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Meiquanya launches new products again

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Ten people have nine hemorrhoids, which is not an appalling number. Office workers are sedentary, stay up all night and work overtime, have an unreasonable diet, have a long-term urination, and spend a lot of time squatting in the toilet ... all these can induce hemorrhoids. Are you "stared" at hemorrhoids? The charming young girl tells you how hemorrhoids are caused, what is hemorrhoids, and how to prevent hemorrhoids.

It is often said that ten people have nine hemorrhoids. What is the cause of hemorrhoids? It is also simple to say that when everyone is standing, sitting or tired for a long time, maintaining a fixed posture, which results in poor blood circulation in the body, excessive filling of hemorrhoid veins, varicose veins, bulging, etc., forming hemorrhoids.

Also, those women who do n’t like sports, have a bad stomach, and have a difficult bowel movement, hemorrhoids will often go to you to “knob”, so pay attention!

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