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She has loved him for ten years

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She has loved him for 10 years.

At the age of 16, when she met him at first sight, she was obviously not such a good-looking boy, but she made her heart beat.

Quietly help him bring breakfast, give him a bottle of water while he is playing, and secretly inquire about him.

At the age of 17, she gave up liberal arts and chose the same science as him, just to get closer to him.

She sat in front of him. He liked to pull her ponytail all day. Every day she straightened her back and occasionally turned to look at his sleeping side face. He turned him over to skip the lesson and stayed on duty.

At the age of 18, the busy senior third party, she would still make time to watch him play and help him on duty.

He spent half a year saving money and bought KENZO's perfume as a birthday gift for him. He smiled and said thank you, and Dala gave her a hug.

She secretly copied his volunteer work.

When they graduated at the age of 19, the whole class sang a large group of people to cheat, but the secret she thought was seen by almost everyone.

They embraced her in front of him, and for a moment he met with a smile and said, we are just good friends, and she was smiling and said nothing.

The next day she was waiting for him with her luggage at the train station, and she said that she was coincident with his surprised expression.

At the age of 20, she transformed into a beautiful and enviable girl, who was chased by her. There are more people who are more handsome and gentle than him.

She refused for no reason and remained with his girlfriend who changed every day.

At the age of 21, she grabbed him on his birthday and stared at him with a word saying I love you.

He froze, waved her hand, and staggered back.

She smiled and helped him again and said, "I'm kidding, he was relieved."

She helped him back to the bedroom, and tears kept flowing from her eyes on the way back.

The next day he called him brother again.

At the age of 22, he told her brother that she liked her and started to match them up intentionally. She didn't accept it or refused.

He said you try it, she said yes.

The first love in her life turned out to be the one she liked to accept someone she didn't love.

Her heart was a little cold, and she began to subconsciously alienate him.

Later, she and the boy broke up peacefully. He couldn't stand her absent-mindedness and indifference. Before splitting up, she asked why she was with him. She smiled. You know that I would never refuse any request from him.

The 23-year-old mentor selected her to go abroad to read a lot of books, and she even trembled with her fingertips while holding the list, which has always been her dream.

This way, you can gradually forget him.

When she started to prepare, he didn't know where to know, he suddenly had some panic, and there were vicious blanks around him. She had been used to her by these years, and her heart was empty like a very important thing.

I couldn't put myself down to find her, and she posted them wishfully.

He was drunk in the middle of the night and a friend called her.

She rushed out in a thin coat, and he hugged her and murmured, Don't go, don't go.

The next day she burst into tears to tear up the list and called the instructor to tell her that she might not be able to go.

I don't know if it's worth it, in exchange for finally being with him.

They graduated at the age of 24 and rented a small house in the city together.

Feelings are divided and combined, presumably this is a disagreement.

He yearned for passion, but she was used to calm.

How could these two extreme people last?

He began to ambiguous and even socialize with other girls.

His brother went to her, but she said lightly that I knew, and continued to pour roses on the windowsill.

How could he not know that she knew that the girl next to him would not appear a second time, and he knew her cruel means, but it seemed to be gentle and kind on the surface.

He also went home and shouted to her, "Why do you interfere in my life, you either accept or get away."

When it comes to qi, you even punch and kick.

Eventually fell to the door and she wiped her tears behind her without crying.

She would go to the pub at night to whisper and apologize to him.

Then make up, break up, apologize, make up.

Like two shoes tied together, they can't be separated without restraint.

At the age of 25, she worked as an editor in a well-known magazine, and he became a manager in his father's company.

The friends around them are getting married one after another. She also mentioned this topic side by side. He always perfunctory.

After his perfunctory accompany her shopping, but left her halfway to find another woman, the only time she quarreled with him, beat him like crazy, and asked him why he wanted to do this. After smashing, he sneered at her, and then left the door as usual.

Sitting in the broken room, she was in a daze, her feet and hands pierced with glass residue.

That night he brought a strange woman to the house. She didn't turn on the light and did not run away. On the sofa in the living room, listening to the intermittent moaning in the room until dawn.

She made breakfast for him and went to the magazine.

He texted her that we broke up, and she didn't call or reply.

Three days later, she called him, and her voice was very awkward. She said that you would accompany me to a movie.

He couldn't refuse, and she saw her eyes red and swollen but smiling at the entrance of the cinema that day and suddenly froze.

He almost forgot that she was also a beautiful girl, but she had stood beside him silently all these years.

She put on a touch of makeup, a white georgette skirt, long hair and waist.

She held his hand as sweetly as all the girls in love, smiling sweetly like a sugar.

The most memorable movie was 2012, and she put her head on his shoulder and looked at the screen quietly.

When the Eiffel Tower fell, she let out a sigh of absurdity.

He turned to look at her, and for a moment he even wanted time to stand still.

When she came out, her eyes were a bit wet, and she said that you can walk me across this street.

Can't see her expression, she seemed to be deceived.

He felt the hot liquid on his back burning on his skin, and when he was nearing the end, she said, let's break up.

Then she jumped off his back and walked forward without looking back.

He stared blankly at her back, so thin, remembering that there was almost no weight when he just carried her back, as if he would be blown down by a gust of wind.

Suddenly there was a desire to embrace, but it never caught up.

She seemed to disappear out of thin air.

Suddenly detached from his life, thinking that it was a trick to escape.

How could she let go of her overnight after so many years of entanglement with him.

She disappeared for a month.

He just didn't care, but there was something uncomfortable in his heart.

Still free and happy, finally no one bothered him.

She disappeared for two months.

He couldn't help himself out and didn't go home to watch again.

I started working, but I looked at my phone in a daze, like I was expecting something.

She disappeared for three months.

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He began to feel that something was missing around him that made him uncomfortable.

It is customary for one person to do laundry for him, without the smell of a large amount of inferior washing powder like a laundry.

It is customary for one person to send him boring and optional text messages every hour, although he deletes them most of the time.

It is a habit for a person to clean the house at home and clean the house to smell the fragrance of the rice, and to master all his favorite and disliked hobbies. Everything he does is better than the restaurant.

It is customary for a person to sleep beside him at night without noise or noise. He kicked the quilt to cover him in the middle of the night, and curled up in the corner to prevent him from catching a cold.

Even a man used to look at his back when he was out playing, deal with him after he drank flowers everywhere, and drive away other people beside her besides her.

He was furious and asked her fiercely to ask her where he had gone, but he had to call the sweet girl on the other side of the phone. Sorry, the call you dialed has been turned off.

He dropped his phone in a rage.

She disappeared for four months.

On his birthday, many people gave him gifts and parties for him. He didn't go, and the ghosts returned to their original little house.

It was neat. It seemed that she had been back, but there was a thick layer of gray on the ground.

He walked around and found that she hadn't taken anything away, only their previous photos and some personal items of her own.

The roses on the windowsill did not seem to be watered for a long time, with some withered marks.

He suddenly felt that the small house was empty, so empty that it echoed every breath.

It was impossible to imagine that when he was fooling around with friends on his birthday in those years, she sat alone until Tianming, put the cake that nobody ate in the refrigerator, put the gifts for him on the table, and then went to work exhaustedly.

He stood in the room without lights, and suddenly a drop of hot liquid came out of his eyes.

Then he realized that she existed beside him like air, there was no sense of existence, but he almost choked when he pulled away.

But how arrogant he was, even then he was reluctant to bow his head.

She disappeared at the age of 26 for the fifth month.

He accepted a business marriage arranged by his father and another woman.

They got engaged quickly, and even speculated in the newspaper that no one knew it, and would get married in December.

With a last-minute mentality, he waited for her to confess his mistakes and ask him to come back, and he could accept them with a high attitude.

But there was no news for two months.

Choose Christmas on your wedding day.

He remembered that she had told him before that she hoped to marry him at the snowy Christmas church one day, walked across the long red carpet together, and snowed on her head to get her white head.

He sneered at her for a long time.

All day long he was absent-minded, and it happened to snow this Christmas.

As the pretty bride walked with his hands in his hands, he kept smiling in her eyes.

The guests did not have her face.

At the moment of exchanging the ring, he seemed to be awake like a dream, throwing a sorry sentence at the strange woman in front of him, and then flew out in a voice of exclamation.

He didn't know what he was thinking, but at that moment, he thought that the person who should exchange rings with him should only be her.

He owed her too much, and it took him a lifetime to barely repay it.

At the age of 16, he knew that she liked him, but he did not take it seriously as a show-off capital and never responded.

At the age of 17, he didn't reject her, just because he thought it was good for her, and he didn't have to get caught on duty to be too lazy to do it. It was fun to see her look shy.

At the age of 18, he can spend extravagantly outside, as long as she has no need to worry about having no money to play, although she knows how many jobs she can satisfy her vanity.

At the age of 19, he thought he could get rid of her, but he did not expect that she would be in a school with him.

But with an extra attendant, he can also throw her away at any time and in any way, and he doesn't care.

At the age of 20, he tolerated her by his side. When he fell in love, he could have someone to drink with him anytime and anywhere to relieve boredom. When he was unhappy, he could also be a tree hole to accompany him to stimulate him.

Not to mention the envy of so many boys.

At the age of 21, she said the three words he knew well.

He didn't think of this bridge. He was afraid of the feeling of being restrained, but was thinking of how to push her away.

At the age of 22, he finally found a perfect reason to push her away from himself. He was 100% sure that he knew she would not refuse any of his requests.

Although there seemed to be nothing around, I thought I was free.

The 23-year-old accidentally heard that she was going abroad. At that moment, she was not surprised or even nervous.

Couldn't tell what it felt like she should be right next to him, so he left her by the drunk, he knew she would never give up on him.

Although he knew afterwards that this was her dream, there was a slight guilt that could be ignored, so he was with her.

At the age of 24 and 25, he regretted his decision all the time, and tortured her in a different way.

When she was unhappy, she scolded her for beating her, smashing things, a life more sloppy than before, watching her tears, watching her uncle, watching her sad, like addiction.

What she meant to him was limited to babysitting, sleeping with her, venting to the latter, doing good to the latter for free, and attending work.

Not even friends.

He knew that she would wait until morning early every year for his birthday, but he never remembered her birthday.

He knew she didn't have a lot of salary, but he had to use the money to buy him designer clothes every time, but he had to sell them on the floor.

He knew she was afraid of night blindness at night and would fall many times every time she went home, but he was too lazy to pick her up once.

He knew she would vomit often if she had stomach problems, but he didn't buy her a medicine once when she was in pain and couldn't move. She was holding on.

He knew she was allergic to the smell of mango, but forced her to make a salad because she wanted to eat it.

He has many things that he knows and many things that he doesn't know. He doesn't want to explore, and she is used to accepting when she is used to giving.

However, she has been buried in him like a puppet for a long time, and she is awakened at the moment.

And the spell that relieves you is I love you.

I found a lot of places she used to go to, but also went to the magazine, but got the news that she had quit her job long ago, and made many phone calls. This time, the phone number you dialed is empty.

Fear leaked out of his heart and caught his fragile heart.

Finally walking back to the previous hut, there was no response to knocking on the door.

I don't know how long I waited. A figure with an umbrella came from the whiteness, and his heart was like a drum.

The person who came was not her. She was a girl with beautiful eyes and very swollen eyes. She was a little surprised to see him.

She took something out of her bag and handed it to him, looking carefully at a thin letter.

The girl gasped and asked him, are you Mr. Gu Yi, you are here.

He frowned, and the girl went on to say that it was Jane Birth who asked me to come here today and give it to you two months ago. I never thought you were really there.

He felt as if he had blossomed in his heart, his voice trembling, do you know where she is now? The girl looked at him with a strange look for a moment, then said slowly, don't you know? Seeing his expression blank, she went on to say that she had advanced gastric cancer that she checked out to the hospital seven months ago, she was hospitalized six months ago, and you were engaged to your fiancee two months ago and she asked me to write this letter Here you are, she died last night.

She quarreled with him for the first time seven months ago, watched a movie calmly, and then broke up with him.

She quit her job six months ago, taking away all her memories from her life.

How much grief it took two months ago to see the news of his engagement, and write the last letter.

How December 24th finally took away his life on Christmas Eve.

He opened the letter with trembling, tears moistened the black pen. The handwriting that Juan Xiu frequently appeared on his workbook.

I love you for ten years as one day, and let go of all the blue sea and blue sky for you.


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