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I'm tired, but I have no way back (I can't help crying after watching half of it)

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March 29

Very tired, tired to give up, but after giving up, there will be nothing, and you cannot give up. Only by persevering and encouraging yourself can we go bravely. Because I have no way back, I can only move forward bravely!

When you want to give up, think about the people who care about you, think about the efforts you have made! Even if the sky falls, you should go all out. As long as you persist, you can get other surprises. Come on! As long as the sky doesn't fall and people don't die, everything is wonderful!

1. People are forced out.

Everyone has the potential to be born of sorrow and to die of comfort. Therefore, when faced with stress, don't be anxious. Maybe this is just a little test of life for you. Believe in yourself and everything can be dealt with. People are motivated only by stress.

2. Success requires friends, and great success requires enemies.

There is competition for development: because of the existence of the enemy and the determination to refuse to lose, we will strive to do our own thing. So, sometimes the enemy is more powerful than a friend. There is no eternal enemy in the world, but there are always friends. Sometimes, the enemy can become a friend.

3. If you are simple, the world is simple to you.

A simple life can lead to a happy life. People must be content with contentment, be tolerant, and can't think of anything complicated. If the load on the mind is heavy, they will blame the sky. Periodically delete the memory and discard unpleasant people and things from the memory.

4. There is no rehearsal in life, every day is live broadcast.

Occasionally, I think, if life is really a video game, if you play badly, you can choose to come back, what will life look like? It is precisely because time goes by and cannot be recovered every day, so we must cherish every inch of time, honor our parents, love our children, be considerate, and be kind to friends.

5. Two major tragedies in life: one is despair, and the other is full of ambition.

Modern people seem to be particularly vulnerable. Everyday the newspaper reports that celebrities have depression. These people must go from one extreme to the other. It is precisely because he is full of ambition that he is convinced that he is perfect and omnipotent. If he suffers a setback, he will become extremely inferior and even lose the courage to continue living. Find an accurate positioning for yourself and enjoy life.

6, Huai Cai is like pregnancy, you will see it over time.

People, don't take it for granted that everyone will turn around when the earth is gone. From ancient times to the present, the unscrupulous people did not end well. Therefore, even if you can be competent again, you must be humble and cautious, do your own thing, gold will always shine.

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