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Xiaojiang Town, Pingyang County Launches Provincial Forest Town

Public number: Pingyang Forestry Source: Time: 2020-01-08 20:02:51

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Provincial Forest Town Creation

In recent days, the greening construction of Xiaojiang Town has been fully rolled out. Workers are rushing to plant saplings, such as Century Avenue, Xiaojiangtang River and other places. Provincial forest town construction activities are in full swing. Since 2012, Pingyang County has successfully established provincial forest towns in Kunyang Town, Wanquan Town, and Shanmen Town. Now Xiaojiang Town has fully launched the creation of provincial forest towns, and strives to pass acceptance by the end of the year.


里"的 老地名改叫萧家渡。 Jiangzhen is located in the southwestern part of Pingyang County, in the middle of the Aojiang River Valley. It was formerly known as "Ancient Courtyard". In the Song Dynasty, Xiao Zhen, the servant of the Ministry of War, cared for the welfare of his hometown. The old place name in the courtyard was changed to Xiao Jiadu. It was officially renamed "Xiaojiang Town" since the town was founded in 1985. Xiaojiang Town is a key research town for the construction of China's urban (local) credit system, the first town in plastic weaving in China, and the civilized town in Zhejiang Province.


Within the area there is a 78.2-meter-high Jupo Mountain Park with a total area of about 320 acres, of which 260 acres are mountainous and 60 acres are at the foot of the fitness and cultural square. Five of the "Xiaojiang Eight Scenic Spots" are all within the park. The entrance to the park has "Orange red evening sun, mountains and water are all painted; slope green pillow Jiang Tao, flowers and birds are poetic", "Yiling floral fragrance, diffused smoke and light because of sitting for a long time; Shuangjiang Moon White, slow listening The tide rhyme is too late "and other stone inscriptions. 体。 After years of construction, the facilities of Jupo Mountain Park are gradually improved, integrating cultural and sports fitness facilities, ancient buildings and cultural protection units . The new appearance of the “one mountain, two nuclear, three water and four scenic spots” park was initially shown.

Hejing Village and Yongmen Village of Xiaojiang Town

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好地开展省级森林城镇创建工作,萧江镇镇委、镇政府高度重视,成立了由镇主要领导为组长,机关各部门,各村、社区负责人为成员的创建工作领导小组;正着手编制该镇的森林城镇建设专项规划;优先保障创建工作资金需要,各项绿化工程正有序推进;申报材料和创建省级森林城镇台账目前正在抓紧制作和完善中。 To better carry out the establishment of provincial-level forest towns, the Xiaojiang Township Party Committee and the town government attached great importance to the establishment of a leading group for the creation of the town, with the town's main leader as the team leader, organs of various departments, and village and community leaders. Work was started on the preparation of a special forest town construction plan for the town; priority was given to the need to create work funds, and various greening projects were being carried out in an orderly manner; the application materials and the creation of the provincial forest town ledger are currently being prepared and improved.

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