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Kunshan silent hairdresser love never stops

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一名 40 岁的 爱心 聋人, 多年来坚持定期为社区居民和敬老院老人免费理发。 There is a 40 -year-old caring deaf in Kunshan, Jiangsu . For many years , he has insisted on regular free haircuts for community residents and elderly people in elderly homes.无声的理发师 After the 2013 Lushan earthquake, he went to Lushan County alone to serve the affected people. He is Tang Chundi, a " silent hairdresser " .

学雷锋活动日 ,唐春弟参加 坚持 当地青年志愿者协会组织的为社区居民免费理发活动,将学雷锋活动 持续下去,一坚持就是十 年。 Every year, " Learning Lei Feng Activity Day " , Tang Chundi participates in adhering to free haircuts for community residents organized by local youth volunteer associations, and continues " Learning Lei Feng Activity " for more than ten years .

年来的学雷锋献爱心的经历,唐春弟在写字板上写道:虽然一个人能力有限,但是我相信人多力量大。 Talking about Lei Feng's love-giving experience for more than ten years, Tang Chundi wrote on the writing board: Although one's ability is limited, I believe that people have more power. 可能在一定程度上影响了我的收入,但是我的爱心不停止。 " Learning Lei Feng " may have affected my income to some extent, but my love never stopped.

第十届中国青年志愿者优秀个人奖、组织奖、项目奖评选结果揭晓,昆山花桥青年志愿者、 “无声理发师”唐春弟荣获优秀个人奖。 The previous year, the results of the tenth China Youth Volunteer Outstanding Individual Award, Organization Award, and Project Award were announced. Kunshan Huaqiao Young Volunteer and "Silent Hairdresser" Tang Chundi won the Outstanding Individual Award.

聋人 的周丽娟结婚,生下了一个健康可爱的女儿,组建了一个幸福美满的三口之家。 Tang Chundi, unfortunately deaf due to drug poisoning at a young age. After graduating from Kunshan Love School, he studied hairdressing with a teacher, and married Zhou Lijuan, who is also deaf , gave birth to a healthy and lovely daughter, and formed a happy and happy family of three. s home. “无限飞剪”理发店,从平凡的 聋人 到能干的社区志愿者,从花桥到雅安,每一段路都记载着这个家庭美妙的声音。 God blocked their voices from the outside world, but let them use their actions to make the most beautiful voices, from unemployed to the "Infinite Flying Shear" barbershop, from ordinary deaf to capable community volunteers, from Huaqiao to Ya'an, Everywhere is recorded the wonderful voice of this family.

Hard work and dedication

Disability is not a barrier. Tang Chundi has a good skill. He is not complacent and has participated in provincial and municipal hairdressing classes many times to improve himself. “江苏省技术能手”荣誉称号;“苏州市第三届残疾人职业技能竞赛”美发项目第一名;第四届全国残疾人职业技能竞赛美发项目组第五名。 In this process, he has successively won the honorary title of "Jiangsu Provincial Technical Expert"; first place in the hairdressing project of the "3rd Suzhou Vocational Skills Competition for the Disabled"; fifth place in the hairdressing project group of the fourth National Vocational Skills Competition for the Disabled .

Enthusiastic and charitable

Their regret makes them more grateful. Those who are familiar with them all know that although they cannot speak, they are all cheerful, broad-minded, and motivated young people. On weekdays, Mr. and Mrs. Tang Chundi are still very enthusiastic about the public welfare. These years, they insist on participating in community charity volunteer services. When the street community initiates activities such as donations, donations and volunteer service, they can always see them. Their carefulness, their craftsmanship, and their earnestness have been recognized by many residents in the community, which is also an inspiration for themselves.

In 2012 , a quake struck Ya'an, Sichuan, and the compatriots in the disaster-stricken area were suffering. Tang Chundi's family was shocked. 4 23 日,唐春弟拎着理发工具箱和简单行李,从昆山坐火车直奔震中芦山。 With the support of his family, on April 23 , Tang Chundi, carrying a haircut kit and simple luggage, took a train from Kunshan to Lushan, the epicenter. At the earthquake relief site for more than ten days, he went to great lengths to use his own hands to haircut fellow people in the disaster area, until a reporter from CCTV caught him on the camera, so he was moved by the "silent barber" He was broadcast on CCTV, and he has been quietly dedicated for many years.

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“唐春弟在学艺初成之时曾说过,自己有今天的成绩,离不开社会的帮助,在兼顾事业的同时他要回报社会。他说'我的世界是无声的,但也同样精彩。我有眼可以看,有手可以做,有脚可以走。'”唐春弟这样想着,也一直这样做着。 His wife Zhou Lijuan recalled: "Tang Chundi said at the beginning of his studies that he has today's achievements and cannot be separated from the help of society. He must give back to society while taking care of his career. He said," My world is silent. , But it ’s just as wonderful. I have eyes to see, hands to do, and feet to walk. '"Tang Chundi thought so, and has been doing so. 年这个家庭的事迹感染着太多的人,他们被评为“江苏省十佳志愿者”、“感动昆山道德模范人物”。 In 2013 , the deeds of this family infected too many people, and they were rated as "Top Ten Volunteers in Jiangsu Province" and "Moving the Model Character of Kunshan".

Although Tang Chundi and his wife had no language, they did their best to use their devotion to teach the noble character of their daughters and their actions to teach others to help others. They used their stories to light up the dark roads of countless disabled people and guide them to live a strange life. The splendid, positive silent energy is advocating the new fashion of civilization.

Passing dreams and self-reliance

For the future, Tang Chundi has a lot of expectations. He applied for a small loan, hoping to expand his hairdressing business. He also suggested to the China Disabled Persons' Federation that he can use his barber shop as the entrepreneurial base for hairdressing projects for the disabled, and he is willing to teach them his hairdressing skills free of charge to help more disabled people master their skills and become self-reliant.

Everyone who is familiar with Tang Chundi knows that although he cannot speak, he is a young man with a cheerful personality, a wide range of hobbies, and an aggressive attitude. He is particularly passionate about sports. In his spare time, he often plays table tennis, table tennis, and actively participates in sports games organized by the Kunshan Disabled Persons' Federation. Each time he wins in some events.

In 2013, the Huaqiao Handicapped Bicycle Team for the Disabled, led by Tang Chundi, was officially established. 多名成员,他们都是来自昆山的 聋人 ,有一个共同的爱好--自行车骑行。 "Chasing pleasure means chasing dreams and riding happily." At present, the team has more than 10 members, all of whom are deaf from Kunshan. They have a common hobby-cycling. As a team leader, he summoned everyone, and called for the disabled friends to go out of the house, feel the nature, enhance communication with others, and promote and advocate "green, healthy, low-carbon, environmentally friendly" The concept of life drives more disabled people to participate in national fitness activities.10月在全国年度优秀自行车俱乐部评选活动中获得“ Cyclingexpress ·单车快递”杯全国年度优秀自行车运动俱乐部称号。 In October 2014 , " Zhu Le Bicycle Team" won the title of " Cyclingexpress · Cycling Express" Cup National Excellent Cycling Club of the Year in the National Annual Excellent Cycling Club Selection.

"The silence speaks". Such an ordinary family has an extraordinary heart, and uses their passion, selflessness, and dedication to enhance self-worth. They respect each other, understand each other, and use their actual actions to achieve what they have said: give due consideration to their careers and return to society! With the charisma of their silent dedication and infecting the people around them, this "family of three" is a model for the most beautiful family in the eyes of the masses. 来源: ( Source:   (Xinhua Network Jiangsu Channel )

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