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Love words are copied, I want to tell you is true

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

Star Wars

Handwritten Love Letters Issue 6

Thank you for your contribution

Love letter to sweet

I am still waiting for you

Write to your loved one

Word by word

To express your love

We hope you can join

Many illusions are not broken

People ca n’t grow up with peace of mind

Simplicity is not less, but there is no excess

Not enough, but you happen to be

I hope no time can look back

And with love

Work hard to help

Struggle to move myself


All have a world

Quiet and lonely

Don't always blame who

If you are good enough

How could that be the one left behind?

life of a human

There is always inevitability

Acacia overnight plum blossoms

Suddenly he was at the window

Nothing happened

Turned out to be the hardest revenge

Guest House Movies

Love words are copied

Want to tell you

it is true

Sincerely looking forward to everyone's work

Unselected friends

do not be discouraged

Please pay attention to the next issue


If you want to confess

Also welcome you to send a short handwritten love letter to Santu

Looking forward to everyone writing together

The words of fragrant lips

Spread to more people


后台等你 I will wait for you in the background

Waiting for you to pick up the pen

On the paper, write a sentence with temperature

Take a good picture and send it to me

Share to more readers


How to upload pictures:

点击左边的小键盘, Enter the public account, click the small keyboard on the left,

"+" On the right select your picture upload if you can,

It ’s better to sign it or to whom you want to write it


Picture requirements:

Everyone sends pictures, try to avoid the following situations:

Don't take pictures sideways or upside down

Don't be too blurry, too small, too narrow, or too dark

This will hurt your font color

Look forward to your talented original work

Three pictures a day (santu798)

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