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Concession (Well-written)

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A person who does not know how to make concessions for relatives, friends, concessions for partners, is a lack of mind, the most incompetent and incompetent person. May I ask if someone who cares about himself can make contact?

The most important sign of a person who is not growing up is that they needlessly compete with their own people and the family they love, whether they win or lose. Those who seem to love face, in fact, are usually filled with unsure self-confidence! Those who pretend to be strong and never know how to admit mistakes and concessions are often full of jealousy, narrowness, and it is difficult to let the sun shine into their hearts.

What is a mature person? Be gentle to yourself, to your family, to your lover, as gentle as a child. Externally, contempt for difficulties, no contempt, stand tall, do not panic, calm and calm!

If you keep arguing with your loved ones at every turn, you won't let even your tongue lose or win. You can be sure that you won't do anything outside.

A person who knows how to love would rather be a loser than defeat his own. Defeated her (he), what do you want? Love, we must know how to give in.

Concession is not a retreat in the emotion, nor is it a power, but a respect, a personality, a mind, a culture!

The person who gives in is the cutest person!

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Don't fight (what a good job!)

People are alive, there is no need to try to understand everything. There is no fish when water is clear, and no friend when people are clear.

Fight with your family, you won, and your love is gone; fight with your partner, you won, and your relationship faded;

Fight with friends, win, and lose love. The argument is reason, the loser is affection, and the hurt is self.

Black is black, white is white, let time prove it. Let go of your stubborn opinions and be at ease

If you are willing to do something, you will win the whole life; if you are more peaceful and warmer, life will have sunshine.

People live for themselves. Don't expect everyone to understand you. Don't expect everything to go well.

In pain, know how to comfort yourself. No one feels bad, but also be strong;

No one applauds and wants to fly; no one appreciates and wants fragrance.

When you're busy, don't lose your health; when you're tired, stop and don't lose your happiness. As long as you have a home in your heart, life will not get lost.

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