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A Book You Haven't Finished | Sands Rhyme Essay Contest

Public number: Zhejiang Liwen Biography Source: Time: 2020-02-21 02:05:48

Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream


Tomorrow April 10

Weather: Rain Temperature: 11 ~ 14

Tick tick

Another rainy day

I heard that rainy music is better with books

Did you read today

Don't worry

Do you think today's WeChat is an introduction book?

No we want to hear the story of you and the book

I have read so many books and experienced so many scenery

On the beach of memory, in the corner of the bookshelf

There are always a few unread books lying there quietly

Dusted with time

Because of impetuous mood

Because of the beauty outside the window

Because of deep frustration

For reasons I do n’t know

Keep them out of sight

But as time goes by, the pace is getting wider and wider

Can look back and meditate

There will always be a book out of favor

Touch you


An intentional essay

Essay Purpose

协办方:金沙读书社 活动对象:浙江理工大学全体师生 活动时间:2017年4月5日 ~ 4月30日 Organizer: Zhejiang University of Science and Technology Library Co-organizer: Jinsha Reading Club Activity Object: All teachers and students of Zhejiang University of Technology Activity time: April 5th ~ April 30th, 2017

This year marks the 120th anniversary of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology. The school library specially cooperates with the Sands Reading Club to hold the first "Jinsha Shuyun" essay competition during the school's reading festival. The title of the essay is "An Unfinished Book", in order to greet the 120th anniversary of the school and promote reading and love activities to enrich the daily lives of teachers and students.

Call for Papers

2.征文要求:体裁不限,字数不限。 1. Essay topic: A book that has not been read. 2. Essay requirements: Unlimited genre and unlimited words. 3. E-mail address: jinshadushu@126.com, and mark in the "Subject" column: "Jinsha Shuyun" Essay + name. 4. Essay format: Title "an unfinished book" + author name (or pen name) + contact information (mobile phone and email) + college major. Note: The article is pasted directly into the email and cannot be sent as an attachment. 5. Call for papers: from now until 8 pm on April 26, 2017 6. Review time: April 26 to 30, 2017 7. Reviewer: Shi Liangcai Creative Writing Instructor, School of Journalism and Communication: Xue Yajun, Xiao Yong, Bai Xiaoping 8. Awarding time: early May 2017

Essay Award

1.Essay essay activities will include 3 first prizes, 7 second prizes, and 10 third prizes. 2. The library will give certificates and prizes worth 240 yuan / person, 150 yuan / person, and 80 yuan / person. All prizes are lettering or signed


1. No plagiarism or repertoire is allowed. Once found, the eligibility to participate will be cancelled immediately. 2. Participants need to send the article to the designated mailbox. The article is pasted directly into the email and cannot be sent as an attachment. 3. After the essay review is approved, the list of winners will be announced via WeChat push notification and sent to the winner's mobile phone by SMS. 4. Outstanding entries will be published on the "Sands Reading Book", library website or other newspapers and online.

Read books and win prizes

Hurry up and pick up the book that fell out of favor

Join the competition

Come on

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