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What about the Cold War in love? How to find passion?

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Love is a compulsory course in life, and in the process of love, the cold war period is inevitable. The Cold War is not terrible. What is terrible is that we are at a loss. In fact, there are many ways to break the Cold War. Let me share with you how to fall in love with the Cold War.

1. Both sides must do more self-criticism

Conflicts between men and women, no matter who is right or wrong, can no longer blame at will, it will fuel the fire. Instead, you should do more self-criticism and find out what is wrong with you, which will help ease tensions.

2.Talk to the same friend separately

This friend analyzes the causes of the Cold War between the two, and then tells them the solutions separately, so that the problem can be solved as soon as possible.

3. Find a place where the two often date, and calm down and talk about it.

In this familiar environment, the two sides are more open-minded, and they can talk about the conflicts before and after.


Wang Tianyi

Eating is always a perfect way to divert attention. You have to be clear. If you can't control your thoughts during the Cold War, think about whether your boyfriend doesn't love me, and whether your boyfriend wants to break up with me. These are superfluous. In fact, boys just want to calm down and solve problems calmly. So all you have to do is eat and let those thoughts fade away.

5. If the emotional foundation is deep enough, the two parties can be separated for a period of time

Give each other more space. During the Cold War, you can temporarily separate for a while, and you can be quiet. When you miss each other, it is time to reconcile. This is the natural solution. Of course, it refers to the short duration of the Cold War .

6.Don't speak evil

To avoid aggravating emotions during the Cold War, it is necessary to talk less, preferably not to avoid hurting people. During this period, both of them are very sensitive, and once the evil words confront each other, it is easy to get into trouble.

7, take the initiative to admit mistakes

Boys are not the same as girls. Boys can usually be the active party, and there is nothing to be ashamed of, but it will make the other party more dependent on you. Putting down your body, giving each other an affectionate look, a sincere apology, and sending a signal of reconciliation will strengthen the relationship between each other.

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