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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream

From the island owner to the king

喜欢和直来直去的人说笑: I like to joke with people who go straight:

想什么就聊什么, Say what you have, talk what you want,

用不着拐弯抹角, No need to think hard, no corners,

No need to be intrigued!

喜欢和坦坦荡荡的人相交: I like to meet with frank people:

Do n’t make trips under your feet,

Won't play with your head

I speak up when I'm not right,

! Tell me when I'm wrong !

喜欢把有情有义的人抓牢: I like to hold people who are righteous and righteous:

Do n’t run away in times of crisis,

Helplessness will not laugh.

They'll find me in fragile times.

! Always treats me well and never asks for a return !

The farther the hypocrite is from me, the better:

I don't have that much thought,

I ca n’t learn mental arithmetic,

Set a trap for me, maybe i will jump,

! So leave early !

Those who cheat my feelings should never:

Being serious is good for others,

In exchange for a perfunctory laugh;

Get out of your heart all the time

But it doesn't matter.

! Not my love, I don't want it rarely !

   A friend is a truth,

Real face, real smile, real hug;

Talking about feelings is about a heart,

  Sincere, kind and tolerant.

People change people's hearts, eight or two for half a catty;

Friends to friends, earnestly change sincerity;

Emotion to emotion, cherish the exchange of love!

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