2522hg.com How does the aquaculture industry face the era of strategic big single products? (Series 2)

How does the aquaculture industry face the era of strategic big single products? (Series 2)

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Dear officials, today I will continue to share with you how the aquatic industry is facing the development of the era of strategic single products, then. What should the company do? Our current aquatic industry, especially some of our fish drug companies, a salesperson went out to get a picture book, many products. So, is it important to have more children and more happiness? Or is it important to have a single product? Listen slowly.

Most Chinese enterprises are still in the development and rising stages, and their strength and scale are limited. If you rashly adopt a multi-product strategy. Instead of cultivating one's own big strategic product. There are often many risks. Our company has limited financial resources, material resources, and manpower. The development of multiple product combinations is bound to limit investment in a single product. With so many varieties, failed to concentrate corporate resources to create large single products. Once launched to the market. Can it win consumer acceptance? This is a big question mark.

The homogeneity of the first product is getting worse. Market competition is getting fiercer.

Only really creative. Only strong products and services can win opportunities in a fiercely competitive environment. Conversely, ordinary products and services are often not exposed. If you focus on a product and service and make it to the extreme, you will often achieve great success.

Take a look at the six walnuts. The six walnuts were previously from the Yangyuan Group in Hebei. Yangyuan's category is very broad. The main categories in the market are carbonated beverages and fruit juice beverages, and there are 29 varieties of milk-containing beverages. Then the consequence of this is that the business is not focused, the marketing power is obviously dispersed, many of its products are dead, and the sales are unsatisfactory.

Then Yangyuan Group's pains and pains, and finally focused on walnut milk as a strategic single product through product focus. So through the subsequent marketing, finally got the direction and focus.

The six walnut Yangyuan Group has achieved great success, giving the enterprise a youth and vitality. We can also see Yangyuan Group on TV commercials. Now it can be said that this walnut milk brand is the first. The others were unshakable. The six walnut brands that were founded in 2005 had sales of 30 million in 2006, more than 3 billion in sales in 2011, and continued to grow in 2016. Yangyuan Group's six walnuts, soaring into the sky, cannot be taken for granted.

Take a look at the problems we are facing now. The first is that there is scale but no profit. The long-term price war profit is as thin as a knife. In particular, we can see that our current computer and home appliance fields and even some of our companies now sound large. In fact, the profits are not substantial.

The second problem is quantity without quality.

China is a big toy country. But a large amount of intellectual property is actually abroad.

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The third aspect is branding but no brand premium power.

In fact, after years of development, there are some brands in China, but our brands do not have core competitive advantages. Even if we do bigger and sell more, our profits are poor.

fourth. There are products without strategic big items.

For companies that do not have strategic single products, their development path is all market-oriented. Produce what you need in the market, continue to develop new products, and continue to meet consumer demand. Looking back and forth all the way, the company already has ten or even hundreds of products. But there isn't a big single product that can be called loudly, nor a product that picks a big one. As if the dragons had no head.

We can take a look at this Tesla company. In just a few years, Tesla has become a world-renowned company. Tesla's product is a pure electric vehicle. You can take a look at the large display in front of Tesla. We can compare these cars around us. Which has such a display screen. This display has all the intelligent functions, which can be used as a mobile phone or a tablet, and this small screen is larger than a tablet. And Tesla has a trunk in front of us, and our cars are generally in the trunk. Simple innovations like these have brought considerable benefits.

Because there is no real blue ocean in this market, there are really capable people. It was a blue sea killed in the Red Sea.

Tomorrow, I will continue to share with you that there are two main paths for the breakthrough of the Chinese enterprise market. . . .

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