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When you are sad, everyone is the same ...

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Regardless of men and women,

Often exhausted,

But there is irresistible pressure and responsibility.



There are also times when we cannot say.

Everyone desires,

Crying, someone comforted.

Tired, someone relies.

Everyone wants,

It ’s bitter, and someone hurts.

Long time, some people remember.

Far away, someone led.

But reality tells us,

Live your own life.

Tired, carry it yourself.

You know when you come out

Where are the hungry ghosts

Tears, wipe it yourself.

Wind and rain, stop yourself.

Taste it, try it for yourself.

Crying from the beginning,

Until now with a smile and understanding,

What kind of perception does life give you,

Only you know it best.

No matter how successful people are,

Everyone is the same.

You ca n’t fall even if you ’re tired,

Because there are those we love,

It takes us step by step,

Protect and take care of them!

To everyone on the road!

Blow up and cheer.

We are all heroes in our lives!

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