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[骊 靬] It's hard to lay heaven, the sky is blue, the water is wild, and the mountains are vast ...

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”,是中国古代对古罗马的别称。 " 骊 靬 " is another name for ancient Rome in ancient China. According to historical records, in 53 BC, the ancient Roman army defeated Karle when it invaded the Sabbath (Iran), and more than 6,000 of them remained unknown after breaking east, which became a mystery of world history.

At the end of the 1980s, in a village named Lailaizhai (Jindai Village) in Yongchang County, Gansu Province, people noticed that there were many tall people with blue eyes, sunken eye sockets, towering nose bridges, and brown curly hair. Residents with long hair and dark red skin with European physical features. According to some scholars' research, the ancient Roman legion after the breakout was unable to return westward, all the way to the east, touring for many years, came to China, and was set up by the Jin Dynasty in the Western Han Dynasty. ”的居民,就是历史上消失了的那支古罗马军团的后裔,骊靬城就是当时的安置罗马战浮城。 These inhabitants, known as " Tatars " by the local people, are the descendants of the ancient Roman legion that had disappeared in history, and Tancheng was the city where the Roman war was settled.

Since then, a small mountain village under the previously unknown Qilian Mountain has been known overnight. With the extensive coverage of domestic and foreign cultures, news, film and television media, the puppet culture, which is mysterious, legendary, tolerant, and peaceful, has rapidly heated up, becoming a unique cultural phenomenon in China and a hotspot in the study of the fusion of Chinese and Western cultures.

”景观带等组成,是永昌县重点开发的旅游文化产业项目。 The Qiang Cultural Industrial Park, built on the rich Qiang cultural heritage, is located at the foot of Qilian Mountain in Yongchang County 312 National Road and 10 kilometers south of the county. The total construction area is 110,000 square kilometers. , Chinese family traditional culture experience village (Gion Garden), Gion Wanxiang Food City, Roman town, camping sports park, Gion Park, " Pillar of Peace " landscape belt of Gong Avenue, is a key development in Yongchang County Tourism cultural industry projects.

The ancient city covers an area of 120,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 35,000 square meters. ”最为醒目,外观刻有教堂图案,罗马石柱支撑,金色穹顶,工艺精致,清新典雅。 The architecture of the city is staggered, mainly including the Noble Palace, Jizo Palace, the Temple of Heavenly Kings, the Bell and Drum Tower, and the Homestay. The " Pantheon ", with its Roman architecture, is the most striking. The dome is exquisite, fresh and elegant. The Pantheon is a monk's recitation hall. Inside the hall is a statue of a Buddha and a surname of the Chinese ancestor Wan. ”三字,秀美端庄的字体似乎时时在向人们传递着福音。 There is also a 5.6-meter-high, 260-ton megalith delivered from Yunzhuang Temple in Nanba Township. The stone is engraved with the words " Jinshan Temple " written by Master Jingkong. The beautiful and dignified font seems to convey the gospel to people all the time .

”规划发展和“ 紫金花城·神秘骊靬 ”大景区等发展机遇,深入挖掘骊靬文化内涵,着重强调中西方文化的深度融合,“ 永昌骊靬——和平之城 ”成为骊靬文化的核心和龙头。 Yongchang County is an important node of the Silk Road Economic Belt. In recent years, Yongchang County has seized development opportunities such as the “ Belt and Road ” planning and development and the “ Zijinhuacheng · Mysterious Scenic Spot”, and deeply explored the connotation of the puppet culture. With the deep integration of western culture, " Yongchang Nuo-City of Peace " has become the core and leader of Nuo culture.

The ancient Roman sculpture "骊 靬 怀古" standing at the south entrance of Yongchang County is composed of three portraits. The middle is the elder of the Confucian crown representing the Han nationality, the shepherdess from the western region is on the west, and the handsome and heroic Roman warrior is on the east. The entire sculpture vividly conveys the concept of peace, harmony and development of all ethnic groups.

”根以优质花岗岩为材料的罗马风格立柱,柱身镌刻着由中国楹联学会编审、中书协组织知名书法家提写的楹联,并布局修建“ 入口序曲 ”、“ 骊靬传奇 ”、“ 祁连重生 ”、“ 和谐永昌 ”四个景观节点,再现了消失的古罗马军团几经辗转归宿永昌的历史。 Along the two sides of the Qiandao Avenue are " 999 ten 1 " Roman-style columns made of high-quality granite. The columns are engraved with the Chinese couplets edited and reviewed by the Chinese Couplets Association and the Chinese calligraphy association organizes well-known calligraphers. The four landscape nodes, " Overture to the Entrance ", " Legend of the Legend ", " Rebirth of Qilian ", and " Harmony and Yongchang ", reproduce the history of the disappeared ancient Roman legionaries returning to and staying in Yongchang several times.

”的雕像。 A 2.8-meter-high statue named "He" is placed at the top of a pillar at the intersection of Ludao Avenue and Shagoucha Village Road. The ancient Roman and Han dynasties who worshiped each other in the statue, the Han dynasty general's calm self-confidence and grandeur, the ancient Roman general's humility, longing and expectation were all solidified in the sculpture. The entire sculpture stands tall and magnificent, and interacts with the towering Qilianyao, which fully demonstrates the tolerance and generosity of the Han culture, and shows the Chinese civilization's willingness to embrace the rivers and rivers, yearning for peace, building homes, and the concept of harmonious coexistence with world civilization.

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”,是和平的文化。 Nuo culture is an important part of the Silk Road culture. It is a " living fossil " for the integration and exchange of Chinese and Western cultures and a culture of peace. 骊 靬 The ancient city is a city of peace.

The Scenic Lake of Luan Park is located in the northeast of Luan Ancient City. It covers an area of 150 acres and a depth of 3 meters. It is composed of two lakes, A and B. The lake and mountains are integrated with the ancient city buildings. A large human landscape in the industrial park.

The China Film Studio City covers an area of more than 2100 acres and is composed of Tang Palace, Song Palace, Ming Palace, Qing Palace, and film production center. It is currently under construction. In recent years, provinces, cities, and counties have successively held the China · Jinchang 骊 靬 Culture International Tourism Festival, which has set up culture and toured operas, which has effectively promoted the in-depth integration of tourism and culture. The large-scale historical story-telling book "The Mystery of the Disappearance of the Roman Legion" broadcast by Liu Lanfang, an ambassador for culture and a well-known storytelling performance artist, was broadcast simultaneously in multiple media across the country. The huge new year's film "The Admiral's Master" launched by famous director Li Rengang and film superstar Jackie Chan has made the fans of the world enthusiastic. The successful release of the film "Coming and Coming" has once again attracted the eager and anticipating attention of the audience. 骊 靬 The strong brand effect of culture and the unique charm of the national 4A-level scenic spot have become a brand-new rich mine of film and television culture at home and abroad, leading the Yongchang cultural tourism industry to go abroad and to the world.

The Chinese Family Traditional Culture Experience Village (Gion) has built 9 sets of traditional cultural learning and experience courtyards, 17 sunlight greenhouses, and one reservoir. It combines the construction of ecological agricultural parks with traditional cultural experiences, enabling people to experience family training, family education, and family rules. And rooting journey.

”新的时代内涵。 The mysterious puppet culture, with its unique existence on the land of Huada, and its artistic charm formed by the contrast of the humanistic spirit of the ancient Han and the ancient Roman culture, is displayed with its half-discovery in its historical chapters, and it is left to today The mysterious and mysterious mysteries have given Yongchang culture in the new era a very unique side, and once again endowed Yongchang with a new era connotation of " forever prosperity ".

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