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Learning to drink wine shake glasses ...

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Many people shake their glasses before drinking wine. A simple gesture will make others feel that you are professional and connotative. Especially in the face of the opposite sex, the gentle shaking of the cup will instantly fill the charm value. But for many new friends, they do n’t know how to shake, and those old drivers ca n’t say why they want to shake the cup. After you learn to shake the cup, the next time you drink another drink, no matter what type of drink you want, you want to shake it by hand.

Why shake the cup?

When we get a glass of wine, we must first look at the clarity, color and depth of the glass, as well as the condition of the hanging glass, etc., and obtain some information through appearance analysis. The next step is to smell the fragrance and taste the wine. At this stage, sometimes you need to shake the cup. Shake the cup for several purposes.

1.   Sober function

Allow the wine to come into contact with the air and "breath" freely. Shake glass can increase the contact surface of wine with air, so it can help wine hang up. In addition, oxygen will also be quickly dissolved in the glass during the shake process, which makes the wine's tannins more supple and rounder. In addition, the shaker can drive away the unpleasant smell in the wine, making the wine's aroma more complicated.

散发酒香 2.Scent of wine

It is good for softening tannins and letting out the aroma of wine as much as possible. Both of these functions can enhance the flavor of the wine and make it more flavorful.

观察厚薄程度及质地 3. Observe the thickness and texture

By shaking the glass, you can observe the stickiness and hanging condition of the wine, and then infer the thickness and texture of the wine. You can do this: take two identical wine glasses, one filled with a quarter of water, the other with a quarter of wine, and then shake the two glasses. You will find that after stopping shaking, the water will slide directly to the bottom of the cup, and the liquor will form a column of liquid, flowing slowly down, thin, long, and some even seem to be "sticky" in the cup On the wall, the trickles you see are called wine legs or wine tears.

更好地观察葡萄酒 4. Better Observe Wine

When the liquor is rotated and raised in the glass, a color gradient will be formed, so that you can easily observe the wine's hue, determine the wine grape variety, year, and whether it has been aged in oak barrels. More comprehensive understanding and understanding.

提升形象 5. Improve image

Shaking cups can make wine tasters look more professional and elegant, and can enhance the overall quality and temperament of the individual.

How to shake the cup?

Generally, each shaker lasts about 5 to 10 seconds. If you are just starting to learn how to shake a glass, you may wish to use water instead of wine to pour into the glass, and try more to find the best way to shake your glass. The advantage of this is that the shaker may be unskilled at first, often spilling the liquor accidentally, and cleaning the wine stain is troublesome.

如果你是站着和他人在交流,则最好采用手持型摇杯法。 1. If you are standing and communicating with others, it is best to use the handheld shaker method. At this time, you only need to hold the cup handle, press your wrist firmly, and rotate around a point. Of course at the beginning, you may easily spill wine out, so it is best to choose clear water to practice. Of course, the less liquid there is, the simpler the shaker will be.

如果你还不习惯旋转杯子,可先将杯子置于桌面,练习旋转,直到熟练自如,就能腾空旋转杯子了。 2. If you are not used to rotating the cup, you can place the cup on the table first and practice the rotation until you are proficient enough to vacate the rotating cup. But to talk about it, rotating the cup is nothing more than to enjoy the process of drinking, of course, it is still the most important thing to be happy!

What should I pay attention to when shaking the cup?

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摇杯之前,注意酒杯中的葡萄酒不要倒太多,否则难以摇晃,酒量占据酒杯的三分之一即可。 1. Before shaking the glass, pay attention not to pour too much wine in the glass, otherwise it will be difficult to shake, and the volume of wine will occupy one third of the glass.

杯脚置于拇指和一只或两只手指中间,轻轻握着。 2. Place the cup feet between your thumb and one or two fingers and hold them gently. This can avoid the palm to guide the temperature, and is the easiest way to hold the cup by shaking the glass.

若你是右手持杯者,你会发现以逆时针方向旋转杯子,比较轻松;假如你是左撇子,可以尝试以顺时针方向旋转杯子。 3. If you are holding the cup right, you will find it easier to rotate the cup counterclockwise; if you are left-handed, you can try to rotate the cup clockwise.

一开始可以最小、最温柔的动作旋转杯子,让杯里的葡萄酒循环回转,并使酒液向杯子的上方升起。 4. At the beginning, you can rotate the glass with the smallest and gentlest movement to make the wine in the glass circulate and make the wine liquid rise above the glass. After that, shake the glass a little harder to speed up the amplitude and speed of the wine liquor rotation in the glass.

No matter how you shake the glass, the goal is one thing: to make the wine fully exposed to oxygen. For wine, oxygen is both a friend and an enemy. Whether it is red or white wine, the right amount of oxygen will help the wine's floral and fruity aromas to be fully emitted, soften the tannins, and make the taste softer and mellow.

However, after excessive oxygen exposure, such as pouring wine into a wine glass overnight, the wine will be over-oxidized, the color will no longer be bright, and the fresh fruit flavor will fade. At this point, the vitality of the wine itself is lost and it feels "Tired" to drink.

What wine can't shake the glass?

起泡酒不易摇杯 1. Sparkling wine is not easy to shake the glass

Shake glass is conducive to fully develop the aroma of wine, but some wines will volatilize the fruity and floral aromas after shaking the glass. Tired, it will make the sparkling bubbles disappear quickly and lose the greatest pleasure of sparkling wine.

老酒不易摇杯 2. Old wine is not easy to shake the glass

Older wines generally no longer have a strong fruity aroma. If you shake the glass again, these weak fruity aromas will disappear. As for aged old wine, the reason for shaking the cup is to remove the stuffiness from the bottle. The aroma of the old wine is delicate and easy to volatilize, so be careful not to contact with too much air; stopper the cork 30 to 60 minutes before enjoying Take it out, no need to sober up.

Actually, I personally don't like sobering. If the wine is closed, just pour it a little into the glass, shake it gently, and drink slowly. In this way, the fragrance of different levels will slowly evaporate. Let us fully experience the changing process of wine, just like watching a child grow up; if we sober, what we see is an 18-year-old adult who did not accompany him through the path of growth.

The purpose of the shake is to release the aroma of the wine. Some people have the habit of shaking wine. No matter what wine is in their hands, they will shake inertia for three or five minutes; but remember that the aroma is volatile. If it is shaken excessively and the wine is in contact with too much air, all the aroma will be lost. What smell is there? If you don't believe it, you can shake two glasses of the same wine, shake one for five minutes, then compare the aromas of the two glasses, and you will understand what I mean.

So whether it is a sober or a shaker, it depends on the wine, not too much; remember that once the aroma evaporates, you will not look back.

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