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Best Short Story 2017: One More Word

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

I'm a psycho

I took a bus to find friends that day. There were not many people on the bus, but there were no empty seats. A few people were still standing and hanging on the handles.

A young man, dry and thin, wears glasses and has a few big bags next to him. At first glance he just came from a foreign country. He leaned next to the conductor and studied it carefully with a map in his hand, with a blank expression on his eyes from time to time, probably a bit lost.

After hesitating for a long time, he asked the conductor embarrassedly, "Where should I get off at the Summer Palace?"

The conductor was a short-haired girl who was scratching her nails. She looked up at the young man in the field and said, "You're sitting in the wrong direction. You should sit back to the opposite side."

There's nothing wrong with saying these things, big guy, get off at the next stop and sit back across the road.

拿着地图都看不明白,还看个什么劲儿啊! 售票员姑娘眼皮都不抬。 But the ticket conductor didn't finish, she said the extra last sentence: " I can't understand it when I hold the map. What kind of energy is it! " The girl of the ticket conductor didn't lift her eyes.

The guy in the field was a well-trained man. He smiled, put away the map, and prepared to get off and change at the next stop.

There is an uncle next to him who can't listen anymore. He said to the young man, "You don't have to sit back. You can go by sitting four stops and changing to 904."

He said that it would be over here, which is really good. It has helped others and restored the image of Beijingers.

现在的年轻人哪,没一个有教养的! But where can the uncle stop like this, he must finish the extra last sentence: " Now young people, no one is educated! "

I thought, uncle, this is really superfluous. There are so many young people in the car. The hitting face is too big.

No, a lady standing next to Uncle couldn't help it. . "Uncle, ca n’t say that the young people are not educated. After all, there are a few who are illiterate. What do you think we have become!" The lady is dressed in a fashionable style, with a thin vest hanging on her face, her face turned With bright heavy makeup, her hair was dyed fiery red. But look at the words of people, unlike uneducated people, return "you" and "you" to the uncle. Who told her she couldn't help but have to say that extra last word!

就像您这样上了年纪看着挺慈祥的,一肚子坏水儿的可多了呢! " It's kind to look at you like you are getting older, you have a lot of bad water! "

No one came out to criticize the fashionable lady for being abnormal. 「你这个女孩子怎么能这么跟老人讲话呢,要有点儿礼貌嘛,你对你父母也这么说吗?」 No, a middle-aged elder sister said, "How can you girl talk to the old man like this? Be a little polite. Do you say the same to your parents?"

Sister juice

You see how much older sister criticizes! As soon as the girl ’s father and mother are brought out, the girl will not be stunned immediately? It ’s okay to say that it ’s over now, and everyone is done here. What should we do? But don't forget, the eldest sister's "extra last word" has not been said yet. 瞧你那样,估计你父母也管不了你。打扮得跟鸡似的! " Look at you like that, maybe your parents can't control you. Dress up like chickens! "

You can imagine the latter things. In short, there may be lives.

So noisy, the car arrived.

要吵统统都给我下车吵去,不下去我车可不走了啊!烦不烦啊! As soon as the car door opened, the ticket girl said, "Do n’t be noisy, you should get off the bus, do n’t delay your business." Of course, she did not forget to say the last extra sentence: "I want to Noisy all got me out of the car and noisy, I won't leave if I don't get down! Annoying! "

Annoying? bother! Not only is she annoying, all passengers are annoying! The whole carriage is called a bombhole, cursing the conductor, cursing the young guy, cursing the fashionable lady, cursing the middle-aged older sister, cursing the weather, cursing the child, it's really enthusiastic. !!

The guy from outside hasn't spoken. I guess he can't stand it anymore. He yelled, "Don't quarrel anymore! It's all my fault. I didn't optimise the map myself, so everyone will be angry! Follow me My face, don't you bother? "

Hearing this, of course, the people in the car were embarrassed and noisy, the voice calmed down quickly, and a few people muttered a few words and stopped talking. But don't forget that the "extra last sentence" of the young guys in the field haven't said it yet. 早知道北京人都是这么一群不讲理的王八蛋,我还不如不来呢!」 " I knew that Beijingers are such a group of unreasonable bastards. I might as well not come!"

Want to know the end result?

My day did not work out. Everyone was taken to the Public Security Bureau to take a confession, and then went to the hospital to deal with the wound on the head. The wound on my head was given to me by the ticket girl in the scuffle. Smashed.

Don't think that I participated in their fight, I'm going to persuade them. I call on them to calm down and have something to say. There is nothing important and there is no need to break the blood.

不就是售票员说话不得体吗? My last last sentence is this: Is n't it that the conductor is indifferent? Think of her as a fool. What do you care about? !!

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