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Muse News 丨 Tegeler product combat experience

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Heroes of Chaos and Order

Not long ago, with the help of German Tegeler employees, the performance of French original musician Julien Doré named Julien Dore & Tour was held. During this tour, the machines used included a Crème, a VTRC and a Schwerkraftmaschine. In the process of using the machine, in addition to VTRC adapting to the needs of the equipment, both Crème and Schwerkraftmaschine experienced several twists and turns in the audition, and finally found the best solution in repeated debugging.

Let ’s take Crème first. In the parallel bus, Julien discovered how to handle the drum sound perfectly. According to him, this is better than expected because it can restore the drum sound well. Next, feel the real touch of the bass drum hitting on the stomach, the real pleasure of Xiaojun's slap in the face, and what is more amazing is that Crème makes the sound thicker, not more noisy.

In the application of Schwerkraftmaschine, on the main hybrid bus, Julien uses the VARI-MU mode and enters the PA control unit after coming out of DIGICO SD5. Such a combination is perfectly natural. For example, the entity shows a three-dimensional graphic, and the mixing is done by a simple and easy-to-operate smart knob. This is an unprecedented performance company before him.

What about the acclaimed VTRC? In the studio's main mixer position, it can be perfectly used, the preamp is slightly compressed in VT and OPTO modes, and the perfect EQ assists the shaping of the main sound. But when he moved to the stage, due to the characteristics of the stage construction and the size of the PA system, he had to add more EQ after VTRC to handle this special mixing condition. In summary, VTRC is very tough and can be used in various applications.

About Tegeler Audio

To understand the strengths of the German brand Tegeler's products, you must first meet the developer Michael Krusch. When he was young, he developed synthesizer modules to expand the capabilities of his home computer and analog drum machine. After years of working in the studio, he was again fascinated by the "electronics bug" and set out to rebuild classic hardware.


But imitation is not enough. It is expanded and redesigned, always accompanied by blind listening tests in its own studio. Frequent requests from friends for equipment, Tegeler Audio Manufaktur was born.

Electronic design manual download

The company is headquartered in Tegel, Berlin, not far north of AEG's Borsig locomotive locomotive factory. The equipment is not only completed in the workshop and test space, but also tested in the field in the adjacent recording studio. All Tegeler Audio Manufaktur equipment is carefully selected for high-quality components in accordance with planning requirements and is handmade.

About Lewang

Founded in 2014, Le Wang (Shanghai) Cultural Development Co., Ltd. is a service-oriented company focusing on the development of audio technology and the music industry. In 2015, the company was listed on the Shanghai Equity Trust Trading Center. (Stock Code: 100471)


At present, the main business includes engineering construction projects such as recording studios, audition rooms, mastering rooms, studios, etc .; Since its establishment, it has been widely recognized in the industry with its solid technical skills and is favored by customers across the country. With its own high-end imported audio products agency business, The technical control and configuration of each project are familiar with it. The products of our company are international audio products with the highest standards in the industry, including: AVID, Audient, Genelec, Tegeler, Phoenix, Heritage, Flea, Audio-Technica and many other world-leading brands. The Lewang Music Space created in 2014 was a capital of the nation ’s first social music experience social platform. Now Lewang has developed into a technology-intensive service-oriented company integrating sound and entertainment.

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