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2017 Leshan City Public Institution Selection Staff Announcement (11 posts for teachers)

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According to the spirit of the document "Interim Measures for the Public Selection of Staff in Leshan Municipal Institutions and Institutions", after research and decision, in 2017 Leshan Municipal Public Institutions selected 24 staff members publicly. Related matters are announced as follows:

I. Selection Units and Quotas

For specific selection units and places, please refer to the "List of Posts and Conditions for Public Selection of Leshan Municipal Institutions in 2017" (see Annex 1).

Selection scope and objects

Within the administrative divisions of Leshan City, at the county level and below, the government officials who meet the selection criteria, the management staff with reference to the Civil Service Law, and the staff members of the fully funded institutions.

Qualifications for selection

(1) Qualifications to be selected

1. Possessing good political and professional qualities, upright conduct, outstanding performance, and popular recognition.

2. Have more than 2 years of work experience at the grassroots level and more than 2 years of work experience in civil servants, public participation, and professional staff. Among them, on August 11, 2014, after the Sichuan Commission Office [2014] No. 30 document was issued, new public announcements (employment) of township civil servants and township employees were issued, and the service life in townships was 5 years (including the probation period); If there are other service life regulations or contractual agreements, the provisions and agreements shall prevail.

3. The annual assessments are all qualified or qualified.

4. Fully comply with the “Scope”, “Required Qualification Conditions” and “Required Qualification Conditions” listed in the “List of Positions and Conditions for Public Selection of Leshan Municipal Institutions in 2017” (see Annex 1, hereinafter referred to as the “List”), which fully complies with Other conditions. Among them, the applicant's valid graduation certificate and degree certificate contain the academic qualifications and professional names, and the corresponding qualification requirements in the "Education (degree)" and "Professional Name" columns of the "List" should be completely consistent. If you do not meet the requirements, please do not apply for the test, otherwise you will be disqualified from the test (employment).

If the professional conditions are set in the job conditions in the "List", the applicant's graduation certificate must have the major that is exactly the same as the "professional name" of the job. If there is no professional direction in the job conditions in the "List", the professional direction is not required.

5. Have the physical conditions necessary for the normal performance of duties.

(2) Any one of the following circumstances shall not participate in the public selection

1. Suspected violations of discipline and law are being reviewed by relevant departments and have not yet reached a conclusion;

(2) Those who are affected by the period of punishment or have not expired;

3. In accordance with relevant regulations, those who have not reached the service life of the work unit or have hired management and technical posts for less than three years in the workplace;

4. Other circumstances stipulated by laws and regulations.

Fourth, registration and qualification review

Public selection and registration generally adopt a combination of individual voluntary and organizational recommendation. The public selection can be applied by myself and registered after review and approval by the organization according to the management authority of the cadre, or can be recommended by the organization after my consent.

Candidates need to fill in the registration form and provide relevant qualification certification materials as required.

(I) Registration time

April 10 to April 20, 2017 (09:00 AM to 18:00 PM)

(2) Place and method

The selection was carried out by on-site registration. For details of the registration locations and contact information of each selection unit, please refer to "2017 Leshan City Public Institutions' Public Selection Registration Location and Contact Information" (Annex 2)

(3) Candidates should provide the following materials:

1.One copy of the `` Registration Information Form for the Public Selection of Staff in Leshan Municipal Institutions in 2017 '' (Annex 3);

2. One original and a copy of a valid ID, academic degree (degree) certificate, relevant qualification certificate, etc. that meet the requirements for the post;

3. A copy of the registration (employment) registration form (notification) for entering institutions and institutions;

4. Proof materials that have been reviewed and approved by the local organization's human resources department in accordance with cadre management authority.

(IV) Qualification review

After passing the qualification examination, the ratio of the number of applicants to the number of applicants must not be less than 1: 3 (professional and technical posts are relaxed to 1: 2); if the required registration ratio is not reached, the Leshan Personnel Examination Network (http : //www.lspta.gov.cn/)

The announcement was cancelled.

The qualification review work shall be implemented by the competent department of the selection unit.

V. Examinations and assessments

Wang Xianzhi

The competent department of the selection unit shall take the form of written examination, interview or direct assessment according to the needs of the selected position.

Six, inspection, medical examination, publicity

(I) Inspection

The competent department of the selection unit shall, based on the examination and assessment of the applicants, determine the candidates according to the ratio of the selection quota and the object of inspection to not less than 1: 2. The competent department of the selection unit conducts a comprehensive inspection of its moral, ability, diligence, performance, integrity, and its political business quality and the degree of adaptability to openly selected positions, with a focus on the situation of Germany, its work performance, and public recognition.

In accordance with the principles of openness, fairness, impartiality, and two-way selection, if the applicant fails to meet the minimum requirements for the position of the selection unit, the competent department of the selection unit may cancel the selection plan.

(Two) physical examination

Candidates for medical examinations are determined according to the total amount of pen examinations, assessments, and investigations. The medical examination work is organized and implemented by the competent department of each selection unit. The items and standards of the medical examination shall be implemented in accordance with the newly revised General Standards for Medical Examinations for Civil Servant (Trial) and the Operation Manual for Medical Examinations for Civil Servant (Trial). According to the "Notice on Further Improving the Examination and Acceptance of Medical Examinations for Civil Servants" (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security [2012] No. 65): If the heart rate, vision, hearing, blood pressure and other items fail to pass the medical examination eligibility criteria, a re-examination on the same day will be arranged; For items such as marginal cardiac murmur, pathological electrocardiogram, pathological murmur, frequent early-onset (confirmed by electrocardiogram) and other items that fail to pass the medical examination eligibility criteria, re-examination on the spot will be arranged.

(Three) publicity

The competent department of the selection unit shall publicize the personnel to be hired for a period of not less than 5 days.

Seven, transfer

When the publicity period expires, if there are no problems or the reflection does not affect the employment, the transfer procedures shall be handled in accordance with relevant regulations. The selection unit can also implement a three-month probation period according to actual needs. If the probation period expires and is qualified, it will then go through the transfer procedures according to relevant regulations.

New positions will be determined through competitive recruitment based on the post setting of the selection unit and job vacancies.

Discipline and supervision

Public selection work must be subject to social supervision, and both the department in charge of public selection units and candidates must strictly observe the selection work discipline. The Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and the public selection unit shall promptly accept reports and handle them in accordance with management authority.

Supervisory report phone: 0833-2125375.

Nine, other matters

1. If there are any adjustments or supplements during the selection process, Leshan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will make an announcement online on the Leshan Personnel Examination.

Consulting phone: 0833-2442342.

2. The selection qualification review process will run through the entire process of open recruitment. If any candidate is found not to meet the qualification requirements for the application or falsified, the selection (hiring) qualification will be cancelled at any time, and all losses caused will be borne by the applicant.

3. Candidates should keep their communication open during the selection process. Candidates are unable to communicate properly, and all losses caused by failure to communicate properly shall be borne by the candidates themselves.

The matters not covered in this announcement shall be explained by the competent department of the selection unit. For issues related to the organization and implementation of the public selection work, applicants are kindly requested to contact the competent department of the selection unit by telephone (see Annex 2).

Original title: 2017 Public Lectures of Leshan Municipal Institutions

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April 1, 2017

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