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Child, I allow you not to be good, but I do not allow you to be uneducated (transfer to parents)

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When you go out with your child and bring a small school bag and a small kettle, don't forget to bring him upbringing. Educated people will be respected everywhere, but uneducated looks really ugly.

Uneducated child is really ugly

On weekends, a few friends ate at the restaurant. Two families were sitting at a table next to each other. They were six or seven years old. They would chopsticks knock on the bowl to make noise.

The people around looked sideways because they affected the meal. Their parents were busy talking about their parents and they didn't care.

When the waiter served the dishes, one of the children poured the soup on the waiter. Afterwards, he confessed that it was for fun, and the waiter was very angry.

At this time, the mother of the child not only did not apologize, but complained: "Oh, you ca n’t wash and wash at work, how can an adult still have general knowledge with the child?" He turned to the child and said, "You do n’t study well like her in the future Same, be a waiter. "

Before going out, the mother must have forgotten to bring up her child, because she did not have such a thing.

Those who lack education have the same things in common: self-centeredness, rough as bravery, ignorance as knowledge, ridiculous as humor, and unobtrusive as casual.

Such a child is really ugly.

Upbringing determines that a person flies far

There is a classmate in the Chenchen class, a young boy with a disability, who is inherently insensitive. In addition to physical defects, it seems that the brain's development and ability to accept new things is also weak. Every time he takes the exam, he is the last few in the class.

However, he was the most popular in the class. In school, he has many friends. When going out for the autumn tour, there are always a lot of classmates scrambling to help him push the wheelchair. Every time his birthday, many classmates give him gifts. They invite him to attend the classmate's birthday party.


  • He is polite to everyone

He knows how to love and love himself. He knows how to be polite when accepting, and polite when he refuses;

  • He is not greedy

Don't be greedy for other people's love for him, don't be greedy for other people's toys, he will not feel disabled and should enjoy more love. He often goes to the group activities in a hunch, and says to those who are late that he is fine, I'll do it slowly. He knows how much he deserves and how much others deserve;

  • He knows how to share

Every time his mother brought him a candy, he would bring it to school and eat it for his classmates. It wasn't necessarily expensive and it wasn't so delicious, but the feelings established in the sharing were valuable.

I met him on the road the other day and saw him chatting with an uncle in front of a security room. Later, the uncle at the entrance of the security room said: Such a qualified boy does not have to worry about his livelihood at all. Everywhere he goes, there are people willing to help him.

This boy does not have the traditional definition of excellence, and may not be able to become a career elite, and may not achieve the so-called achievements. But because of his nature, that is, education, he did not live so lonely.

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A person's ability determines whether a person can fly high or not, and a person's education determines that a person can fly far.

The most beautiful is the educated child.

Please bring up your child

  • Say hello to people. Smile is the most beautiful expression. Every child should learn to smile, say hello generously, and leave a good impression on others. Mom and dad must teach the child.

  • If you know how to share, your child has something delicious and fun. Teach him to share with his parents, and share it with good friends.

  • Keep the promise, "I will borrow the book from you" and "Let's eat together next time." These talk words are small promises, and the letter of faith will leave a good impression on the other party.

  • Don't talk bad things about people behind the scenes and talk irresponsibly. Even if you find it difficult to understand, respect the differences of others.

  • Do not move others' items casually. It ’s really embarrassing for adults to use other people ’s things casually and take them home. We have to tell the children: Before taking other people's things, they must get their consent.

  • Don't easily make negative comments about other people's things. For example, go to other people and say "Your family is so small" (who has money and do n’t want to live in a big one ...), and the new clothes they bought are "this color is so ugly" (others think they are good).

  • When foreseeing distress in others, help resolve it in a natural way. When someone is embarrassed, for example, they ca n’t keep talking, help him to say a few words, or give him a step to avoid his embarrassment, others will naturally appreciate you.

  • Listen to others' words carefully and don't interrupt. We don't just have to let go of our hands, see each other, listen to each other, but also know how to respond in a timely manner without making arbitrary judgments. Stay curious and respectful, judge objectively, and listen deeply.

  • Know how to say "thank you". For example, when you eat a delicious snack from someone, you should not only say "thank you", but also remember to convey the specific feeling that "this tastes very good".

  • Politeness should be to everyone, whether it's a boss, an elder, a restaurant waiter, or an old man picking up trash on the roadside.

  • Don't make a lot of noise in public places such as movie theaters.

  • Do not make a sound when eating, do not turn the plate at random, do not turn the dishes, do not pinch your favorite dishes, there are public chopsticks to use public chopsticks. Do not eat things that smell big and have a lot of debris in public.

  • After eating, pack your own tableware, whether at home, or in KFC, M., the restaurant also try to pack food residues in the dishes, so that the waiter can clean up.

  • Pay attention to the sitting position, do not cross arms or cross legs, children should have a civilized and beautiful sitting position in public.

Poor, rich, better than educated

In fact, a polite seat, a cordial greeting, neat clothes, and handwriting are all manifestations of child rearing. A good family ethos is bound to produce temperamental and educated children.

As far as parents are concerned, when you talk about poor and rich feeding every day, it is actually not as good as raising a child. The reason why people are valuable is because they have faith and courtesy; the reason why the country is strong is also good faith and righteousness.

People are educated to walk in all directions, and it is difficult to walk without educated.

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