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2017 Exam Test Notice

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Notice of playing the piano
Playing the test piano in March and April 2017

Notes on the piano

In order to alleviate the tension of candidates and better understand the piano used in the exam, the Emperor Exam provides candidates with a piano test service before the exam.

Related rules

、试琴为附加服务项目,考生可自由选择是否试琴; 1. Examination is an additional service item. Candidates are free to choose whether to try or not;

、试琴为收费项目,以半小时为单位,每半小时50元; 2. The piano test is a charge item, and the unit is 50 yuan per half hour;

、预约成功后,考生必须遵守预约时间前往试琴,若因特殊原因不能遵守预约,请至少提前1天致电试琴点取消或重新预约; 3. After the appointment is made successfully, the candidate must follow the appointment time to go to the exam. If the appointment cannot be observed due to special reasons, please call the exam site at least 1 day in advance to cancel or reschedule;

、由于试琴时间段有限,请您一定在指定预约时间内电话预约,若试琴时间预约完毕,将无法接受预约; 4. Due to the limited test period, please make an appointment by phone during the specified appointment time. If the appointment time is complete, you will not be able to accept the appointment;

、由于试琴时间安排比较紧密,为了不耽误您的试琴时间,请一定提前到达指定考点等待试琴;若迟到,试琴仍按预约时间结束; 5. Due to the close arrangement of the test time, in order not to delay your test time, please be sure to arrive at the designated test center in advance to wait for the test;

、试琴过程中,请考生保持安静,不要大声喧哗; 6. During the piano test, candidates should keep quiet and don't make a loud noise;

、请考生注意爱护公物; 7. Candidates are asked to take care of public property;

、考试期间不接受考生预约试琴; 8. Candidates are not allowed to make an appointment for the piano test during the exam;

、试琴过程中,除试琴考生之外的人员须在门外等候,不得打扰试琴考生。 9. During the piano test, personnel other than the piano test candidates must wait outside the door and not disturb the piano test candidates.

Test appointment

Candidates who need a piano test can make an appointment for the test time:

Wensheng Piano City Address: 1 / F, Block C, Huidu International Phase I, 131 Baita Road, Kunming  

Second World War

Available appointments:

年3月24日至4月16日am10:00-pm17:30 March 24 to April 16, 2017 am10: 00-pm17: 30

Please contact directly for specific time

Telephone appointment: 15912573727 Mr. Cai Xuan

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