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Be a devious person and know how to fall back

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Leng Canhuan

Promise of Promise [Promise of Promise]

Thoughts such as "goodness in the water" in the Tao Te Ching not only have a significant impact on history, but also a great wisdom that illuminates our way forward and guides our lives.

1. Be a man who must understand circuitous wisdom

Original: Qu Zequan, 枉 is straight, Wa is surplus, 敝 is new, less is gained, more is confused.

Translation: Bends can be preserved, but compressed and straightened; low depressions are filled, and withering is renewed; singles are obtained, so many are confused.

Feelings: Many people like to go straight, but they get things done. During the Spring and Autumn Period, Qi Jinggong liked to raise birds. He asked Chen Zou to watch over a bird. Zhu Zou was not careful. This bird flew. Qi Jinggong was angry and wanted to kill Zhu Zou.

Qi Guoguo Xiang Yanzi knew, and said: Well, kill Zou Zou to thank the king, before killing him, I will count his crimes in front of the king and let him die. Yan Zi ordered people to tie Zhuo Zou, and counted his crimes, a total of three.

First, the King ’s bird actually let you fly; second, you ’ve released the King ’s bird, causing the King to kill for a bird; third, it does n’t matter if you die, but the King kills for a bird Spread it out, the monarchs and nationals of other vassal kingdoms will laugh at us. The monarch Qi, the monarch, regards a bird as more important than human life. Isn't that corrupting the reputation of the king?

With these three, Zhu Zou should kill. Qi Jinggong laughed and said, "Hurry up, I understand." This is Yan Zi's "Qu Zequan" wisdom.

2. Perseverance without profit, wealth and pride

Original: Hold on to gain, not as good as it is; stubborn and sharp, not long-term guarantee; Jin Yumantang, Mo Zhineng keep; rich and proud, and leave their blame.

Translation: Perseverance is full, it is better to stop at the right time; to show sharp edge, it is difficult to maintain sharpness for a long time. Jinyu is full of halls, unable to keep hidden; if the riches and wealth are so arrogant, it is the curse left behind. When one thing is done successfully, it is necessary to conceal and converge. This is in line with the laws of nature.

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Feelings: The day after midday is the next day, and the moon shadow is the loss. It's important to know where you work. Do not do anything absolutely, not say everything. What Lao Tzu said is not to be full in one area because of his own expertise. There must be room for speaking and doing things so that there is room for development and maneuvering. Do n’t leave yourself in trouble. This is great wisdom in life. Talented and talented people love to show off, life is proud in wealth.

3, success is a willingness

Original: Nothing is born, nothing is born, no growth, but no slaughter, is Xuande.

Translation: Grow all things without owning them, nurture all things without pretending to be successful, guide all things without dominating, and this is the mysterious virtue.

Feelings: The Tao is the inner order, information, and growth energy of all things, and the Tao is embodied in human beings, which is motherly love and teacher-like virtue. After reading Xuande, I know how to be willing. Reluctance is not only to teach us to give up, but reluctance is a kind of success.

If you don't have a life, if you don't want to live, if you don't want to grow up, if you have made a contribution, don't consider it as your own. In other words, you must work hard to make a career or achievement before you can talk about willingness. Some people think that reluctance is to give up negatively, which is obviously a big fallacy.

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Promise of Promise [ Promise of Promise ]

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