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Give these unknown celebrity stories to your children

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Learn more about the stories behind these celebrities, it is easier to remember the meaning of some idioms, proverbs and even classical Chinese, which is interesting and effective.


Collex's boots were related to Li Bai's drunkenness

Li Taibai yearns for his fame, but he is proud of his power. One day, Tang Xuanzong ordered him to write lyric for Yang Guifei. Li Taibai, who was too drunk, wrote a lot of pens. Taizong was pleased to see that his clothes were worn and gave him clothes. But Taibai couldn't change clothes because he was drunk, so he called the emperor's pet Gaolishi to take off his boots. Collex regarded himself as honorable, but because the emperor was ahead, he did so despite the unwillingness of one million.

The idiom "Luxi takes off his boots" is here. Li Taibai's willfulness and fearlessness are also evident.


Grinding a needle with an iron pestle is also related to Li Bai

According to legend in the world, Li Taibai was studying in Xianger Mountain in Meizhou. Before the mountain, there was a mill needle stream, so he gave up. After the stream, when she saw an old lady grinding the iron pestle, Li Bai felt strange and asked her. The old lady replied: "I want a needle." Li Bai asked: "Is the iron pestle ground into a needle, can I do it?" Tao: "It only takes deep work!" Li Bai was moved by her perseverance and will, and returned to the mountain to complete her studies.

This is where the iron pestle grinds into a needle.


How did Chen Ziang's talents sell himself?

One year, Chen Ziang left home and went to Chang'an, the capital city. He was brilliant but hard to appreciate. When I was walking around the street, I met a seller of pianos and bought them at a high price without hesitation. He said to the onlookers, "Below Chen Ziang, know the piano skills a little, and play for everyone in the cold house tomorrow. Please come and visit us tomorrow." Many people have come. When Chen Ziang held the harp, he suddenly lifted the piano high and fell to the ground: "My son Ang studied hard at an early age, and he is well-known in his collection of histories. His poems and songs have their own accomplishments, but they are coldly treated everywhere. Everyone appreciates my poems. "Then took out a large stack of poetry manuscripts, and after reading the scene celebrities, they were all amazed.

Since then, Chen Ziang has become a famous place in Beijing, and was reused after entering the DPRK.


The real scrutiny is this!

One day, Jia Dao thought a poem on the donkey's back: "Bird stays at the poolside tree, and the monk knocks at the door next to the moon." I want to use the word "push" and the word "knock". After repeated thinking, I can't settle down. The donkey continued to recite, thinking constantly about pushing and knocking. At that time, Han Yu was taking a car and horse to patrol, Jia Island unknowingly, walked into the middle of Han Yu's team, and kept making push and knock gestures, so he was brought to Han Yu's presence. Jia Dao answered the poems he was brewing in detail. The word "push" or "knock" was not used. The spirit was too devoted, so he didn't find anything in front of him and didn't know to avoid it. Han Yu stopped the car and thought for a while, and said to Jia Dao, "It's good to use the word" knock "."

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Han Yu therefore forged a deep friendship with ordinary people Jia Dao.


Ruan Ji fancy self-protection

"Jin Shu · Ruan Ji Biography" Zhongyun said: "The first emperor Wen wanted to marry Emperor Wu Ji, and he was drunk for sixty days. It was unstoppable." Sima Zhao wanted to embrace Ruan Ji through marriage, so he proposed to Ruan Ji as his son. Sima Zhao was already an emperor at that time. If Ruan Ji directly refused his request, he would inevitably kill or even destroy the tribe. If he promised him, he would have to go with him. At a dilemma, Ruan Ji chose to intoxicate himself, and the matter was "unstoppable."

"Drunkenness" also allowed Ruan Ji to avoid various traps. Born in an anachronistic age, Ruan Ji was unable to display his talents and realize his ambitions. So he chose to evade reality, indulge in his own wine world, and keep his life and personality by "drunk".


Not only the above short story, do you find that there are too many poems about "wine" in ancient poems?

When will it be tomorrow? Ask the sky.

Wine and song, life geometry? For example, Chaolu, it ’s hard to go to the sun.

What I want is not what I portray.


If you want to better understand the artistic conception and mentality of the ancients, and further experience the meaning of ancient poetry, you must understand the world, pass through the ancient and modern times, you must understand the "wine culture" of ancient Chinese poetry.


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