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How much can big ear sheep make in big ear sheep farms?

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How much money can big ear sheep farm farms make? Please consult 13675477466 {WeChat} Shandong Tiansheng Farm {Meat Sheep Farm} sell high-quality small-tailed cold sheep, small-tailed cold sheep lambs, small-tailed cold sheep rams, small tails to the country. Han sheep and ewe, as well as Boer goats, Dubo sheep, white goats and black goats, are good breeding sheep breeds. In the face of the majority of farmers, there are breeding difficulties, please call or add QQ, WeChat consultation.

We provide a full range of meat sheep farming technology and price of meat sheep Boer goat price, meat sheep breeding sheep breeding, small tail cold sheep market, small tail cold sheep market and other farming technical services! Including small tail cold sheep breeding technology, sheep farming, how to raise sheep, how to raise Sheep, sheep knowledge, sheep market and other columns provide sheep farms and sheep farms with sheep market and sheep farming benefit analysis. Serve the sheep industry! Introduced phone: 136-7547-7466

Shandong Tiansheng breeding scene sells Boer goats to the country: Boer goat breeding sheep, small-tailed cold sheep, Dober sheep, white goat, black goat

Shandong Tiansheng Breeding Farm is mainly engaged in the breeding, breeding, scientific research, production and marketing of meat sheep breeds, small-tailed cold sheep, and research and promotion of breeding technology. There are 2050 Boer goats in stock. Among them: small-tailed cold sheep, Boer goat, Dubo sheep, black goat and white goat. As of the end of November 2015, more than 80,000 meat sheep breeding sheep have been provided to all parts of the country. Welcome to large and small tail cold sheep breeders and large-scale fattening farms to come and buy fine breed small tail cold lamb sheep breeding sheep. The base has jointly undertaken a number of provincial and municipal key scientific research projects with Shandong Agricultural University, Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Shandong University and Provincial Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, and achieved a number of scientific research results. And the scientific research results were promoted and applied in time, and huge social and economic benefits were obtained. Phone: 136-7547-7466

The solemn service promise of Shandong Tiansheng Farm:

[1] Government guarantee to ensure the quality of customer introduction. (Can sign quality contract)

[Two], our farm handles national quarantine, transportation procedures and livestock and poultry certificates for sheep purchasers.

[3] We provide transportation vehicles for sheep buyers, and send personnel to escort you to your home safely.

[4]. Customers who come to our farm to buy sheep, provide room and board for free, and do our best to reduce customers' inconvenience in different places.

[Five], there is a professional car parking staff to follow the car so that in the process of transportation, sheep that are injured, killed, or disabled can be returned to the car and disposed of in time, and the loss will be borne by our farm.

[Six], if the sheep purchase business is large, the number is more than 30 heads (including 30 heads), our field will give a mower and forage seeds.

[Seven], our field sends professional and technical personnel to prevent epidemics and vaccinate the sheep purchased by customers on a regular basis to ensure the health of the sheep sold at our site and the credibility of our farm.

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[VIII] For the first time breeding by the customer, the animal husband can follow the guide for free with the car, buy 30 heads for free for 10 days, and buy 50 heads for free for 15-30 days.

[Nine], free to teach scientific breeding technology, training technology and consulting services, donate internal "high-efficiency sheep raising technology" and CD-ROM and internal feed formula. Phone: 136-7547-7466

This farm is a designated unit of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the Ministry of Agriculture of China. Therefore, all farmers who come to this farm for introduction can enjoy the state's "transportation-free policy for introduction". Every farm that buys more than 20 cattle and donkeys and breeds 30 farms All households are free to deliver, sign legal contracts, take charge of recycling, and ensure the profit guarantee of farmers! Cash on delivery! How many pure Boer sheep can place

Manager's Mobile: 136-7547-7466 {Recommended to call}

Website: http://www.tiansheng98.com/

Shandong Tiansheng breeding farm business philosophy; winning customers and markets with quality and reputation. Welcome to visit our mobile phones to consult and check the livestock breeding experience and technology, and provide the most detailed breeding information.

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