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A second-hand man pokes heartily, it sounds great

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   Second-hand men are hot, which is an unexpected blessing for men in this happy age. The man is still the man, and what is not a thing is still not a thing, but after accidentally becoming a second-hand, the value has a rising trend, and it cannot be taken for granted.

It is an indisputable fact that second-hand men are easy to marry, and second-hand women are difficult to marry. The subtext of this sentence is that second-hand men are increasing in value, but second-hand women are trending to depreciate. Sometimes I also lament this: Life is really a tragedy and comedy. The more a man lives, the more his personality resembles himself, and the more a woman lives, the more he lives for others. This self-sacrificing spirit of women has become the source of many women's life tragedies, but men are extremely happy for it.

In real life, this different way of living for men and women has caused a shift and inequality in the values of men and women in the subconscious, at least in worldly value judgments. What is even more impressive is that men's infatuation and women's infatuation actually have more choices and retreats, while women's infatuation can only linger on one-way streets.

In fact, the worldly invisible pressure has always affected the different world views and love views of men and women. Second-hand men and second-hand women cannot have a fair PK on the same stage. In addition to the actual resistance, more of them are different mentalities of men and women. After a second-hand man goes through a marriage, there is a vicissitudes written on his face. The vicissitudes of men is actually a poison that can arouse women's innate motherhood and affection. Many women often lose their helmets and armors in front of a second-hand man who claims to know you. However, second-hand women often find it difficult to be as easy as second-hand men. Scars forget the pain, and a marriage change is enough to destroy a woman, not just a face. Therefore, second-hand women often have a kind of unwillingness to hurt, and this kind of pain sometimes accompanies a woman's life. So it is vicissitudes for men to go through marriage, and women to be old after going through marriage. Vicissitudes are experiences, charms, and temptations; old people are helpless, hurt, and endings. Although second-hand women also have an unstoppable style and charm, they can only inspire men's fantasy and sympathy, not love.

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Therefore, second-hand men are good at marrying, not how many advantageous resources second-hand men have. It is just that men easily forget the past, forget the pain, and even those sworn vows will be forgotten at another intersection. Therefore, for those women who are after second-hand men, my suggestion is that marrying a second-hand man is your undefamable right. The problem is that you have to prepare in advance. After all, the previous woman can't figure out what to do, and the last ten women are basically Not sure. If you can't cultivate yourself as a superb decoration master, completely renew the second-hand man coming from the outside to the inside, then you will also repeat the story of the woman he used to be yesterday. The next second-hand woman may be you . The second-hand woman is difficult to marry, and it is not that the charm of the second-hand woman is no longer. The key is that the woman easily writes the pain on the face, puts the pain on the mouth, and doubts the man, so she dares not to love boldly, Hesitant about true love and missed a beautiful life. Therefore, when a second-hand woman chooses another life, she must work hard to learn to forget the past, and forget to get it.

The problem is that it is not easy for a second-hand woman to achieve a life attitude like a second-hand man. Personality determines fate, and fate determines life. The difference in personality between men and women determines the different choices and destinies of men and women. In fact, second-hand men win mentality, second-hand women lose character.

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