hg1688.com Run-in period? Old driver teaches you how to fall in love with your car

Run-in period? Old driver teaches you how to fall in love with your car

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Hot car to start

  • The so-called hot car is to give the engine a sufficient time to lubricate and help the engine oil to form an "oil film" between the various parts of the engine to reduce engine wear;

  • After a cold start, it is best to warm up for 30-40 seconds and then start slowly, do not rush to accelerate;

  • 3 Avoid long warm-up time. Too long warm-up time will cause unnecessary wear of the engine, and it is easy to produce carbon deposits in the engine cylinder.

    Try to avoid emergency braking

  • Within the first 2000 kilometers, try to judge in advance, downshift in advance, and do not use emergency braking;

  • If there is a sudden need for emergency braking, you should also press the clutch pedal first to reduce the impact damage to the engine.

  • Change gears when driving

  • This technique is mainly for manual gear models. When driving a manual gear model during the running-in period, the gear shift must be timely and appropriate to avoid the wrong operation of high-end low-speed and low-speed high-speed, and do not use a gear for a long time (except when using the highest gear when the speed is fast)

  • For automatic transmissions, the driver needs to continue to accelerate when the road conditions are good. Colleagues pay attention to cooperate with the engine speed and try not to step on the accelerator to accelerate.

  • Guaranteed oil quality

  • What type of fuel the engine uses is determined by the engine compression ratio. Pay attention to the number marked by the manufacturer.

  • The quality of the oil must be guaranteed, and try to fill up at regular gas stations.

  • Never blindly "pulling high speed"

  • Run high speed after maintenance.

  • Choose a safe driving route.

  • When pulling high speed, try to use each gear evenly, so that each gear of the transmission can run in evenly.

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  • High speed also has speed limit

  • There are speed restrictions during the running-in period of new cars: domestic cars are generally 40-70 kilometers | hours, imported cars are generally 100 kilometers / hour, when the throttle is fully open, the speed cannot exceed 80% of the maximum

  • Observe the engine tachometer and speedometer while driving to ensure medium speed driving.

  • Avoid driving at full load

  • During the running-in period of a new car, frequent full-load driving will increase the load on the engine and transmission, which will cause excessive wear on the parts.

  • Within the first 2,000 kilometers, the load of the new car should not exceed 75% of the rated load

  • Should try to choose a good quality road, to avoid excessive bumps to the load on the body and suspension.

  • Timely maintenance

  • According to the manufacturer's recommendations in the vehicle manual, to reach a certain number of kilometers or time, timely check and maintain the vehicle, and change the oil and oil filters.

  • After the running-in period is over, the new car should be sent to a repair station to check the chassis.

  • Do a routine check in three steps

  • A check of oil, water, and gas (engine oil, brake oil, battery water, cooling water, and tire pressure) should be timely replenished if found to be missing, and timely repairs should be found when running, running, dripping, or leaking.

  • Second, check all parts of the car for abnormal sounds and find abnormal sounds for timely repair.

  • Check the instrument panel of the car three times and find that the alarm light is on or the computer has prompts during driving, and repair it in time.

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