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Cambodia Why can't I bear it?

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

I'm not born, I'm born

Cambodia, why do you let me down?

Cambodia, why do you teach me so many things?

Cambodia, why did you leave my tears to you?


Our national anthem, our faith

The king will lead us and protect us.

Faith will treat us well and guide us.

Our ancestors taught us to be strong, and Buddhism gave us grace.

The temple brought splendor, and the pagoda came with odes.

Our ngo, our purity

NGOs have supported our struggle.

Pure, supports our direction.

The selfless help of NGOs allows us to learn to give back to society.

Pure attitude to life, let us know not to forget the original intention.

Our acceptance, our gratitude

Aid gives us life,

Whether it ’s roads, bridges, or Angkor Wat restoration,

We all receive help from various countries.

Sometimes we also need to dare to accept help from others,

That way we get the opportunity to help others.

Our experience, our tenacity

We went through the French colonial period,

We went through the Khmer Rouge period,

We are tortured by war,

There was also an unwilling gift—the mine.

But we do not succumb to the status quo,

Instead, they sang louder and played more carefully.

Our struggle, our smile

Poverty makes us lose access to education,

Poverty makes us work hard at a young age,

Poverty keeps us over half alive but still lives,

But we didn't lose our smile,

We did it

A strong laugh is the biggest response to the status quo.

Our casual, our enjoyment

someone said,

Cambodia's night is reserved for tourists,

Early morning in Cambodia is reserved for Cambodians.

Maybe because

We like morning prayers,

We like early morning chats,

We like the freedom of the morning.

Our Angkor, our creation

Didi Enterprise Edition

Angkor civilization is our pride,

Angkor civilization is our treasure.

When we are immersed in the wonderful Angkor art,

When we lament the spectacular Angkor landscape,

When we recall the glorious history of Angkor,

We can all be proud to say,

This is our creation.

and so,

Follow me and show you mysterious Cambodia.

If a string is too tight, one day it will break. If a heart is held for too long, it will lose its balance one day. We need to let the heart fly and let the heart fly in the free sky.

The scene where Laura played by Angelina Jolie is taken step by step by the little girl to the ancient temple, and anyone who has seen this movie must be familiar. Today, 007 Daniel Craig, who is popular all over the world, was just a small piece of fresh meat in the movie. Many people have forgotten it!

[Little Angkor Sunrise] The beautiful scenery is not what you want to see! But if you do n’t go, you ca n’t see it!

Go to Bayon Temple to play a game and see how many smiley faces can you find out? Feel the smile of Angkor!

The French said, "The Queen's Palace is the most beautiful temple in Angkor Wat." Traveling to Angkor, if you miss the Queen's Palace, it will be very regrettable. Artists from 1200 years ago did their best to carve the lintel of the Queen's Palace in the most luxurious way, just like a Persian rug, Chinese weaving and embroidery, complicated but not trivial. This is the gate of heaven to the world of the gods.

Most people recommend going to Tabulun Monastery at noon, because the trees are everywhere here, and even the noon sun becomes softer. For 500 years, Tabulun Monastery has been surrounded by woods and tightly entwined by tree roots. Spreading up the whole building or holding up the entire Buddha statue, Tabulun Monastery is probably the most mysterious place I have ever seen.

Walking in Bayon Temple, wherever you go, from east to west, north and south, are walking in the smile of the Buddha. Located in the center of Angkor King City, Bayon Temple can be described as one of thousands of pets, 54 pagodas of various sizes, each with a smiling Buddha image on each side. Feel the power of smile power. When I saw Bayon Temple for the first time, I just felt a dark forest. The closer I got, the more I discovered, this is really a treasure place with a smile.

Angkor's sunrise is uncertain, all by luck. Angkor Temple is the only temple facing the west here, with five minarets forming a clear silhouette against the sky. The Angkor Temple is so quiet in the water, the sky behind it reveals a light red. Red gradually deepened and became more and more dense, and turned into gorgeous yellow, purple, and blue ... The sun hit the gaps in the woods, warm and brilliant, like a fairyland.

The master is chanting, let's not disturb him!

Bakken Mountain is located about 1.5 kilometers northwest of Angkor Temple, near the south gate of Tongwang City. This hill is about 65 meters high, which is a nearby commanding height, and you can look down on Angkor Wat. The most attractive part of Mount Bacon is the magnificent sunset here. To enter the top of the mountain, you need to climb steep steps. In order to control the flow of people, sometimes you have to queue up in batches. During the peak season, there will be a limit of 300 people, and we will try to rush in advance to occupy a good seat in the west.

Probably the most amazing thing about Tason Temple is this ancient tree. Swallowing the whole Ximen bite by bite, through a gate, you will see the lintel lying flat on the ground. Thaksin Temple is not large in scale, but has been seriously damaged. It is said to be built in memory of a brave general in the heyday of the Angkor dynasty.

In fact, the attractions we can see are not limited to the above, and surprises are all the way! The order of the attractions will be adjusted according to time, but only more!

In Siem Reap, unlike travel agencies (live in a so-called hotel, far away from the urban area, you can not go out alone, you need a hotel to call you a car, the cost is expensive), we live in convenient transportation, rich nightlife, anyway On the street of the bar where everything is convenient, you only need to go down a few steps to fully meet your various requirements!

It ’s hard to pretend to be overwhelming in Beijing on the weekend. I will suddenly receive an overtime call from my boss. The night in Siem Reap must be indulged in love anyway.

Siem Reap to Westport is a small plane, the airport is small and exquisite, and there are few people on board. It always feels like taking a special plane!

Today, we arrived at the beautiful Westport. No one is crowded, people are scarce, and there are European and American handsome men and women everywhere! We stayed at a beach holiday house with a balcony! You can watch the sunrise and sunset 50 meters away! If you are good in English, you can chat and drink with foreigners. If you are not good, you can play football with local adults and children on the beach. It has no borders! If you like to be quiet, you can find a recliner for a daze, read a book, and sleep ~~~~~

Whether you are in the Siem Reap inn or in the hotel room and the front desk of the inn, you should take off your shoes outside.

Townhouse, great, don't smoke in the house, we are qualified people

Exclusive private pool!

The sea in front of the door I like the sea but I do n’t like the mountains, the sea, the mountains, the sea, you and I are easy to get lost, but thankfully as long as you write down my name ...

Shaolin Without Borders!

This is a holiday paradise for locals and foreigners backpackers. Glass sea water, silicone sand beach, shallow beach stretches for 100 meters, the water is clear, white sand is pure, the sunset is beautiful, the most important thing is the quiet and quiet, is the world's top ten most beautiful beaches, and more complete original scenery. The virgin land of Cambodia is extremely beautiful, quiet and primitive, just like Maldives ten years ago. It makes you want to "can't wait to rush to the sea" at a glance.

The fire burns the clouds, it is extremely gorgeous!

A lonely island waiting for you to develop!

Child sunset here I learned to smile because everyone in different countries smiles

Sunset, afterglow, beautiful! Especially suitable for silhouette shooting, don't miss it!

Day trip to the sea, various items: snorkeling, cliff diving, sea fishing, it's time to challenge you!

Angkor's smile was taken all the way to Xigang, and then enlarged into laughter!

Snorkel, watch the beautiful fishes, and watch the gorgeous coral reefs!

Look at that beautiful figure, you can too!

Watch the magical fishing of the boat boss or the skills of catching various sea creatures!

I'm so happy today, lunch is over!

Must be alive, you can even take out a knife to cut open and eat on the spot! Is it fresh enough? !!

Sihanoukville-Phnom Penh (Mercedes Bread or Lexus Sedan), 08: 30-13: 00, wake up for breakfast, then take a bus to Phnom Penh. After arriving in Phnom Penh, check in at the hotel, then lunch, then freely, you can visit the Royal Palace , National Museum or downtown walk, we can stay at night to see the independence monument, the lighting effect will be more beautiful!

Day1 4月30日周日 北京飞广州,广州飞暹粒,早上出发,傍晚到达,住暹粒,养精蓄锐 Day2 5月1日周一 暹粒第二天,小圈+巴肯山日落 Day3 5月2日周二 暹粒第三天,小吴哥日出+大圈 Day4 5月3日周三 早上暹粒飞西哈努克,中午入住酒店,之后自由活动 Day5 5月4日周四 西哈努克第二天,出海一日游,三个岛,亲近自然 Day6 5月5日周五 西哈努克第三天,自由活动,想怎么玩就怎么玩 Day7 5月6日周六 西哈努克-金边(奔驰面包或者雷克萨斯轿车),早上出发,中午抵达金边,休整之后游览金边,晚上住金边 Day8 5月7日周日 金边飞广州,广州飞北京 [Introduction to the itinerary]: Day1 April 30th, Beijing to Guangzhou, Guangzhou to Siem Reap. Departure in the morning, arrive in the evening, stay in Siem Reap, and stay healthy . Buchan Mountain Sunset Day3 Siem Reap on Tuesday, May 2 The third day, Little Angkor Sunrise + Big Circle Day4 On the morning of May 3, Siem Reap fly to Sihanouk, check in to the hotel at noon, then free day 5 May 4 Sihanouk on the second day, a day trip to the sea on the second day, three islands, close to nature Day6 Friday , May 5th Sihanouk on the third day, free time, how you want to play Day7 May 6 Sihanouk-Phnom Penh (Benz Bread or Lexus) on Sunday and Saturday . Depart in the morning, arrive in Phnom Penh at noon, visit Phnom Penh after rest, stay in Phnom Penh at night. Day 8 May 7

[Expense description] 8900 / person, advance payment: 6000 yuan / person, the balance is paid by Alipay / bank transfer when Beijing Airport meets. [Fee Included]: 1. Beijing-Guangzhou, Guangzhou-Siem Reap, Siem Reap-Sihanouk, Phnom Penh-Guangzhou, Guangzhou-Beijing A total of five segments of economy class air tickets, fuel surcharges, ticket taxes, some segments are cheap Air, so there is no free luggage check and meals, if you need it, please buy it yourself! 2. Hotel accommodation expenses during the trip 3. Hotel double rooms 4. Tour leader and local chartered car (Benz bread or Lexus limousine), Chinese tour guide service 5. Cambodia attractions fee: Angkor Wat 3-day ticket 6. Sihanoukville one-day trip to the sea Tour fee (including lunch) 7. Hotel with breakfast 8. Cambodia visa fee and US-Asia overseas insurance [self-care fee]: 1. due to force majeure reasons such as traffic delays, strikes, weather, aircraft, machine failure, flight cancellation or change of time Incurred additional costs. 2. Personal consumption in the hotel such as laundry, haircut, telephone, fax, pay TV, drinks, tobacco and alcohol. 3. Customs tax on entry and exit personal items, check-in and storage fees for overweight luggage.

【promotion method】:

Sign up for two or more people and get a 300 yuan discount each! !! !!

Accept Guangzhou, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh dissolution, Guangzhou dissolution, please consult the leader for details and fees!

[Event Date] April 30th-May 7th, 8 days and 7 nights [Number of Teams] In order to ensure everyone's schedule is comfortable and enjoyable, we have made a small team trip, starting with 5 people, and 10 people closing the team. [Registration method] Write down the applicant's "name", "telephone" and "passport number" and send it to the contact number of the team leader below. Contact information of the leader of Shuai Song: Tel 18618366764, QQ number: 106233141, WeChat shuaisong0511 or scan the code directly

[Meeting method] At 7:00 in the morning on April 30, the departure hall of Beijing Capital Airport / Nanyuan Airport will meet. [About accommodation] The price is calculated based on 2 people staying in one room. If you are traveling alone, you will be arranged to stay with other same-sex players. If you request to enjoy a single room, you need to increase the accommodation fee of 300 yuan per night! [Friendly Reminder]: We can also provide Cambodian-style song and dance performances, essential oil massage and other self-funded items. Interested team members can consult the leader!

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