted, and therefore it was joy.

15.I'm sorry in this world

If you ask for quietness with a foreign hate, it is anti-cultivation. If you are not tired of foreign objects, it is better to rest in a quiet place.

你如果是以厌弃外物的心去静中寻求,相反只会养成骄横怠惰的恶习。 Idea: If you seek quietly with an aversion to foreign objects, on the contrary you will only develop the habit of arrogance and laziness. If you don't abandon foreign objects, and then go to a quiet place to conserve, that's fine.

16. The best way to meet the wicked is to ignore him

Fan Wen overshadows, this is the normal state of the wicked. If you want to blame him for right and wrong, go back and stimulate him viciously.

文过饰非,这是恶人的常态。 General idea: Wen Guoshifei, this is the normal state of the wicked. If he is to blame his fault, it will arouse his viciousness.

17. Eating well is spiritual practice

Today, when people are eating, although they are in the forefront, they are restless in active duty. Because of this, they are so used to it that they cannot take it.

现在有些人在吃饭时,即使无事,他的心也经常忙乱而不安定,只因他这颗心忙惯了,所以收摄不住。 Attention: At present, some people are always busy and restless when they are eating, even if nothing is happening. Because his heart is used to it, he can't take it.

18, people are most afraid of a proud character

The humble is the foundation of all good, and the proud is from the evil.

谦虚是一切善的基础,傲慢是一切恶的源头。 Idea: Humility is the foundation of all good, and arrogance is the source of all evil.

19. Defaming others, delaying yourself

Blaming others by words is shallow. If you ca n’t practice it physically, and you just go out of your ears, you will spend your days slandering with your body.

用言语诋毁他人,这种诋毁是肤浅的。 The idea : to slander others with words, this slander is superficial. If you ca n’t do it yourself, you just talk about it, spend time and waste time, and you are slandering yourself. This is serious.

20.You just aren't fully focused and dedicated

Persevering like a heartache, and devoting one's heart to the pain, how can you gossip and gossip?

持守志向犹如心痛,如果心思全在痛上,哪里有功夫说闲话、管闲事呢? General idea : Persevering aspirations is like heartache. If the mind is all on pain, where can you gossip and gossip?

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