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Animation this week

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

I'm not Ji Xiaofu

感受精彩演绎 Choose CTV Studios for a wonderful interpretation


It's raining,

You can take your child to the theater to watch a cartoon this weekend.

[McDull as my companion]

8.8元 折扣卡 2.8元 Alipay ticket : 8.8 yuan ( discount card 2.8 yuan )

【Ice and Snow Battle】

8.8元 折扣卡 6.8元 Alipay ticket : 8.8 yuan ( discount card 6.8 yuan )


[Happy sound]

8.8元 折扣卡 2.8元 Alipay ticket : 8.8 yuan ( discount card 2.8 yuan )

Nothing can't be solved by a movie

If so, look at one more

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