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[Beijing Dong Anli American Chiropractic Enrollment Brochure (No. 63)-China-Beijing-2017.5.13]

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开课啦! Dr. Anli Dong, the first person in American chiropractic class, is here!

  "American Spine Correction" is the clinical treatment name of spinal neuromedicine. At the beginning of his return to China, Dr. Dong Anli, in order to distinguish this therapy from the orthopedics of traditional Chinese medicine, named it "American Spine Correction" and is still used by the World Association of Spinal and Neurosurgeons.

Dr. Dong Anli's training team has an excellent team of teachers, headed by Dr. Dong Anli and Director Zhang Junfeng, with rich teaching experience, and equipped with perfect training teaching facilities and a complete training management system, providing the standardization and effectiveness of training work A good institutional guarantee.

美式整脊第一人董安立博士将要在北京开班啦!现在正式接受报名,请速速报名! Dear friends, please note! On May 31 , 2017, Dr. Dong Anli, the first person of American Chiropractic, will start a class in Beijing! Registration is now officially accepted, please register quickly!

Spinal nerve (spine correction) medicine is a spine clinical medical discipline recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is still in its infancy in China. Dr. Dong Anli, a well-known spinal neuromedicine expert, has been committed to clinical and scientific popularization for more than a decade, and has also trained a large number of professionals. Most of them have become the backbone of the treatment of spinal diseases in the local area. Dr. Dong's training courses also enjoy a high level in China Reputation. The class has always upheld the spirit of being pragmatic, paying attention to the teaching principles of practicality, scientificity, effectiveness and safety. With the spirit of being responsible to the patients and the students, the students can learn the practical skills and not take a detour. It works, it works.

Many students report that our teaching is deep, the more we use it, the more familiar we will be. Since spine neuromedicine is a deeper international specialty, we will take a shallow to deep, step-by-step tutorial under the guidance of the WHO teaching plan to make it easy for students to master and gradually improve.

In order to effectively promote the development of the domestic spine health cause, improve the overall level of spine medicine in China, and meet the treatment needs of more patients with spinal diseases, it is planned to open the 63rd "Dong Anli Spine Correction Therapy Training Course" on May 13, 2017 . The relevant matters are notified as follows:

Training object:

Anyone who is engaged in physiotherapy, massage, health care, rehabilitation, massage, soft tissue injury, acupuncture, orthopedics, orthopedics, pain, acupuncture, medical and technique enthusiasts can participate in the study

(Limit of 30 people, up to the limit).

I. Training content: (I whole course of correction techniques and skills, II course of correction techniques and imaging analysis):

I. Full Correction Skills Manipulation Class: Master the Full Spine Correction Techniques

1. History and status of spinal neuromedicine

2. Basic Theories of Spinal Neuromedicine

3, cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and pelvic correction techniques

4, rapid diagnosis of spondylosis

II. Correction Technology and Imaging Analysis Class: Master the correction theory and accurately judge the treatment through imaging analysis

1. Coding and scoring practice techniques of anatomical imaging of cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and pelvis

2. Chiropractic dynamic and static palpation.

3. Imaging analysis diagnosis drawing technology.

4. The technical essentials and clinical application of Gunsted's total spine correction technique.

2. Charge standard:

1. Tuition fee: 4980 yuan / each period

2. Tuition fee for the whole course of two periods (including technique + image analysis): 9960 yuan

3. Start time: 2017-5-13

Chiropractic Practice Course: May 13-May 18

Full course of imaging analysis and diagnosis: May 19-May 24  


1. Dr. Dong Anli: Specially-appointed expert in the rehabilitation department of the Beijing Military Region General Hospital

Visiting Professor, School of Health Management, Renmin University of China

2. Chang Yuli: Director of the Pain Center of the First Outpatient Department of the General Logistics Department of the PLA, Doctor of Orthopedics

3. Zhang Junfeng: Senior Lecturer, Chief Physician, Beijing Chiropractic Hospital

4. Teacher Yang: Orthopedic expert

V. Granting qualifications:

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1. Chinese and American Chiropractic Association Certificate of Completion

2. Physician continuing education credits

Six, registration instructions:

1. Enrollment object: Anyone who is engaged in physiotherapy, massage, health care, rehabilitation, massage, soft tissue injury, acupuncture, orthopedics, orthopedics, pain, acupuncture, medical and technique enthusiasts, etc. can participate in the study (limit of 30, up to the limit )

2. Accommodation and accommodation assistance arrangements at your own expense

3. Traffic routes:

Bottom Merchant of Harmonious Home in Huilongguan East Street, Changping District, Beijing, 100 meters west of Exit A of Huilongguan East Street Station on Metro Line 8

4. Registration Address: Bottom Merchant of Harmonious Home, Huilongguan East Street, Changping District, Beijing

Special treatments for this class:

1.A graduation photo (electronic version)

2. A copy of the student's address book

3. Difficult patients in this class can be consulted for free by the experts of the class

4. Free one week apprenticeship at Dr. Dong Clinic

Contact information:


Sponsored by School of Health Management, Renmin University of China

Co-organized by Beijing Dongan Likainuo Technology Co., Ltd.

Co-organized by Beijing Jizhutang Traditional Chinese Medicine Training School

Co-organized by Beijing Shengshi Medical Union Medical Research Institute

X. At present, the recognition and acceptance of American spinal correction in the society is increasing day by day, and it is familiar and recognized by more and more doctors and patients. However, there are also individual institutions and individuals who fake the names of "Dr. Dong Anli", "Century Village Clinic" and "Kainuo Company", recruiting trainees in a blind eye in the society and deceiving the society. In response to the above acts, we will seriously pursue its legal responsibility. Dr. An Li Dong's American-made spine correction training course is held in person, and students and patients are requested to pay attention to distinguishing authenticity from fraud and avoid being deceived.

Note: Participants can apply for professional qualification certificates such as TCM rehabilitation physiotherapist, TCM acupuncturist or TCM rehabilitation physiotherapist of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, TCM characteristic conditioner (used nationwide, online check, cost extra).

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