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Video | Iron Man rides into a shell-changing Lamborghini fan to try the Audi R8 V10 Performance

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Ten years ago, the first generation of the Audi R8 was born, and the presence of cross-border brushes made it stand out for a moment. Whether it was the driver of the ultimate boss in "Need for Speed 10 Card Ben Canyon" (players who have played this, You must not forget the time tortured by the R8, which is comparable to the speed of an airplane); in Iron Man, you have overpowered various other super-runs to become the car of Iron Man; and become the lead car in "Final Fantasy 15". It can be said that the R8 has made a huge contribution to the Audi brand in establishing a sports and performance image to a certain extent, but there are always some people who still feel that R8 is not qualified for super running, so the new R8 V10 Performance should keep these people closed Right?

Those who say R8 is not a super-runner, one of the most commonly used black R8 is: Nissan has not run fast (GTR). However, this keyboard keyboard god often despise GTR, and even think that 911 is not enough for entry-level supercars. But have they ever thought that R8 and the Lamborghini that they say must be bought as a supercar and have a close relationship?

As early as 1998, Volkswagen acquired Lamborghini, and Audi's team built its new car. In 2003, it created the Gallardo (Mavericks) built by Audi. In 2006, Audi made it on this platform. With the Audi R8, then the earliest version of the Audi R8 has a little Gallardo's shadow in it. Later, when Huracan came out, it was built on the basis of R8. Huracan and R8 are on the same platform and engine and transmission, but the price is more than 2 million.

Leaving aside this and the origin of Mad Cow, the 420-horsepower 4.2FSI V8 naturally aspirated engine will still be black and distance from the traditional supercar. Should the Audi R8 prove that it has the strength of a genuine supercar? They launched the strongest civilian version of the R8 V10 Performance to the Chinese market.

What is the difference between the Audi R8 V10 Performance and the R8 V10 Plus bought abroad?

In fact, it is the same, except that it is called Plus in foreign countries and Perfomance in China. Why is this R8 V10 Performance so called? Because it has a mode, it should actually be called competitive mode, which was not available in R8 before. This mode really shows the most violent and performance side of R8. The previous Dynamic mode can't compare with it. What's more special about it? After you press the switch of the exhaust valve, after the LCD instrument panel shows a moving sign, you step on the throttle, and you will hear that the entire engine roaring sound will be higher, full of sense of reality and power.

Who is faster than R8 V10 Performance and GTR?

Calculating only from the book data, the R8 V10 Performance can already beat the GTR. After the actual measurement, the official data of 0-100km / h in 3.2 seconds. The actual measurement runs for about 3.4 seconds without pressure. Even so, it is 3.6 The GTR from the second is fast, not to mention the R8 V10 Performance also scored an excellent result of 0-400 meters in about 11 seconds. What's more important is that the car's ejection start control system is probably the easiest to get started in a super race, which means that even a novice, as long as he has the courage, can still compete in a linear sports car with a master.

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Is this car easy to drive?

When the Huracan is driven, it feels like an Audi high-performance coupe in the ordinary driving mode. It has become easier to control, and this R8 will be easier to control. Because it has an automatic mode that is equivalent to the comfort mode. When you turn on this mode, you will feel that its throttle brake and directional control will be very easy. It will not make you feel nervous. You have to say that there is really any difference. ? After all, it's a supercar. Its suspension gives you no reduction in the sense of road. Even if you use the normal mode when driving, as long as you have been to one or two speed bumps, you will immediately feel that this is not Audi. High-performance super-run, this is really an Audi super-run, the bumps make you feel uncomfortable.

So is the whole style "Rambo" Audi or "Audi" Rambo?

I would use "Audiborghini" to describe it. Everyone will think that this R8 is a Lamborghini with a changed shell. This idea is not unreasonable. In fact, as long as you look at the interior of Huracan, it has a strong Audi style in it. It also affects the entire driving style . Although this is a "you have me, I have you" relationship, but if you really only look at the interior design, you will obviously feel that Audi has a little more taste.

You will think that this car is a supercar that can be driven every day. The reason why the supercar is called supercar is that you must drive it with an understanding and manipulation technology that is beyond ordinary people. It is a big burden for you to drive daily. But this car, I now switch to comfort mode really feels like you drive the RS7. This kind of very easy control is not available to you in many supercars in the past. I can drive to work in a supercar and wear a suit, and after work I can return to the track and drive two laps.

Kai Lamborghini is like you are bullfighting, and now driving R8 V10, you are dancing with your partner.

In the end, you said, "No one can do the previous generation R8."

Well, at the same price, "No one can do this generation of R8".

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