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120㎡, American style vs. log style

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Millennium Tongzhou vitality north stream


Case 1: American

美式风格 Area: 120 flat Style: American style

首先是 客厅,简单的线条,纯色铆钉沙发,配上暖色抱枕,整个灰色基调,点缀春天的鹅黄,整个空间会显得舒适。 ▲ The first is the living room. Simple lines, solid color rivet sofa, with warm color pillows, the whole gray tone, embellish the spring goose yellow, the whole space will look comfortable.

▲ The sofa background wall is a simple three-beam light line, with two freehand drawings, high and low lamps


▲ Tea table and TV cabinet are solid wood, American style, simple and practical soft

▲ Central air-conditioning, home rear projection and stereo, create a family leisure space.

▲ From the living room, it used to be the location of the dining room. Combining feng shui, it made a porch decoration.

▲ The storage space here is enough, and the appearance is neat and uniform.

▲ The bedroom has bay window, bedroom TV cabinet, bedside table and bed echoes, simple bedding can also be very American. The chandelier is retro, and the bay window can be used for simple rest. If there is no bay window, it is recommended that you buy a single American sofa.

▲ The master bedroom has a whole wardrobe, which is simple and beautiful to match.

▲ The second bedroom has the same configuration, and there is a slight difference between hanging pictures and soft installation of lamps to achieve agility.

▲ The simple floor lamp in the study creates tatami. Bookcases and desks, quiet office study space.

▲ The kitchen is C-shaped. The color of the overall cabinet is beautiful and durable. The matching is reasonable, which exposes the space of the light. The bright kitchen has good lighting and ventilation.

Eternal Emperor's Sutra

▲ The toilet is also the overall style, and the big mirror is my favorite.

Case 2: Log Wind

Many literary youths had imagined that there would be a forest hut and live a free life. It's better to try to move the forest into your home, create a fresh and natural home, and live comfortably.

▲ The living room is pure and simple. The sofa and small coffee table are made of cotton and linen, highlighting the lighting of the large windows and making the whole bay window, adding the "sit anywhere" function of the living room.

软装的色彩搭配很小清新,仿佛置身于春天的丛林里。 The color of the soft outfit is very small and fresh, as if in the jungle of spring.


▲ In the restaurant, the dining table and chairs are very IKEA. The simple combination and color of the lamps. The favorite is the fixed shelf at the back of the dining table. As a perfect partitioning technique, the combination of reality and reality.

▲ The restaurant's moving line is reasonable, and the kitchen is opposite, sliding transparent glass doors. The lamps in the restaurant are like large bowls


▲ The bedroom is pink and fresh, the woodwork on the bedside, simple soft bag, can be customized to achieve, you can place decorative paintings, but also some glasses, water glasses and other handy items.

▲ The master bedroom has its own cloakroom and hidden dressing mirror cabinet, which is very special, suitable for the sweet princess hostess, and it is also very good as a wedding room.


▲ The study is set in the living room. The bookshelf is the position of the overall Bogu shelf. The entire development environment makes the home harmonious.

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