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16 criteria for Huawei's outstanding employees

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01 Focus on participation, dare to challenge yourself

Ren Zhengfei warns employees that whether you succeed or not, you must find your own feeling. As long as you participate and have worked with it, you are successful, "there is no certain number of wins and losses, and you dare to score seven points."

02 Pay attention to learning from others and learn from each other's strengths

Ren Zhengfei said that as a person, you must actively absorb the advantages of others, and you must actively point out his disadvantages to your partners. Others point out your shortcomings and criticize your shortcomings to actually help you. I hope you improve. If you give up this help too, it will be a loss.

03 Be good at induction

Ren Zhengfei said in a discussion with the staff that now you are given a silk thread, you cannot catch the fish. You must form this silk thread into a net, and this net has one dot each.

Life is to continually summarize, form one by one, and then form a large network. If you are not good at summarizing, you will be like a monkey gnawing corn, smashing one, throwing one, and you will have nothing to gain. Everyone usually takes more notes and writes summary. Those who don't want to improve will definitely not do so. If we do n’t make progress, we are restless. There are so many complaints. We do n’t accept such people. If you are not good at summarizing, you cannot move forward.

The history of mankind is the history of constantly moving from the inevitable kingdom to the free kingdom. Without the usual inductive summary and the formation of such a web of thinking, it is impossible to solve any problems that arise at any time. You cannot move forward without induction, and you cannot go up the stairs without progress. People move forward step by step. You only need to move forward step by step. After a few years, when you look back and summarize, you will find that you have taken a big step forward.

04 Be realistic about career design

Emphasize that employees should "love one line, do one line" and don't do it if you don't. At the same time, "love one line, do one line" must also be realistic and design your own career with your own expertise and professionalism.

After the employees have designed a realistic self-career career, they must use the goals of the design to strictly demand and restrain themselves, so that they can move towards the goals. For example, if you design to be a president, then you have to use the president's standards to strictly ask yourself and pay attention to what you say and do. Otherwise, people are terrible, they ca n’t afford to attack and expose, and they are very bitter.

05 Cultivate Experts, Don't "Almighty Generals"

Everyone is required to be passionate, proficient, and transcendent in the line they are engaged in. Under the conditions of permission and sufficient energy, they can learn more about the operation status and skills of other business related to work. Huawei emphasizes that people without grass-roots work experience cannot be promoted, and academic qualifications are only a reference factor for selecting cadres, mainly based on actual talents. Huawei wants employees to "love one line, do one line; one line, one line."

Jun does not see the user board test group, and has been staring at a board for a few years, which has produced great results. We need experts in our time, not generalists. Welding experts, plug-in experts, cable and machine frame assembly experts, packaging experts, freight experts, warehouse experts, typing experts and other experts come together. This is a very powerful joint corps. Imagine an artillery regiment, everyone is full-handed, the software will do it, the network will be a little bit, the chip also understands the design, the finance also understands, the cost can be explained in a muddled way, that is, the "artillery" is not allowed, the whole regiment They are all such highly educated people who understand everything, but no one can hit the "cannon" accurately. What kind of combat effectiveness the regiment has on the "battlefield" must be defeated. If it is really full of such "universal generals", Huawei must be defeated. (1996)

06 Be tolerant of wrongdoing employees

Ren Zhengfei believes that employees grow up through mistakes, and tolerate those who make mistakes due to lack of experience, and encourage everyone to improve their work.

Thoughts are easily passivated without tempering. People who are good at brains are getting smarter. They may try it out themselves, causing some minor problems. Leaders at all levels should distinguish between the diseases they are trying to improve their work? Or is it a mistake made with a weak sense of responsibility? It's the former, you have to show mercy. We want to encourage employees to improve their work. (1996)

07 Employees must love work

It is hoped that employees will regard work as a love and a drive for dedication, which is a rare opportunity and challenge that should be treasured. Every employee must do everything seriously, whether it is a big or a small thing. Everyone must have a broad vision, open minds, and be responsible, regardless of personal gains and losses.

Only with all your heart and dedication can you succeed. As long as people love it, they will eventually recognize it. In strict and extensive practice, they will see flaws and make new breakthroughs. Creativity and invention without practice is getting harder and harder. Long-term unremitting practicality will eventually create miracles. This is a historical revelation and a law of quantitative change to qualitative change. We must make a difference. All those who are dedicated to the cause of dedication should go forward without hesitation, regardless of the flowers and thorns on both sides. (1997)

08 Employees should start caring for others

Train employees to care about others from the little things. Huawei requires employees to respect their parents, help their siblings, and be responsible to their loved ones. On this basis, care for others, support hope projects, students, candlelight project ... and usually care about colleagues and those around them.

Encourage employees to do their job well. If the job is done well, the company's development will increase its contribution to the country.

09 Focus on expertise training for grassroots employees

Huawei implements a relatively fixed position policy for grassroots supervisors, professionals and operators, and advocates "love one line, do one line; one line, one line, one line." The foundation of "Love One Party" is to pass the hiring test. The conditions for the employees who have already started to work in this field are to be screened for job evaluation.

Last year we mobilized more than 200 masters to train in the after-sales service system. How do we mobilize? We said that cross-century network marketing experts and technical experts must be selected from field engineers. In addition, those who come to the site may have better opportunities and treatment. One year later, some of them were diverted to various positions, while others remained as maintenance experts. They have practical experience, make rapid progress in various positions, and push new employees into this cycle. This cycle of technology, business, and management has brought good things to the grassroots. (1998)

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10 Promote "Do it, love it"

Huawei allows employees to select jobs appropriately, but discourages employees from changing jobs frequently. Encourage employees to "do a good job and love one another", gradually develop interest in the process of doing it, and eventually grow into an expert.

The company allows employees to have the opportunity to choose positions, but first they must obey assignments in the work, run in as soon as possible, let the spark of thought flash in their own work, and slowly fall in love with this position. If it is found to be inappropriate, there is still a chance for exchange. But you must not look at this mountain high, but as a result, you can't climb any mountain, and it was eliminated by the company. "Do it one line and love one line; love one line and one line" is relative. You can't continue to love indefinitely, and you can't change positions without restriction. (Year 1999)

11 From "lifting a stone" to "building a church"

Huawei requires employees to understand the company's major goals and strive to use the company's development goals to drive daily work. The meaning of this work is different and the quality of work is higher.

I once told a story to the people in the marketing department: 50 years ago, two young people were lifting stones to build a church. A wise man asked them, "What are you doing?" A young man told him, "I'm lifting stones." One youth said, "I'm building a church." Fifty years later, everyone looked back and said that those who carried stones were still carrying stones, and that those who built churches had become philosophers. Who told me this story? When a friend visited our company, he told me this story. He said that Huawei is now "building churches" every day. Why? We aim at a big development goal, and what we do is "lifting stones" every day, but the overall goal is to improve the company's core competitiveness. So we are "building churches" every day, and maybe 50 years later, you can build them. Everyone can become a philosopher, an entrepreneur, or a good manager and expert. Let's think about it. In your company, your overall goal is to build a church, and your goal in life is also changing. (Year 1999)

12 Employees must insist on self-criticism for a long time

Ren Zhengfei believes that young people must have a self-critical spirit for a long time. Only by insisting on self-criticism can one make continuous progress. Inside the company, we must defeat the idea of good face.

Most people will become wary people when they enter the job. If your wariness is not overcome, the development of Huawei is not only a driving force, but may be a stumbling block. It will not only make the company stronger, but will weaken the company Competitiveness. What can really make Huawei faster and bigger is to rely on each employee to open himself and strengthen his own criticism.

My only advantage is that I can make mistakes and have no face view. Such people are also easy to find in the future, so it is not difficult to succeed. Don't deify one person, otherwise it will distort Huawei's value creation system and the company will collapse. Because employees think that they are creating value, their enthusiasm will be very high. If employees think that only a certain person is creating value, their enthusiasm will be lost. (Year 1999)

13 Don't have a "wage earner" mentality

I hope employees don't think "this company has nothing to do with me, I just work." If we always think about this kind of "wage earner" concept, we will not establish a concept of life and death with the company. Huawei calls on employees to learn the meticulous and down-to-earth spirit of others.

14 Strengthen self-training and surpass yourself

Training is important, but self-training is more important. If you really want to be a senior person, you have to train yourself. Only self-training can achieve transcendence. Life is short and youth is precious. Don't let the years pass. If a dream becomes a major event, it must have the spirit of "head hanging beams, tapered spines". Self-training opportunities are available anytime, anywhere. Open yourself up, absorb the nutrition of others, cherish time, cherish opportunities, find your own entry point in life, strengthen self-training, and surpass yourself.

Technical training is mainly based on your own efforts, rather than listening to other lectures every day. In fact, every post is receiving training every day, and training is ubiquitous and always available. Winners rely on their own efforts to learn and become effective learners, rather than passive indoctrination, and must continue to study hard to improve their level. Year 1999.

In a conversation with employees, Ren Zhengfei mentioned how he was racing against time to learn: I don't know how many hours you study a day. Can you show me a schedule of your day's work? I can tell you how I learned. If it was a two and a half hour flight to Beijing, I would read at least two hours of books. I have never played cards, skipped dances or sang songs in my life at night, so I have made progress. (2000)

15 More opportunities for dedicated employees

Seriously responsible and effective employees are Huawei's greatest asset. Respecting knowledge, respecting individuality, and working collectively are employees' inherent requirements for sustainable growth.

Huawei hopes that every employee should make a difference in his own position. Those employees who want to do big things and fail to do their job well should be laid off. Give those dedicated employees more opportunities for growth and development.

We need to create more opportunities for those who are strict with themselves and forgiving others; they are highly committed to their work, pursue unremitting improvements, and sometimes make small mistakes and are not good at forgiving themselves. Only with a high degree of investment and dedication, can you see through the "red dust", find opportunities for improvement, and find your own development. Dare to uphold the truth, dare to tell the truth, dare to self-criticize, and don't talk nonsense when we don't have a deep understanding of things. (Year 1999)

16 Dumplings that cannot be poured out of a teapot are equivalent to no dumplings

Huawei does not use education and knowledge as the criterion for determining income, but evaluates salary based on contributions and performance. Having knowledge and no achievements is like having dumplings in a teapot but not pouring them out. If they are not poured out, it is equivalent to actually having no dumplings.

I don't think it's important for a person to have a diploma. It is important that a person strives to improve his basic knowledge and skills. Those with educational backgrounds have received good basic training, and it is easy to absorb new technologies and management. But knowledgeable people do not necessarily have good skills. We want to evaluate compensation in terms of contribution. If this person is very knowledgeable, "There are a lot of dumplings in it, and they won't come out. The company does not determine income based on a person's knowledge, but rather determines the contribution of the person's knowledge. We emphasize that when using a cadre, don't consider his mark and use it according to his knowledge. We must evaluate the cadre according to the qualities of responsibility, his ability, and his contribution.

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