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[Dexin Studios] is being released] "Soul in the Shell"

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Ghost in the Shell 3D

The live-action movie "Ghost in the Shell" is being released in China!

Today, the filmmaker released a new trailer for "Finding Memory". Scarlett, played by Scarlett, is as brave and capable as before, showing the super combat power of one person "killing the Quartet". Unlike the previous announcement, Shao Zuo Zai In the fragmented information of memories and reality, we have begun to think about the meaning of self-existence.

The live-action version of Ghost in the Shell has the same effect as Oshii's 1995 animated work of the same name. It also explores the profound and obscure philosophical arguments. Shao Zuo was replaced by the prosthetic body, but her human brain is still intact. When Shao Zuo When questioning her past, she was no longer a mere robot. In the world of Ghost in the Shell, network high-tech can clean the memory in the brain and transplant the memory into the brain. The transplanted person cannot distinguish the true and false of the memory. From time to time in the film, some snippets emerged from Shao Zuo's mind. She was not sure whether these were her own true memories or were transplanted. When she was close to the mysterious enemy Jiushi, she began to search for her lost memories.

So, seeing the movie coming soon, do you understand these terms about "Ghost in the Shell"?

It does n’t matter if you do n’t know, Xiaobian ’s analysis of this wave of nouns is for literacy for friends who have not seen the animation version ~


  Ghost in the Shell

It is named after being equipped with a large number of attack shells (an artificial intelligence chariot). "Ghost shell" means "attack-type reinforced armor shell." The special operations agency set up by the Japanese government claims to be an international rescue team in name, but in essence it is used to deal with terrorist organizations and deal with all issues that the general police cannot handle. It is officially named Public Security Nine Lessons . Members have a high degree of electronic brainization and prosthetics, and their intelligence collection and combat capabilities are first-rate. The scope of work ranges from computer crime, protection of domestic dignitaries, search for vicious murderers, exposing corruption of politicians, suppressing the occurrence of terrorist activities, and being unable to disclose There are assassinations.

Electronic brain

Through the interface behind the neck, people can directly connect the brain to the network or interconnect the brain, so that the body and mind can directly interact with standard computer and network technologies. The electronic brain can cope with the transmission of a large amount of information. At the same time, it can also join the sea of information-the Internet. It also has functions such as mobile phone communication and camera recording.


Hengchang Financial

Prosthetic technology that replaces body parts with mechanical parts is also called "prosthetic technology". However, the whole body prosthesis of young children is not promoted in the society that is attacking the shell because it requires different bodies to change with age. The rate of prosthesis is still generally lower than the rate of electronic brain encephalization.


It means the soul, especially the self-concept generated by humans in the interchangeable mechanical body. It is the most important sign that distinguishes humans from robots, and the answer that the whole movie has been seeking.


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