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One Product of the Day | Shen Shi Tea Party (Game 44)

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Shen Shi Tea Party

Why do you say that drinking tea in Shen Shi will benefit the most ? 是指下午15时至17时 ,中国古时把一天划分为十二个时辰,对应十二地支。 Shen Shi refers to the period from 15 pm to 17 pm . In ancient China, a day was divided into twelve hours, corresponding to the twelve Earthly Branches. Each hour is equivalent to two hours now. That is, the twelve Earthly Branches of Zi, Ugly, Yin, Ji, Chen, Ji, Wu, Wei, Shen, Ji, Ji, Hai.

,膀胱经起于目内眦睛明穴,然后沿着后背一直到小趾。 From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, Shen Shi is the bladder meridian period . The bladder meridian starts from the eyesight point in the eye, and then runs along the back to the little toe. It is a very important meridian, and it is also the longest meridian in the human body's fourteen meridians. ,所以,膀胱经的运行状态决定着 我们身体的健康状况The bladder meridian is the most important detox channel of the human body . Therefore , the operating state of the bladder meridian determines the health of our body .有利于膀胱经的排毒疏通Drinking tea in Shen Shi is very helpful for the operation of the bladder meridian, which is beneficial to the detoxification and dredging of the bladder meridian . We know that tea is rich in amino acids, tea polyphenols, and caffeine. These effective ingredients are more helpful to enhance the function of the bladder meridian.

For example, "Tang Bencao" said: "Tea tastes bitter, slightly cold and non-toxic, removes phlegm and heat, eliminates food, and facilitates urination." Tea can eliminate food and get tired, reduce fire and eyesight, calm down anxiety, clear heat and detoxify, and quench thirst. ,具有很强的抗氧化性和生理活性, 是人体 自由基的清除剂 ,可以阻断亚硝酸胺等多种致癌物质在体内合成,它还能吸收放射性物质达到防辐射的效果。 Tea polyphenols contained in tea have strong antioxidant and physiological activities. They are scavengers of human free radicals . They can block the synthesis of various carcinogens such as amine nitrite in the body. It can also absorb radioactive substances for prevention. The effect of radiation. 则有助于人体对于机体内蛋白质的消化和吸收,并且还能起到平衡人体对营养的摄取Amino acids help the body to digest and absorb proteins in the body, and also balance the body's intake of nutrients . 能刺激中枢神经,从而提高思维能力Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, which improves thinking ability . 的作用。 It also helps to diuretic, reduce edema, relieve asthma, relieve alcohol poisoning, strengthen heart and relieve spasm, and dilate blood vessel wall .

Therefore, when you drink tea in Shen Shi, the effective ingredients contained in tea are more easily absorbed by the body. It can also greatly help detoxify the bladder meridian.

Shuilongyin Tea Exchange Meeting

Shenshi Tea Party Session 44

Tasting tea: 2004 Yiwu Zhengshan Wild Tea (one leaf)

Tea name: 2004 Yiwu Zhengshan Wild Tea (one leaf)

Tea specifications: 357 / cake

Brewing equipment: 220ml purple sand pot

Tea volume: 14g

Water quality: Qiandao Lake Nongfu Spring

Tasting time: 3 pm on April 7

Tea Introduction


  Speaking of Yi Wu, I have to mention Mr. Ye Zhehuai. He was the earliest Pu'er tea merchant in the Fangcun tea market in Guangzhou, the largest Pu'er tea dealer in Yunnan Erhai Tea Factory, and one of the most influential figures in the Pu'er tea market.  野生 茶,2004年勐海茶厂改制后,就再无定制。 The "one leaf" customized by Mr. Ye at the Erhai Tea Factory is actually just another name, and the product name is actually "Yiwu Zhengshan Wild Tea. After the reorganization of the Erhai Tea Factory in 2004, there was no customization. 

Open soup tasting

饼面周正,条索清晰肥壮。 Appearance: The cake noodles are round and square, and the cord is clear and fat.

:澄黄剔透。 Soup color : clear yellow.

:花蜜香明显。 Aroma : The nectar smell is obvious.

:韵气十足,内含物质丰富、饱满、厚实、香甜、柔中带刚,苦涩度底,回甘生津较快,唇齿留香,喉韵舒畅,饮后让人难以忘怀。 Taste : full of flavor , rich in material, full, thick, sweet, soft and firm, bitter, low bitterness, quicker return to Ganshengjin, fragrant lips and teeth, soothing throat rhyme, unforgettable after drinking .

茶气强,易武茶柔中带刚的特性和茶气在体内萦绕 Tea qi : strong tea qi, Yiwu tea soft and rigid characteristics and tea linger in the body .

:叶底光泽有韧性。 Leaf bottom : The leaf bottom is shiny and tough.

Urban Free Spirit

Shen Shi Tea Party

Trailer 45

Time: Shuilongyin Tea House will meet you at the Shenshi Tea Party at 3 pm every day.

Content: One tea a day, Pu'er famous middle-aged period.

Registration: Free-WeChat registration (scan the QR code, add the owner WeChat, make an appointment to register)

4月9日(第45场) Tomorrow Preview: April 9 (45th game)

2004年红大益7572(熟) Tasting tea: 2004 Hong Dayi 7572 (cooked)

7572 has been praised as "the standard product for judging the quality of Pu'er ripe tea" by the industry. In 2004, the logo of Red Dayi 7572 cooked cake Dayi was printed in red, and Infitech maintained the original red logo. Because of the color of the wrapping paper and the Dayi logo as red, it was widely called "Red Dayi" . After being stored in Guangdong dry warehouse, it not only inherits the sweetness and flavor of traditional cooked tea, but also displays a very amazing aged tea rhyme, with a long-lasting aroma and strong tea quality. Powerful, mellow and thick, Gan Ping soothing.

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Precipitation of old tea years

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