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China Regional Flower Competition

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China Regional Flower Competition

▲ Pei Ke, the first player on the field, expressed the process of the bird from being taken care of to spreading his wings.

▲ The second person, Sun Lei, used the natural scenery and landscape series as the blueprint for his creation, and outlined the three latte art patterns of monkeys stealing peaches, steeds and lakes and mountains with simple lines.

▲ The third person to appear was Zhang Yuanyi. White roses, tulips, and flower fairies with flower themes were presented by the hands of baristas.

▲ The fourth player Su Weipeng, with African elephants, butterfly love flowers, and Hawaii as the motif, African elephants symbolize the king, butterfly love flowers represent the hard work of butterflies, and Hawaii is also a barista's vision of flying freely in the coffee world.

▲ Liang Fan, number five, works ① The rising sun represents the vigorous development of the coffee industry. The second free pour work, Haima, is presented using purely multiple cup-turning techniques. Design number three, Jin Yumantang, uses goldfish as a pattern. Composition of smooth lines. The player's strong aura won applause on the court.

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▲ Yin Guanghui, who debuted at the 6th place, uses animals as the design concept to present vivid and coherent animal vision, which makes the audience's eyes bright.

Match Results/

Champion: Liang Fan

Runner-up: Sun Lei

Third place: Zhang Yuanyi

Fourth place: Peck

Fifth place: Su Weipeng

Sixth place: Yin Guanghui

Champion Fan Fan will represent China in the World Lahua Finals in Hungary!

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