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Hometown memory: looking for the ancient "Anyang Eight Great Scenic Spots"

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Anyang lived "in the world" in the ancient times, with Taihang in the west, plains in the east, rivers and canals in the territory, and roads like nets, which have always been the main traffic routes in the north and the south. The natural benevolence and economic prosperity have given Anyang a splendid scenery and exquisite architecture since ancient times. Eight historical records of each family in the historical materials, some of this world are still alive, some are faint, and some are only legends. But the beauty that Anyang used to have come from thousands of years away can't help but make people yearn for it. Let us look for the ancient "Anyang Eight Great Scenic Spots" together.

Eight Great Views of Anyang

Anyang's eight great views can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty. At that time, a prince of the Zhu family was named Anyang as the king, and he was called King Zhao. This king of Zhao is easy-to-read, easy to read, and beautiful. He wrote about the eight great sceneries of Anyang in some poems. The eight great scenes written by King Zhao are Lushan Qinglan, Bajian Lingquan, Wanjin Huiqu, Zhanghe Evening Moon, ancient temple sunset, Xiling Tombs, Santai Ruins, and Longtan Ruize. Every scene of King Zhao must be given a poem, which is described in detail in the Chronicles of Changde, compiled in the 52nd year of Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1787). These poems by King Zhao of Yongjing should be the beginning of the eight great sceneries in Anyang.

In the Chronicles of Changde, compiled in the fifty-two years of the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, the eight scenic spots in Anyang are Luyuan Chunhui, Jingbei Guanlan, Baimen Zhulan, Manshui Changhong, Han Ling Qiuyu, Zhanghe Late Crossing, and Shanying Songtao , Longshan snow. Anyang General History, edited by Wang Yingxi, a professor of history at Anyang Teachers College, mentioned that Anyang County had formed eight famous scenes during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, which were basically the same as those recorded in the Chronicles of Changde, except that Han Ling Qiu Yi became Han Ling Piece of stone. The eight great sceneries that Anyang people enjoy nowadays refer to the sayings passed down during the Qianlong period.

Luhui Chunhui

In the eight scenes of Anyang recorded in "Champ. The site of the attraction is the area of Anyang's current second hostel, the city vegetable company and the city experimental middle school. There once was a magnificent Dasheng Temple, commonly known as Dasheng Hall. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, the temple was full of incense, the cypresses in the Zen temple were different, and the shapes were different. "The tea brown garden has a new willow color, and the deer field has plumeria." It is exactly this beautiful scenery.

Whale back view

Anyang City is 5 miles north. It was built in the second to the second year of the current year. Today, almost no one will choose to travel to the old Anyang Bridge. Only at the Anyang Bridge Temple Fair on the 16th day of the first month, Anyang talents will come here to enjoy the scenery. But this scene is no longer the only one. Only the Luo River, which has been flowing for years, still flows.

Manshui Changhong

To the east of Shuiye Town, on the Anyang River flowing through it, a small bridge spans east and west, connecting Shuiye Town with Guxian Village in Qugou Town to the east. There are rolling hills on the west bank of the bridge, and there is a Pushanyu on the hills. Standing outside Pushanyu's surrounding wall and looking down, you will see "the long bridge looks like a rainbow."


Located in the west of Shuiye Town, Anyang, since the Song Dynasty, the mother fountain of Pearl Spring has been flowing milk silently, nourishing generations of people, and also achieving the unique metallurgical culture of Shuiye Town, a millennium ancient town, which has established Shuiye Town Cultural and commercial center. Pearl spring water spews like pearls everywhere, and whenever the twilight comes, cloud shadows, starlight and blue waves intersect and shine, just like the fairyland. There is a pavilion near the spring, and there is a cypress tree on the side of the pavilion. It has two roots alone, much like a small arched door, and one can walk through it. This is the "cypress door". At present, Pearl River Park has been built at Baimen Zhunuma, with colorful beams and columns and winding paths. It is one of the eight most beautiful sceneries in Anyang.

Shan Ying Song Tao

Located in Shanying Town, Anyang County. It is said that Guanyin in the South China Sea passed by this place and saw the mountains and peaks here and the springs rushing over the mountains. Surrounded by mountains, the groundwater is very rich and the river water is crystal clear. There is a Niutou Mountain nearby, with exquisite hills and green pines and cypresses. On the mountainside, a temple with red walls, green tiles and golden splendor is hidden among the lush greenery. This is the ancient temple in the South China Sea. The wind swept across the mountains and set off waves of pine waves, which were spectacular.

Han Lingqiu

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Hanling Mountain in the northeast of Anyang is said to be the place where Han Xin, the general of the Han dynasty, was buried. He is buried here and is called Han Ling. When the autumn sun is high, Hanling Mountain ushers in the most charming moment of the year. Ascending the highest point of the hill, you can see it from afar, but you can see that the layers of forest are all stained. Under the autumn sun, the dense and dense forest leaves suddenly appear intoxicating red, and suddenly reflect the dazzling yellow. There were streams flowing in the mountains and forests. In front of it, "Chengping's days are long, the dust is gone ... a few people who forget the hustle and bustle of ancient times." Han Lingqiu came here.

Longshan Snow

Jiulong Mountain in Anyang County. There is a dynasty Yuandong temple on Jiulongshan, with shades ranging from shade to shade. Whenever the snow drifts, it will last forever. Yangchun March was still snow-capped, and it was a winter scene. The sun was pouring down the hillside, and the brown ridges were revealed in the unmelted snow. The fog rises, and the entire hill is exquisite. "Unfortunately, no master artist paints it to my ears." The poet wrote the poem "blue stone and white snow shine, pointing at Jingmei in Longshan" to praise the scenery.

Zhanghe Late Crossing

Located in Fengle Town, Anfeng Township. Fengle Town was an official road of the North and South Royal Roads in ancient times, the only way to the capital, and an important ferry on the Zhanghe River. At sunset in the evening, the sun reflected on the river, the water was lingering in the water, and several boats floated in the evening, and the willows on the shore swayed in the wind, like a natural picture. According to the Record of Changde's Manuscript, Zhanghe "is the county ’s giant baptism, and the north and the south are indifferent .... If the sunset is in the mountains, the silhouette is chaotic, and the reflections enter the waves. Feeling the water is gone, the spirit is refreshed, and the heart is relaxed, The great view of a county is also. "With the flow of people from south to north, the reputation of Zhanghe's late crossing gradually spread across the banks of the river, becoming one of the eight scenic spots in Anyang.


From Luyuan Chunhui to Zhanghe Late Crossing, from Whale Watching Lan to Han Ling Qiuyong-all the way, and groaning, feeling the history of urban change in the tumultuous wind; in the history of whistling, feel the white horse Years.

Today, the style of the Eight Great Scenic Spots cannot be compared with the past. The ruthless years have polished them into memories, and people can only appreciate their peerless beauty in their reveries.

Reminiscing the passing landscape is also a kind of reading of history. In the nostalgic thoughts, to appreciate those seemingly acquainted scenes with thick colors, do you have the satisfaction to be close to them?

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