hg008..com Every object in this object is about to implement the new national standard. Let ’s see if your home is up to standard?

Every object in this object is about to implement the new national standard. Let ’s see if your home is up to standard?

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Plug-in boards can't be more common in our lives. While it brings convenience to us, the accident caused by substandard products is also shocking. The new national standard for plug-in boards will be officially implemented on April 14. The new standard not only increases the requirements for setting protective doors, but also increases the cross-sectional area of wire conductors for existing safety hazards.

Provide a protective door to prevent children from accidentally touching it

The plug-in board is widely used and is easily accessible by children during use. Curious children may touch the plug-in board jack with small metal objects such as keys, leading to the risk of electric shock. To this end, the new standard adds settings Requirements for protective doors. The protection door is a baffle provided in the socket socket. It must be able to prevent unipolar insertion. Only two or three holes can be inserted at the same time and can reach live parts.

Thicker wires to increase socket carrying capacity

The cross-sectional area of the conductor of the wire is closely related to the safety of the product. From the analysis of the safety accidents that have occurred, the too small cross-sectional area of the conductor of the wire used in the patch panel is the main cause of the accident. In order to improve the carrying capacity of the patch panel and effectively reduce the safety accident of the patch panel products caused by electrical overload, the new national standard has improved the cross-sectional area of the patch panel conductors. The patch panel with a rated current of 10A needs to be connected to a wire with a minimum cross-sectional area of the conductor of 1.0mm²; the patch panel with a rated current of 16A needs to be connected to a wire with a minimum cross-sectional area of the conductor of 1.5mm². By increasing the conductor area of the cable, the load-carrying capacity of the patch panel will be greatly improved, and safety accidents caused by electrical overload will be effectively reduced.

Non-flammable in 30 seconds, improved fire resistance

An open flame may occur during normal use of the socket. For example, the socket will ignite when the plug is plugged in and unplugged and the socket switch is turned on. In addition, the external fire source may ignite the patch panel. In order to avoid fire accidents, it is necessary to improve the flame retardancy of the insulation material of the patch panel. The new national standard adds a needle flame test item with a burning duration of 30 seconds to the insulation material of the patch panel, requiring the needle flame to contact the socket for 30 seconds. It will not ignite after 2 seconds, or it will automatically extinguish after 30 seconds, which can improve the flame retardant performance of insulating materials.

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Do not use this "universal hole" socket

The plug-in board of some families is still the old-fashioned "universal hole" socket, that is, the three jacks can simultaneously meet the two- or three-pole insertion requirements. Consumers need to be reminded that although the "universal hole" socket is very convenient to use, national standards have long explicitly banned production.

Xu Xiaoang, deputy director of the Electrical Product Testing Center of Jiangsu Province Quality Supervision Institute, introduced that although "multi-purpose hole" sockets are easy to use, due to the large sockets of such sockets, the contact area of the socket tabs and electrical plugs is too small, which makes the contact plates overheat Causes a fire accident. In addition, because the "universal hole" socket can be matched with a variety of plugs, the reeds in the socket may be deformed and damaged after plugging and unplugging of plugs of various shapes and different specifications, so that it is safe for household use. Hidden danger.

The new standard will be implemented on April 14

The transition period of old products will end on October 13, 2018, that is, products that meet the original national standards before April 14, 2017, and are allowed to sell until October 13, 2018. For consumers, with the implementation of the new national standard, for the sake of safety, it is best to use a plug-in board that complies with the new national standard.

Source: CCTV News, Yangtze Evening News

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