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The beauty of metal in architecture: aluminum grille ceiling

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是近几年来生产的吊顶材料之一 Aluminum grille is one of the ceiling materials produced in recent years

Open field of view and airy

Does not feel depressed

The lines are bright and neat, and the levels are clear

Reflects a simple and clear modern style

Easy installation and removal

Become the main product that has popularized the decoration market in recent years

Construction preparation

1. Various pipelines, equipment and ventilation channels in the ceiling

Fire alarm and fire sprinkler system construction completed

And have completed the handover and hidden project acceptance procedures

2. Pipeline system requires water test and pressure suppression

3.Complete the large-scale layout drawing of the ceiling board in advance

Determine the location of the vents and various exposed openings

4.Operating platform shelf or movable shelf ready for construction

5.Before large-scale construction of metal ceiling

Must be a model room or model section

Blocks and fixing methods should be tested and installed before large-scale construction.


Construction process

弹吊顶标高线标高线以上刷黑色涂料安装水、电、通风管道安装周圈矿棉板吊顶金属格栅初步安装设置吊顶起拱位置和高度按吊顶起拱线调整消防喷淋头高度设备调试按起拱高度调整金属格栅调直消防喷淋头直顺安装灯具细调格栅直顺 Suspension bar Elevating ceiling level lineBrush black paint above the elevation lineInstall water, electricity, ventilation ductsInstall the surrounding mineral wool board ceilingInitial installation of metal grilleSet the ceiling arching position and heightArching by ceiling Line to adjust the height of the fire sprinkler headequipment debuggingadjust the metal grille according to the height of the archstraighten the fire sprinkler headstraightinstall lightingfinely adjust the grid straight

Construction line

Floor plan according to grille ceiling

Vertical and horizontal layout of ejection member material

Contour lines for more complex shapes

And ceiling elevation lines

At the same time, determine and mark the ceiling hanging point

Fastening of ceiling

Use metal expansion bolts according to design requirements

Or nail fixing ceiling connection

Or directly fix the steel bar, galvanized wire and flat iron hanger, etc.

Combination and assembly of single grille

Monomer vs. unit, unit vs. unit

Elements of rhythmic pattern as grille ceiling

If necessary, it should be assembled on the ground as much as possible.

Then hang it according to the design requirements

Processing aluminum alloy

Stitching frame

Fixation of aluminum grille main bone

Lifting of the grille

After the aluminum grille is in place

Before kicking off the top surface

The deadlift cable is leveled according to the ceiling design level

Ma Yuan

Pull down the convex part and tighten it with a boom

Loosen the concave part to move down

Then strengthen the grille

Compact layout

Grille ceiling with large two-way span

The central part of the entire ceiling surface should also be slightly arched

Installation diagram


Ceiling position

Must handle metal grille and mineral wool board ceiling

Parallel relationship

Vertical relationship between ceiling and wall and column

In this regard, the relevant axis should be induced to the wall pillar facade

And follow this baseline to find the rules for plastering

So that the walls are parallel to the axis

And two adjacent faces are perpendicular to each other

Use this as the reference plane for the ceiling plane position

Grille ceiling arching form and arching height

Arching height can be about 1/200 of the column distance

The plane position of the fire sprinkler cannot coincide with the grille bar

And should be straight in both directions

Can be made into a pedal bend greater than 900 on the upper end of a fire sprinkler riser

To fine-tune the flat position of the sprinkler

Device inspection hole retention

Because various pipes in the grille ceiling are equipped with regulating valves

The inspection hole must be left in the corresponding position

And the positions of the inspection holes are not vertical and horizontal.

So first cut into holes

Then add corner aluminum around the hole

(The angle aluminum is first painted with the same color as the grille)

Angle aluminum lower skin recessed into grid lower skin 2MM

Finally, after adjusting the grille hole cut out

Resting on angle aluminum

Node treatment between ceiling and wall pillar

For connection with square posts, L20MM * 20MM angle aluminum can be used

Can achieve the effect of coordination with the ceiling keel

Connection with cylinder can be closed with 封闭 35 stainless steel pipe ring

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